Be Kind To Animals Week

Today marks the start of Be Kind To Animals Week! Now we all know that we should be kind to animals 365 days a year but what this week does is give us the opportunity to take time out of our busy lives and show the world we care.  Here’s how; upload the Be Kind To Animals Week logo as your Facebook profile picture for the week and do something special at your work place, in your community or within your family.  This may be something like volunteering at your local animal shelter, highlighting an animal welfare issue that is important to you or helping out a neighbour in need. (Remember we humans are also a part of the animal kingdom!)  So no matter where you are and no matter what you do, there’s no excuse to not make a positive difference in the life of an animal. For more ideas about things to do and for information about the events happening this week please visit the Be Kind To Animals Week website.

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12 thoughts on “Be Kind To Animals Week

  1. I love your program and what you are doing for God’s Creatures. Wish I could help in some small way to encourage you to keep up the good work. Much love, Susan Strong in Kentucky

  2. Admire and wholly support both your message and actions. You are the miracle for all of the babies (and elders) that other folks put aside. Thank you for that.

  3. I have just watched Frosty the snow good video. It was so touching to see the caregiver Pam loving this little guy. She truly is an animal lover. Thanks for your caring

  4. You might like to add ‘The Dugong Collective’ to your links to [animal] fiends list on the top right of your page.
    TDC are doing good work promoting the safety of marine life, Dugongs, Dolphins, Sea turtles etc. in the Morton Bay area (and world wide through overseas links.)

    • love, love love! Nothing but love and support coming to you 3 and all your extended family. Isolation rooms suck, but it is just a blip compared to what you’ve already su!aesspdrLots of birthday wishes to Reese as well!

  5. Thank you so much for the work you do. Animals are amazing. Animal sanctuaries are the best places in the whole world and those who love and take care of them are the best people in the whole world:)

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