A Stitch in time…

Edgars Mission - Arabesque, jacket, jumper, kittens, lamb, Mixed, stitch

Saves more than nine! No celebration of Vet nurse Day would be complete without a stop to check in on our own Vet Nurse Stitch, another of our beloved animal residents who can always be found taking time out to cuddle up and provide comfort to those recuperating in our hospital ward. Having been rescued herself at only days old after a mammoth search and recovery effort in an industrial warehouse, Vet Nurse Stitch as she is affectionately known, has well and truly taken to her self-appointed role as chief comforter and carer of all those in need. (Second in command of course to Vet Nurse Ruby!)

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Be Kind to Animals Week 2018

It’s Be Kind to Animals Week and this year, Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary is celebrating with the theme, ‘Everyday Kindness.’

Edgars Mission - Pam, pig, Sadi-2

Marking the 8th year since its inception, Be Kind to Animals Week was established in Australia by Edgar’s Mission, a not for profit sanctuary for farmed animals, as an opportunity for people from all walks of life to bring a little more kindness into the world. Continue reading

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The end of an era

The phenomenon that is Women of Letters said a poignant goodbye at the Melbourne Writers Festival last week with the aptly themed show, “Love Always.” And as we acknowledge the end of an era with the brainchild of Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire that reignited the lost art of letter writing coming to an end, thank you will never come close enough to expressing the gratitude all of us here at Edgar’s Mission have for this incredible show. Many may not be aware that Women of Letter was not only a literary sensation but one of incredible kindness and selflessness, donating proceeds from all shows to Edgar’s Mission over the years. Women of Letters is a true testament to the power of kindness and a celebration of what can be achieved when we follow our hearts. Women of Letters, thank you for everything.

Love always,

Team Edgar

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Ray Ray


Driving almost half way across the country to find a safe haven for a little lamb is not something everyone would do. But that is exactly what Alex did to save the life of little Ray Ray, a sweet little lamb who was born without eyes.

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Plastic bag ban is coming


Did you know that the Plastic Bag Ban is on its way?

Victoria is in the process of phasing out plastic bags, with many supermarkets setting dates to officially say no to plastic bags! Did you know that over fifty million plastic bags make their way into our precious environment! Not only do plastic bags have devastating effects on our environment, but they never truly disintegrate. Plastic bags can hang around for 1000 years!

What can I do to help?

Well, this is where we can all make a difference. A simple change can make a huge impact. Consider replacing your plastic bags with a reusable bag – on that can be can be used as many times as you would like, maybe even forever?  You can also fit heaps more goodies in on reusable bag, compared to a plastic bag. Continue reading

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Welcome to the Book Club – Chapter One: Goats of Letters


It was in March of 2010 when around 150 people trod up the well-worn bluestone steps to the Bella Union Bar of Melbourne’s historic Trades Hall building.  Enthusiastically they listened while heartfelt, funny, poignant and profound letters were read out loud as the brainchild of literary wits, Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire etched into being. Not long thereafter the first episode of Women of Letters was complete.  Now some 8 years and hundreds of letters later, Women of Letters has reached a global audience as the lost art of letter writing has well and truly been revived.  At the heart of Women of Letters was the drive by Marieke and Michaela to raise much-needed funds for the sanctuary they loved.  To this end they have achieved admirably and we here at Edgar’s Mission remain forever grateful.

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Operation Double the Kindness


Setting the wheels in motion on Operation Double the Kindness

You may recall we recently hatched a plan to get 1000 copies of our cookbook “Cooking With Kindness” onto the shelves of schools and public libraries Australia-wide. And thanks to an army of kindness and generosity, the first 500 are on their way to their forever homes, where we hope they will win many hearts and help fill many hungry bellies with delicious and nutritious fare.

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Join Our Book Club – It’s One of a Kind!

Well, a book club of sorts. Perhaps it’s more of a reading club, a kindness club and a way to remind vulnerable animals there is indeed good in the world.

The idea stemmed from the dynamic literary event Women of Letters, brainchild of Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire, which set about to revive the lost art of letter writing. And so, our book club will set out to revive the lost art of storytelling. Our first chapter, aptly titled Goats of Letters will focus on two recently-arrived terrified young does we have named Marieke and Michaela. Continue reading

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Now is the time…


Like most people, I grew up loving animals and took great comfort believing the laws of this country protected them from acts of cruelty and indifference. Today, I still foster that great love for animals but now I understand that not all animals receive the same protection from acts of cruelty. In fact, the largest number of animals in human care, those who have been labelled farm animals, have been explicitly exempted from our animal protection legislation by way of the Codes of Practice. And the reason for this is simply because they look different to the cats and dogs who have traditionally shared our hearts and homes. But ask anyone who has taken a chicken or two into their world and they will be able to attest to the quirky and unique personalities each one has.

Right now we have an enormous opportunity to start putting things right, as the Code of Practice for Poultry is under review. It is currently at the public consultation stage, which means we can all have our say. Now I am not here to tell you what to say, do or think, that is for you to decide. But I do want you to think—to think long and hard about something we so rarely do. Because I am sure that you, like me many years ago, simply do things because it is the way they have always been done and everyone else is doing the same thing. There has never been the need to really think about it. But that doesn’t necessarily make it right, or even consistent, with what you believe in. Continue reading

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No one deserves to die on our roads


No one deserves to die on our roads. No one deserves to lay for two days, unable to rise, slowly succumbing to their agonising injuries. But this is exactly what happened to Valentina.

Scroll down now for what you can do to help. Continue reading

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Let’s make history

Thank you for taking the first step towards having your say for poultry—for birds like Little Miss Sunshine, Brady, Tina Turkey and, of course, Red Baron. Watch the video below to hear a bit more about their stories and their kind, many of whom sadly aren’t as fortunate as they have been.

We can’t stress enough, this is an opportunity we must jump on. It’s been 15 years since the last review—clearly legislation is not keeping up with public expectations or science. Let’s show the government that they were right to push forward with this important review; the public do care about our feathered friends and we’re a force to be reckoned with.

As a first step to helping birds, please sign Animals Australia’s petition to get hens out of cages. You’ll be hearing from us again to guide you on other ways to raise your voice.

Here are some helpful links to tell you more about the public consultation and the some of the welfare concerns raised over poultry industries.

  • Submissions close Monday February 26
  • Public consultation webpage
  • Public consultation FAQs

Other resources

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Their first day


To think this was the first day they felt the warmth of the sun and took their first breaths of fresh air is a tragedy in itself, but how these birds were left to suffer and die as so many looked helplessly on is just senseless and heartbreaking.

Science has proven what our hearts already knew, that chickens are thinking and feeling animals who have interests in their own lives. When animals are reduced to the status of property, we fly in the face of what we know as individuals and as a society.

Like many around the world, we watched on in horror as the news unraveled of the awful plight of thousands of gentle broiler chickens. At around 10.30am today, the slaughterhouse-bound truck overturned on a busy road in Geelong. Whilst the driver escaped with an injured arm, his “cargo” weren’t so fortunate. Continue reading

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What’s the kindest thing you can do today?


Every year, pigs just like Leon Trotsky don’t make it to their first birthday. The statistics on how many land animals are slaughtered for consumption yearly are overwhelming, especially because we know that every individual holds the same hopes and dreams as Leon and his friends here at Edgar’s Mission.

But the tides are well and truly turning as more and more people are choosing compassion for our fellow beings. And when we choose kindness for the animals, it also benefits our bodies and the planet. Continue reading

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Driving Kind


“Where ever you go, whatever you do, make your kindness count”

And that is just what happened today as we headed to Melbourne in the company of one forthright and “don’t mess with me” chicken, Kung Fu Panda.  Whilst the details of our important mission cannot be revealed until next week, we can tell you that our day was brightened by fellow commuters who showed their love and support of our work.  From the tradesman who inched up to our vehicle as we were stuck in traffic, wound down his window and shouted, “I love your quote, I don’t eat animals”, to the lovely young lady who waved excitedly at us at the traffic lights and all salutations in between, we truly appreciate your support and take great comfort that you too are driving the world to a kinder place for all.

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World Animal Day


Today, October 4th, is World Animal Day!!

“As the Australian Ambassador for World Animal Day I implore every one, where ever you are, who ever you may be, to remember this, animals lives matter. Even if they do not matter to you they most certainly matter to the holder of that life. Their life is just as precious to them as yours is to you – and it’s their world too. Happy World Animal Day” Pam Ahern


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The last straw


This is the last straw, well, we hope so anyway. Who knew that that humble straw, yes the one you sip your cordial through, could be the cause of so much needless destruction? According to Fast Company, every year we throw 28 billion pounds of plastic into the oceans, while in the US alone around 500 million plastic straws are discarded every single day. And being so small these straws are rarely recycled – finding their way into the oceans and the bodies of wildlife.

So next time you’re offered a straw, please consider saying no. And if you want to do even more, sign up to Lonely Whale’s #stopsucking campaign and encourage others to do the same.

The Fast Company article can be found here.

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We’re on Vollie!


Have you heard of Vollie? It’s an online platform that connects charities with skilled volunteers, and right now we’re uploading some projects. We’re so excited to have the opportunity to connect with passionate and compassionate people all around the country and get through some projects, giving us more time to advocate for the animals so near and dear to us.

So far we’ve submitted projects seeking graphic designers and a photographer, please find our projects here.

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Taking our quote to great heights

Panky Billboard

“If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others… why wouldn’t we?” This simple but thoughtful question is making its way around Australia, headed by some of our resident ambassadors.

Daisy Billboard

Here are the first of our stars to rise to great heights, Panky Calf on Queensbridge Road, Southbank and Daisy Kid on Bourke Road, Camberwell. Keep an eye out and let us know if you see them!

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Kind Critter Care Conference 2017

Dreaming of a kinder world? Our Kind Critter Care Conference may be for you.

Kind Critter Care 2016

If you are reading this you no doubt care deeply about animals. And more than likely are looking to see how best you can advocate on their behalf. The next most frequently asked question we receive after, “Can you take my rooster?” is, “How can I start a sanctuary for farmed animals?” The answer to this latter question is as complex as it is challenging and is most certainly something that cannot be answered in a 5-minute telephone conversation or a quick FAQ response. It is for this reason we here at Edgar’s Mission will be hosting our popular Kind Critter Care Conference on Sunday 3rd of September 2017. Read more and see photos from our 2016 conference here and our 2015 conference here. Continue reading

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Elysia and Miranda


Thinking of Elysia and Miranda, who both recently turned 12, the words of the Dalai Lama come to mind: “[i]t is vital that when educating our children’s brains that we do not neglect to educate their hearts.” For their combined birthday party, rather than gifts they asked if guests could bring a donation to Edgar’s Mission – raising an amazing $510!

Whether they learnt such thoughtful generosity from their parents, teachers or from their own kind hearts, Elysia and Miranda have proven beyond any doubt that teaching kindness and compassion is priceless. Thank you to Elysia, Miranda and your guests, your donations will go a long to helping so many animals now and into the future.

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You beauty!

We’re blown away – we’ve just reached our $100,000 Kindness Challenge target. Thank you so much to everyone who has kindly donated and shared this campaign – we are truly humbled by your support and belief in us.

How does it feel to reach our target? Well, we’re over the moon, and our new friend Gerald is over the pillow. But it’s not too late if you want to help, you can still donate here. And stay tuned for another update in the coming days.

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RACV, RACV come in


You’re standing in an open paddock, lost and confused, hard on your luck. Your only friend is stranded along beside you. Who do you call? When you’re a goat, you hope against hope that it will be Edgar’s Mission and the Kindness Van coming to your rescue.

This is exactly the situation Bertie and Gertie found themselves in earlier this year. Throughout their rescue, in rugged terrain with no mobile reception, our walkie-talkies became invaluable. But sadly – our walkie-talkies were nearing the end of their lives. Continue reading

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Molly Day

Molly Brown

On this day, May 31st, 2012 a truck carrying some 400 sheep crashed on a busy overpass of the Metropolitan Ring Road, just outside of Melbourne. The accident caused many of the hapless animals to rain down on the cars passing below. Dead, dazed and injured sheep made for a horrific sight, as speeding cars crashed into them. Many of the injured sheep were shot on site with the remaining survivors corralled and then sent on to complete their journey to the abattoir, but one sheep escaped. The unsinkable Molly Brown, as she was christened, cheated death that night not once but twice and she went to win the hearts of people all around the world. Emerging days later with a head injury but otherwise unharmed, she was to find sanctuary here at Edgar’s Mission where she will live her remaining days in peace. Molly’s story of survival is a reminder that even in our blackest of hours there is always hope and for this reason we have declared May 31st Molly Day.

Ways to be kind to sheep

  1. Keep sheep in your heart and not on your plate, try some meat free alternatives
  2. Ugg boots are for Neanderthals? While humans have moved on from our cave dwelling and animal skin wearing days, you still can look cool and keep your feet snug in hip cruelty free Ugg boots
  3. Sponsor Molly Brown and help keep the sheep at Edgar’s Mission happy!

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A journey of a thousand kindnesses begins with a single pig…

Right about this time on the 10th of May in 2003, I grabbed my car keys and in the company of my best little buddy, ET Good Doggie, we set off on a journey to collect a pig. A journey that has certainly been one hell of a ride. Please sit back and watch this clip that has seen me reach the destination of somewhere.

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Have you spotted our All Mother’s Day stars?


Clarabelle, Carol and a few of their friends have taken residence around Melbourne and Sydney CBD, sharing their messages of motherly love. If you’ve spied them in your travels, we’d love to know about it.

Please take a snap (if it’s safe to do so), share it with us here and don’t forget to hashtag #allmothersday.

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Campaign Action of the Month


Right now, Animal Health Australia (AHA) is managing the development of a new set of national standards for Australian poultry industries. This is massive – it’s a rare opportunity to have our voices heard as we speak up for millions of chickens.

But we’ve already learned of reports that the process is heavily weighted to industry interests over those of the animals. This is where you come in. AHA assert the standards will create “a suitable industry position that meets community expectations.” We know that the tide is fast turning against cage egg production and concern for the immense suffering of broiler chickens is growing. Laying hens suffer a range of health issues from the unnatural egg production, genetics has imposed upon them greatly reducing the quality and quantity of their lives.

Continue reading

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International Respect for Chickens Day

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what is means to me.

They are the closest living relative of the tyrannosaurus-rex and they outnumber humans more than 6 to 1, yet for the 43 billion chickens on this planet so few are rarely seen, let alone respected. But all that changed today, May 4th, as lovers of these feathered wonders around the globe celebrated chickens in all of their glorious forms on International Respect for Chickens Day. Continue reading

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Look what you’ve done.


Dawn and Carol are now larger than life, standing tall and proud, asking motorists to see them for who they are: mothers. We couldn’t have done this without your generosity, so thank you.

Want to win a private tour of Edgar’s Mission for yourself and your mum? Head to our website allmothersday.com.au and download our free recipe eBook to go in the draw.

If you’re thinking of giving to help animals, please consider donating to our billboard campaign here.

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World Day for Animals in Laboratories


Today is World Day for Animals in Laboratories.

Around the world millions up millions of animals live and die in laboratories.  This day commemorates their suffering and death.  But it is also a day of hope and a reminder that things can get better – that we can demand change and that we can make kinder choices in our life.  On this special day we would like to share with you the amazing story of one lab animal who made it our alive and into the heart and home of our equally amazing individual who has dedicated her life to protecting animals (and she is also one of wonderful volunteers) Jessica. Here is their story – Bodhi spent six and half years in a research colony- confined to a small, concrete pen and very nearly killed for science. While I’m forever grateful that I had the chance to save his life, I’ll always be sad that I can’t return all of those years that were stolen from him. I hope that he knows how very loved he is now and that he thinks we’re doing a good job making up for lost time.

Please help keep animals out of laboratories by choosing cruelty free.

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Opening hearts and minds


On the eve of their celebrated vegan advocacy workshop in Melbourne, Melanie Joy and Tobias Leenaert took the time out of their busy schedules to pay us a visit. Their words have inspired and empowered us, showing that empathy and kindness towards humans and animals alike is the only way to truly create a kinder world.

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