Legacy of Kindness

“I’m not a millionaire – and that’s why I want to do the most good possible with what I’ve worked for through my life. Bequeathing my home to my favourite organisation, Edgar’s Mission, allows me to do that.”  – Amanda Ferguson, Edgar’s Mission supporter

Choosing to leave a legacy to Edgar’s Mission will create lasting change for the animals close to your heart. Every dollar we receive goes towards rescuing and advocating for the most vulnerable and voiceless within our society, farmed animals.

A symbol of your kind support, a bequest to Edgar’s Mission will help bring hope to so many animals who once had none. As a registered charity we receive no government funding and rely solely on the generous public, who believe in our work, to continue our mission of kindness.

Because of the kindness of those leaving us bequests in the past we have been able to achieve so many amazing things for animals: we’ve built a critical care facility for our resident rabbits, a recovery yard for chickens and a reliable and invaluable little ute has helped us carry all-important feed around the sanctuary, just to name a few.

Every single day we work tirelessly for the animals we care so deeply about. We’re on the ground rescuing and rehabilitating the farmed animals we can save and speaking out on behalf of the animals we cannot through our thought-provoking campaigns, humane education programs and educational farm tours. Our outreach and education programs are not only a beacon of light for farmed animals, but seek to inspire and include all – from the young to the young at heart.

Have you met Carol, a pig who dared to dream? Hers is one story of hope only made possible by the valued support of people like you. Finding herself in a rural country pound, she was almost forgotten. Carol gave birth to her seven piglets alone in a cold and barren pen. Sadly, four didn’t survive the night and succumbed before we were able to get to them. We can never know how or why the pregnant sow escaped from her previous life, perhaps it was the impending birth of her piglets and the fear they would be taken away from her, as her previous ones had, or perhaps she simply knew something better had to lie on the other side of the farm fence? But we do know that Carol has an undeniable Carolbond with her three remaining babies, and it’s so touching to see. We’re so lucky to be able to make Carol’s dream come true and give her the life she so justly deserves – one in which she can nurture her tiny piglets and proudly watch them grow into adulthood.

We want to thank you for considering making a bequest to Edgar’s Mission, but more than that, we want to say thank you for caring for animals as dearly as we do. We all seek to leave this world a better place than we found it, your donation, no matter how small it may seem, will go a long way to making the world a kinder place for farmed animals. We truly thank you for believing in our life-saving and changing work.

How to leave a bequest? (PDF)

We understand that deciding to leave a legacy to Edgar’s Mission is a big decision, so we’re here to help. We’d be more than happy to show you around the sanctuary, so you can see exactly how your bequest will be helping. Please just get in touch on the details below.

While we can’t give you legal advice, if you’d like to know more about the impact your bequest would have on Edgar’s Mission and the animals precious to us please get in touch. And we would love to know, if you feel comfortable, that you’re leaving us a bequest so we can pass on our heartfelt thanks for your support and belief in what we do. Please contact Kyle on: 0406 724 433 or [email protected].