They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

We cannot tell you how delighted and proud we are to see Kyle’s amazing pictures (and the stories they tell) being picked up by mainstream media. Last weekend the Sunday Herald Sun and today The Sydney Daily Telegraph features a photographic spread of heart- warming pictures of our residents. For more pictures please check out our new site Continue reading

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Sometimes I have to seriously pinch myself, today was one of them

Ten years ago I had no idea Edgar’s Mission would grow into the amazing ground breaking, life-saving and changing organisation it is today. And that would not have happened without the many wonderful supporters, friends and staff who stand by my side, and of course the inspiration and magic of a pig named Edgar. But the euphoria I feel right comes from the invitation Edgar’s Mission received to be a part of the Melbourne Now/National Gallery of Victoria’s first ever-Children’s Festival today. Watching the admirable Timmy Sheep, the cheeky Cisco Kid Goat, the endearing Little Miss Sunshine Chicken, the heart meltingly sweet Nellie Lamb and the inimitable Polly ‘Rocks’ Pig, weave their charm on one and all in one of Melbourne’s most iconic settings will forever be etched into my memory as I sure it will be in memories of many others and who knows what avenues it will cause them to travel. But the day quite simply was all about having fun, being creative, falling in love with art and above all else being kind, and we were proud to be a part of it!

Special thanks to the National Gallery of Victoria and Julia deVille for making it all possible.

To see more pictures from the day please click here. To see the photographs displayed at the gallery please click here.

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A Collection of Kindness

‘Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see’. – Mark Twain

Our passage through life is lined with the experiences we have with others and the opportunities they present; opportunities to evoke the most noble of human qualities – that of kindness. Through the lens of kindness we can see true beauty, and it is through this that I welcome you to ‘A Collection of Kindness’. Please note this is a work in progress and an ongoing legacy to my love of, and work for Edgar’s Mission and the incredible animals and people I am fortunate to meet. Enjoy! – Kyle

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