Opening hearts and minds


On the eve of their celebrated vegan advocacy workshop in Melbourne, Melanie Joy and Tobias Leenaert took the time out of their busy schedules to pay us a visit. Their words have inspired and empowered us, showing that empathy and kindness towards humans and animals alike is the only way to truly create a kinder world.

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Best Friends

Everyone needs a friend, but sometimes you need a little bit more – and that’s where Best Friends come in!

We are so excited to share with you the launch of our Best Friends Monthly Donor program, which is here to give animals in need that little bit more. Your monthly gift will support our ground-breaking work as we rescue and rehabilitate animals who deserve every chance at life.

In return you’ll receive quarterly updates and become a valued member of our new Edgar’s Mission community, the Kindness Club, giving you the opportunity to visit your Best Friend on invite-only days and you’ll be one of the first offered Edgar’s Mission event tickets. If you’re already a monthly donor we thank you for your support and you too will be automatically inducted into the Kindness Club.

And from us and all the animals who call Edgar’s Mission, we want to say thank you for supporting our vision for a kinder world.

To sign up as a Best Friend please click here.

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Let’s crow for roosters


Disheartened, I put the phone down. Yet another call from someone asking me to take the rooster they assumed would be a hen. Not a week goes by that I don’t get multiple calls like this, for one, two or three unknowing roosters whose time is running out.

The Lunar New Year rolled in as the silvery glow of the first new moon shone upon us, and with it the promise of happiness and good fortune. We are now in the year of the rooster. The joining of good fortune and roosters is both ironic and poignant, as the tragedy that befalls them is enough to break the hardest of hearts. Continue reading

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Foodies, we need you


Love and good food – the recipe for a happy life. While Hansel and Gretel have both in spades, they’re planning a romantic meal for two and we need help to find them a venue with pizazz.* They’re willing to travel Australia-wide and, before you mention grass or hay, they’re looking for somewhere spectacular. An amazing vegan, or very vegan friendly, café or restaurant with top-notch fodder.

If you know of anywhere in Australia that fits the bill, please comment below – we want to know them all, no stone left unturned. Continue reading

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An Invitation to Teachers

School Visit

Do you want your students to build on their empathy and critical thinking skills? A trip to Edgar’s Mission will do just that, with a side of fun. The thought-provoking journey teaches young minds the importance of compassion, responsibility and respect, and a trip to the sanctuary will give students the opportunity to learn about and meet some of our resident animals. Continue reading

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Don’t adopt these goats…..

Don’t adopt these adorable young goats, unless you are prepared to give them a lifetime of love, care and a safe, secure and well sheltered home.  Bill and Bob, by the narrowest of margins are alive today, and whilst they are still very scared and uncertain about the world, they most certainly want to live.  Our task now is to find the brightest of futures possible for them.  Please follow the link if you can help make this happen or make a tax deductible donation towards their veterinary costs if you can.

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Edgar’s Mission Outreach 101

If you are reading this, we know you care about animals and want to make a positive difference in their world.  We understand that the task of assisting farmed animals can often seem daunting and overwhelming and so we must think and act strategically . As such, outreach is one of the cornerstones of our work here at Edgar’s Mission.  As advocates for not only the rescued animals in our care but as ambassadors for the ones we cannot save, telling their stories is one of the most powerful tools we have to enable others to develop empathy for farmed animals.  We seek to provide people with the information to make informed choices in their life, which will assist in aligning ethics and action, all the while never telling people what to do or not do and never judging. Continue reading

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What’s the kindest thing you can do today?


Every year, pigs just like Leon Trotsky don’t make it to their first birthday. The statistics on how many land animals are slaughtered for consumption yearly are overwhelming, especially because we know that every individual holds the same hopes and dreams as Leon and his friends here at Edgar’s Mission.

But the tides are well and truly turning as more and more people are choosing compassion for our fellow beings. And when we choose kindness for the animals, it also benefits our bodies and the planet. Continue reading

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Have a Kind Christmas


Standing boldly above a busy motorway, one inquisitive and engaging little piglet asks everyone to: “Call me Penelope Sue, not dinner.”

This festive season we’ve unleashed a series of groundbreaking campaigns. Where you would usually see meat products advertised, we’ve filled the space with animal ambassadors who are giving farmed animals a voice. Behind every roast ham there was a young pig who desperately wanted to live, so we want you to help us spread their stories far and wide. Continue reading

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Avant Card


Look who’s showing her beautiful face all around Victoria, our very own Delores De Pig. This is thanks to our friends at Avant Card, who have so kindly donated a print run. We just love them. Continue reading

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We’re live so that they can live


Today our billboards and Kind Christmas website went live! But it’s not too late to be a part of this exciting initiative, you can still donate until the end of December and have your donation doubled. Any excess funds will go towards our next nationwide billboard campaign in the coming New Year. So watch this space.
But we couldn’t have done it without you. A massive thank you to our generous supporters and the kind-hearted anonymous donor, who will be matching donations to the Kind Christmas campaign dollar for dollar until the 31st of December. Also, our sincerest thanks to Rob, Emily and Ella –your amazing contributions have made our big dreams a reality.
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We’re planning something big!


This festive season we’re going to do something for animals that we’ve never done before. But before I tell you about our awesome plan, I want to give you some exciting news.

In the spirit of Christmas giving, a kind-hearted donor has offered to match all donations dollar for dollar.

As you know, we here at Edgar’s Mission never stand still. We’re always looking for bigger and better ways to advocate for animals, so early December we’re going to unleash a powerful series of billboards across Melbourne. Continue reading

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Campaign action of the month – help create a kind Christmas


This month we need your help, well actually it’s not so much we but rather our animal friends. As many of you know the festive season is anything but festive if you are a farmed animal. At no other time of the year is there such a wanton and gluttonous feast of hapless animals, killed for their flesh; for them there is no peace or goodwill. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Please encourage all your family, friends and co-workers to have a kind Christmas, and to help you along we have a couple of cool suggestions.

  1. Get your own copies of Polly Pig’s guide to a kind Christmas to distribute or just one to keep for yourself. You can download the flyer here or shoot us an email along with your postal address and we can send them out to you.
  2. Make animals the centrepieces of your Christmas get together with a once off donation to sponsor a rescued farmed animal. This way you can share a beautiful presentation image of either the handsome Marty Turkey or affable Max Pig with your gathered clan at Christmas, reminding them of why you have chosen to keep animals off your plate and in your heart. Your tax-deductible donation will ensure Marty, Max and all their buddies have the kindest Christmas of all!

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World Egg Day

Little Miss Sunshine

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Brainteaser aside, we argue firmly that it’s the humble chicken who is deserving of our first concern. On World Egg Day we want to celebrate the often unseen chickens behind the eggs that line supermarket shelves.

Little Miss Sunshine was once a commercial laying hen, and she would like to share her story with you. Little Miss Sunshine spent the first part of her life on a factory farm, barely able to take a step let alone spread her wings, and never enjoyed the simple pleasures of sunshine.

When the cage egg producer had a change of heart and decided he could no longer profit from the suffering of living, feeling creatures, he surrendered Little Miss Sunshine and all 1,080 of her friends to Edgar’s Mission. And what a mission the rescue was – thankfully every last chicken found a loving home. Since then, Little Miss Sunshine has become an ambassador for her kind, a movie star and travelled all the way to Sydney, of course stopping at the Opera House for a gander. But her main starring role is living a rich and happy life with her new family, where she’s free to spread her wings and laze in the sunshine whenever the urge takes her.

Little Miss Sunshine Continue reading

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DNA Creative Arts program


Edgar’s Mission rockin’ Your DNA Creative Arts program – ‘Animal Lovers’ in Ringwood yesterday. These guys and gals were awesome!!

If you would like Edgar’s Mission Founder and Director, Pam Ahern, to deliver a thought provoking presentation to your workplace, school or community group, please email [email protected] or phone 0408 397 301. We are based in Lancefield, Central Victoria.

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Help Edgar’s Mission help animals and create a kinder world for all.


Vote for Edgar’s Mission in the Voiceless People’s Choice Award – Capacity Building category. Please remember you can only vote once, so make your vote count. Many thanks in advance of your support.

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World Animal Day 2016! Tickets are SOLD OUT!

World Animal Day

Animal ambassadors, check. Inspirational speakers, check. Scrummy food, check. Fun activities, check. Something’s missing from our World Animal Day checklist – you! Edgar’s Mission needs you to fill our quota of amazing guests for World Animal Day on 2nd October, 2016. Continue reading

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Global Day of Action – August 29th.

Animals Are Not Freight 

On the 29th of August 1996, 67,488 sheep set sail from Australia to the Middle East as part of the live export trade aboard the cargo vessel the MV Uniceb.  What followed is the world’s worst live export disaster as the ship caught fire and all 67, 488 tightly packed sheep perished, either burning to death or drowning.  Having been abandoned by those charged with their care the hapless animals had no chance.  Today, 20 years on, we join Compassion in World Farming’s #AnimalsAreNotFreight global day of action.  Continue reading

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Do it for Tigga


Do it for Tigga, an inconvenient life.

Today is the day when, 6 years ago, Tigga arrived at Edgar’s Mission along with his buddies Togga and Fluffy. Tigga is an endearing and handsome gent with a lot to tell the world, in the morning, in the afternoon, really any time of the day he feels like expanding his lungs and expelling that almighty crow. Continue reading

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Do it for Mon Amie

Mon Amie

Do it for Mon Amie, who had a most unnatural life.

“With what looked like seizures, little Mon Amie was left to struggle and flail about for days.” Ever heard of chicken hatching projects? Throughout Australia, eggs set to hatch in two to three days are set up in incubators at early learning centres, schools and nursing homes and onlookers wait for the chicks to emerge. Mon Amie was one of those chicks. Continue reading

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Help stop the mass killing of male chicks


What ever happened to the rooster? With all those eggs filling supermarket shelves in every town in every state in Australia, you have to wonder where all the roosters are. Statistically speaking, for every hen hatched a tiny rooster also came into this world. Continue reading

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Marking hearts

David Zaharakis

No need for an umpire, David Zaharakis clearly caught everyone’s hearts on his visit to Edgar’s Mission last week – especially one young kid’s, the affable Steady Eddie.

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Kind kids

Malborough Primary School-2 

A huge shout out of thanks to the fine young minds of the Out of School Care Program from Marlborough Primary School in Heathmont.   Celebrating kindness and our sheepies love of wheetbix, a stash of these delicious treats came our way recently.  In collecting the booty Edgar’s Mission Founder and Director, Pam Ahern, praised the students initiative to make a difference in the life of another; “it is wonderful to see these young individuals so committed to enriching the lives of animals.  Their selfless gestures remind us all that each and every one of us can, through simple acts of kindness make the world a better place those less fortunate” Continue reading

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Why are all these creatures smiling?


Here’s why, greyhound racing is to be banned in NSW. Kudos to all involved. We trust that all the necessary kindness will be put in place to ensure the remaining greyhounds find the loving homes and hearts they so richly deserve.

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Kicking goals for kindness!

Jarrad Waite Edgars Mission-7 

It may have been a long way from the grassy field of Arden Street, but that didn’t stop North Melbourne footballer Jarrad Waite from kicking goals today at Edgar’s Mission.  Although this time Jarrad had his sights set firmly on kindness.  And the umpire’s verdict? This guy is awesome!!  Watch Channel Nine news tonight at six to see this game changer in action.

Jarrad Waite Edgars Mission-8   Continue reading

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Campaign Action for June

Ban Live Export Rally

With a Federal election scheduled for July 2016, many caring Australians are considering how best they can use their vote to help animals.

Edgar’s Mission is an apolitical organisation and in compliance with the Charities Act 2013, we cannot promote or oppose a political party or candidate for political office.  But we can encourage you to think.

Below are some topical issues and questions you can pose to your local Federal candidates, their responses can help inform you on how best to vote in line with your ethics and, regardless of the election’s outcome, your inquiry will let them know animals matter to their constituents. Continue reading

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Profit should never come at the cost of our ethics

Ban Live Export Rally

“Profit should never come at the cost of our ethics.” – Pam Ahern

A huge shout out of thanks and praise to the organisers of Saturday’s Ban Live Export Rally in Geelong. It was an honour to march with so many honourable people who stand on the right side of history. Please ensure our politicians do so also, please call them today and demand an end to live export. Not sure who your Federal Member is? Click here to find out.

Read more about the rally in the Geelong Advertiser. Continue reading

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Ask… and you shall receive!

Veg Feast

That is the plan for our Campaign Action this month. One of the comments we receive often from those considering aligning their dietary choices with their love for animals is that it can sometimes feel ‘too hard.’ And indeed, depending on which area of our wide brown land you inhabit, the plant- based options at your local restaurant or supermarket may well be lacking. Yes, we know, just about every shop sells fruits and vegetables and while these are indeed tasty and nutritious, sometimes they’re not what the tastebuds of a new plant-based eater craves. So, for our Campaign Action this month, we’re asking you to chat to your favourite restaurant about adding one or two plant-based options to their menu. Continue reading

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Baby it’s cold outside!

But things are nice and toasty in our lamb barn as we welcome, just now, little Elma. Her story coming soon, bottles to prepare…..

Elma Continue reading

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The person, the pig, the passion


The person, the pig, the passion – Edgar’s Mission celebrates 13 years of kindness.  Many thanks to the Herald Sun for sharing our story.  To find out more about our Foundation Day event click here.

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