Goodwill Wine

Goodwill Wine Edgar's Mission

When the good people at Goodwill source new wines, they take to independent wineries across Australia. Not only do they promise quality boutique bottles of wine or your money back, they donate over 50% of profits to charity.

We were lucky enough to have the kind heart behind this wonderful initiative, David and his daughter Betty, pay us a visit earlier in the week. Continue reading

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Two Shakes of a Lambs Tail

If red makes cars go faster, can it make tails go faster too? Little Boy Blue would have you believe this fable is fact, but it’s not the red coat that fuels that waggling tail, it’s something deeper.


Little Boy Blue lost his mother and almost his life, but he’s still here and his love for life is plain for all to see. You can see it in the way he melts into cuddles, in the way he lays in the sun with his buddy Little Girl Pink and in the way he blissfully shakes his tail while drinking in that sweet, warm milk.

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Farewell Timmy


He came into our lives in the winter of 2007, and now in the winter of his life, he has left.  Timmy Lamb, as he was fondly known, became one of the most recognisable members of our extended Edgar’s Mission family. His illness today was as rapid in its onset as was the love for sheep he evoked in all whom he met.  

With over 450 animals in our care and a gracefully growing old population, we are never too far away from farewelling one of our flock. Sadly, it never gets any easier to bare or fairer to understand. Timmy’s passing has hit us hard and although the sun will rise tomorrow and our dear Timmy will not, our resolve to speak up for his kind will rise to even greater heights – a fitting legacy to the most affable chap we were truly fortunate enough to share the last ten years of our lives with.  If ever there was to be a Noble Peace Prize granted to an animal, we could think of no worthier recipient. 

Timmy, a sheep, our friend, and inspiration. Forever in our hearts, you shall remain.

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Today we celebrate the Four year anniversary of Charity arriving at Edgar’s Mission! Watch her story below!

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World Day for Animals in Laboratories


Today is World Day for Animals in Laboratories.

Around the world millions up millions of animals live and die in laboratories.  This day commemorates their suffering and death.  But it is also a day of hope and a reminder that things can get better – that we can demand change and that we can make kinder choices in our life.  On this special day we would like to share with you the amazing story of one lab animal who made it our alive and into the heart and home of our equally amazing individual who has dedicated her life to protecting animals (and she is also one of wonderful volunteers) Jessica. Here is their story – Bodhi spent six and half years in a research colony- confined to a small, concrete pen and very nearly killed for science. While I’m forever grateful that I had the chance to save his life, I’ll always be sad that I can’t return all of those years that were stolen from him. I hope that he knows how very loved he is now and that he thinks we’re doing a good job making up for lost time.

Please help keep animals out of laboratories by choosing cruelty free.

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Doctor, doctor, give me the news!

Last week was a busy, busy week for us here at Edgar’s Mission. At the heart of our “cacophony of kindness”, always, is our commitment to offering the very best care for our many residents. This saw many frequent flyer points earned with trips to our consulting veterinarians, each offering specialist expertise. Following are some brief insights into our week.


Alicia underwent a light sedation in order to determine just what has been causing her to drool. Many of our sheep present unique challenges, in that they all get to do something sheep rarely do, and that is to reach a ripe old age. So, until veterinary science catches up with the specific tools for each species, we need to borrow from those animals who have traditionally held centre stage in people’s hearts and vet bills. For Alicia, this meant using a horse gag to investigate the inside of her mouth and in particular those tricky and hard-to-reach back molars. Whilst the jury is still out on the root of her problem, a light has most certainly been shone where it never has before. Continue reading

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Lizzie Blandthorn

Lizzie Blandthorn

Society’s treatment of animals has been described as the next great social justice movement, and one we here at Edgar’s Mission are proud to be a part of. Late last year the Victorian Government called for submissions to its Animal Action Plan – a commitment to “effective and proactive action in animal welfare over the next five years”. We’re heartened to see our leaders and decision makers taking the lives and treatment of animals seriously.

Lizzie Blandthorn Continue reading

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Something I had to do…


For many April 20th is just another page to be flipped in the diary, however, for me, it is so much more. For on this day in 2010, I kissed for the last time his hairy ear, and rubbed for the last time his portly belly, as I whispered the words, “I’ll love you forevermore and one day longer” and Edgar Alan Pig closed his magnificent eyes for the last time. And I knew that there was something I had to do, and that was complete his mission of kindness for all animals.

It gives me great heart knowing that today Edgar still watches over me from the vantage point of a beautiful gum tree at the entrance to the sanctuary. A poignant reminder that finding one’s way to an entire new world of kindness can be guided by a gentle pig.

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Cat Scan

After his terrible head injury, we knew it was only right to provide Little Boy Blue with the best veterinary treatment available. So, we booked him in for a CAT scan. The results came back immediately: Little Boy Blue and Makamae are unequivocally adorable.

It seems nothing can faze Little Boy Blue, cool as a cucumber even as a curious cat cuddles. And the future has never looked brighter for this affable chap. Continue reading

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Happy Birdy Two Ewe, Miss Polly

Wow, pow, look who’s a big girl now!! On this day, this special lady squealed into the world and what an impact her trotter step has made.  Happy Birdy Two Ewe, Miss Polly.  Seven glorious fun filled and life changing years.

See how we celebrated Polly’s Fourth Birthday here.

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To know them is to love them—saving Wombat


When one divorces themselves of any preconceptions they have about animals and looks into their eyes, looking back at them they will see a curious and intelligent, living, breathing being who very much wants to live.

Wombat Continue reading

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Somewhere at the end of the rainbow you’ll find kindness…

We were blessed with the most beautiful of rainbows after a downpour of rain yesterday. We hope you enjoy the photos below.

Edgar's Mission RainbowEdgar's Mission RainbowEdgar's Mission Rainbow Continue reading

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Good-day Norma Jean

Norma Jean

We don’t know if Norma Jean had a name before we bestowed one upon her, but we did know her future was bleak at best. On the run for over 24 hours, which spanned many a busy outer Melbourne road, Norma Jean literally ran for her life. She stopped momentarily to survey her situation and allow onlookers to catch a Facebook moment of a terrified and trembling animal. “I’ve never seen an animal shake so much,” one person relayed, but it was to another that Norma Jean owes her life: the one who made call after fruitless call, each one greatly increasing the likelihood of the young goat being shot, until a call was made to an emergency veterinary clinic. This was the one call needed to cause our rescue team to swing into action. As we uttered the words to the caring vet nurse, “Please tell them, don’t shoot, we are on the way,” we were indeed on the way, and so too was our dear friend, Manfred Zabinskas of Five Freedoms Animal Rescue.

Can you see where Norma Jean is hiding?

Can you see where Norma Jean is hiding?

Continue reading

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A picture of kindness

Jo-Anne McArthur Edgar's Mission

Last month we were lucky enough to show celebrated photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur around the sanctuary. She took some photos and we hope she took home some special memories.

Jo-Anne McArthur Edgar's Mission Continue reading

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Sixty Four

We will never know when or how, but this brave and gentle old sheep had become blind and was abandoned on a property. With no place in this world to belong, he made his way to the refuge of Edgar’s Mission, where he will live out the rest of his golden years. Once given the clean bill of health, we then had to put on our thinking caps, how the Dickins were we to give him the happy life he deserved? Queue Joe Cocker: “I get by with a little help from my friends”. Continue reading

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Eating Wheetbix by Hansel. Its a wrap!

When Hansel first arrived at Edgar’s Mission, he was only a little cherub-faced sprite with knobbly knees. A bobby calf and considered no use to the dairy industry into which he was born, Hansel is truly one in millions. Now he’s flourished into a magnificent boy with a magnificent tongue. Watch as he puts it to good use capturing those delicious Wheetbix treats.

You can learn more about Hansel and sign up to be his Best Buddy here.

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Little Miss Sunshine (2011-2017)

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Dr Seuss

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we say goodbye to the adored Little Miss Sunshine. Words cannot convey the impact she has had on the world and on the lives of countless chickens. Through her too short but eventful life, from the darkness of a battery cage to a shining light touching the lives of so many, Little Miss Sunshine has been an ambassador for her kind – a role she took on with grace and charisma.

Right to the end she bravely took to the spotlight, waiting for her audience to assemble before embarking on one last walk into the sunshine. Little Miss Sunshine will be buried at Edgar’s Mission, in a place streaked by the morning rays. Our deepest and heartfelt condolences go out to the person who loved her the most, Paula Broadstock.

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Say it with flowers


Lambert came into our world on a day synonymous with flowers, Valentine’s Day (you can read his story here) and today we again celebrate his arrival to our barn with, you guessed it, flowers. You see Lambert has just returned from yet another critical surgery to repair the horrific break in his leg. Sadly, a break he sustained some days, or even weeks before he came into our care.  Continue reading

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Bottle Time

We know, it can be difficult to get going in the morning. Well Doctor Edgar’s has just the right dose of cuteness to cure that morning drag. Recently orphaned Benjamin, Princess Leia and Dominic found refuge and the care they desperately needed at Edgar’s Mission – and they also found warm bottles to guzzle with gusto. Take a look at these three tail-wagging cuties and call us in the morning.

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Opening hearts and minds


On the eve of their celebrated vegan advocacy workshop in Melbourne, Melanie Joy and Tobias Leenaert took the time out of their busy schedules to pay us a visit. Their words have inspired and empowered us, showing that empathy and kindness towards humans and animals alike is the only way to truly create a kinder world.

IMG_4866 Continue reading

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Where are they now – Lovely

Every month we shine the spotlight on a family who have chosen to bring new faces into their homes and hearts and adopt one or a few rescued animals. Read on to see how Lovely is going in her new forever home.

Lovely Continue reading

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Love is a many-splendored thing—meet Francesca and Fabio


While two frightened goats huddled in a drain beneath the lonely country road that had become their home, they may not have had too many kindnesses in the world, but they did have the one thing that mattered most: each other. Although traditional thought places a divider between the emotions of animals and humans, daily the veil is being lifted. Charles Darwin was one of the first to give it a gentle tug when he said, “The difference in mind between man and the higher animals, great as it is, certainly is one of degree and not of kind”. And just as each and every human is unique in the way each of us hangs off the same tapestry of life, so too are animals—similar yet different. Continue reading

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New kids on the block

Dominic, Benjamin and Princess Leia

Being presented with three barely-clinging-to-life, day-old goats was just another challenge sent our way. Recently separated from their mothers, who had been sent to slaughter, the tiny, confused and bewildered babes tried to make sense of the world. As did we. But there was little time for judgment calls as the most urgent need was tending the three orphans before us.

Dominic, Benjamin and Princess Leia Continue reading

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Best Friends

Everyone needs a friend, but sometimes you need a little bit more – and that’s where Best Friends come in!

We are so excited to share with you the launch of our Best Friends Monthly Donor program, which is here to give animals in need that little bit more. Your monthly gift will support our ground-breaking work as we rescue and rehabilitate animals who deserve every chance at life.

In return you’ll receive quarterly updates and become a valued member of our new Edgar’s Mission community, the Kindness Club, giving you the opportunity to visit your Best Friend on invite-only days and you’ll be one of the first offered Edgar’s Mission event tickets. If you’re already a monthly donor we thank you for your support and you too will be automatically inducted into the Kindness Club.

And from us and all the animals who call Edgar’s Mission, we want to say thank you for supporting our vision for a kinder world.

To sign up as a Best Friend please click here.

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When you’re ready – Ms. Reddy.

Ms Ready

Named after the Australian singer, actor and activist* is our Ms Reddy. Although species apart, they are united by their determination, free spirit and desire for emancipation of their kind. So, naturally enough, our Ms Reddy meets the world on her terms daily. She is kind, yet forthright, knows her friends, and views each new human she meets with a suspicion justly deserved by her species. As with so many of our rescues, we never quite know the exact circumstances that have caused their fear of humans. However, there is a shortlist of things to remedy this—kindness, Weet-Bix treats and no threats of harm being right up there. And that is just what Ms Reddy will find for the rest of her days, and that indeed is something worth “baaing about”.
Continue reading

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The heavens may fall…


James Somerset was around eight years old when he was captured in Africa and taken to Virginia in America. Here he was purchased by the affluent Charles Stewart and taken to Boston for a life of servitude as a slave. For the next 25 years, that’s just what Somerset did; however, in 1769, Stewart went to London, taking Somerset with him. In 1771, Somerset had himself baptised, and in doing so, earned three godparents. Not long thereafter Somerset escaped, only to be hunted down and captured some two months later. So enraged was Stewart that his “slave” had deserted his service, he had him thrown onto a ship, the Ann and Mary, to be sold aboard to work on the plantations in Jamaica. So arduous, brutal and cruel was this work that it would surely have claimed Somerset’s life, something that Stewart would have known.

But here is where Somerset’s three godparents—and now advocates—stepped in. John Marlow, Thomas Walkin and Elizabeth Cade applied to the Court of King’s Bench for a writ of habeas corpus: requiring an imprisoned person to be brought before a judge to determine whether their imprisonment is lawful. Continue reading

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Bertie and Gertie (Updated)

13th March 2017

“They are both full of lice, but soon they are going to be full of love.”

These rescues are only possible because of you, our incredible supporters and donors, thank you!

If you would like to donate to our Medical Fighting Fund please click here.
Continue reading

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Heads Up! Goats are Cute!

The defending champions take to the ring for yet another bout. Benjamin and Dominic are set to wrestle your heart away with their play antics, sweet waggly tails and all. Pay close attention to Benjamin, in the green jumper, as he positions his ears just so for every headbutt.

At the conclusion of the round it was decided everyone is a winner – the athletes succeeded in winning our hearts in a blaze of glory.


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An Evening of Kindness

Evening of Kindness

When Pam took to the stage at our event on Friday evening, she spoke of changing attitudes and reasons for hope. Her reflective words spoke to the hearts of our guests; people who believe in a kinder world for all our animal friends. Her sentiments, that the intrinsic value of animals will one day soon be recognised as the norm rather than the exception, were echoed by all our speakers for the night. Continue reading

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Hey it’s your re-birthday!!

Steady Eddie Birthday

On this day one year ago a tiny goat waddled into our lives and collective hearts, and there he has remained.  Despite all of his health challenges Steady Eddie continues to rock our world every day.  

Steady Eddie Birthday

So it was fitting that today we got to pay the favour back, as the humans who love him most, along with many of his loyal friends, new fans and a world famous cricketer (Peter Siddle) celebrated Eddie’s first re-birthday.  And hitting it for a six was the amazing degustation Eddie devoured along with some awesome cakes supplied by Mrs Monagle’s Ethical Fine Foods his human friends.  Hippo birdie two ewe, little buddy <3

Steady Eddie Birthday Continue reading

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