Good Friends And Great Adventures

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Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.

Very recently, our brave HowNow went through a break-up with her friends, and it made her sad. HowNow did not give up, she put herself out there and met her new bestie – Onesie.

The two sweet girls sleep in the vet room at night with a heater on to keep them warm. And as besties do, they chat for hours over dinner until it’s bedtime. And when they’re not eating and chatting, they spend their days in the yard having a dust bath or two.

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The things we do for love

The things we do for love

It is no secret the little hen we have called How Now has truly succeeded in capturing our hearts here at Edgar’s Mission. Not only has her plucky resolve to survive the seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against her struck a chord with many, it is in those quiet moments of reflection alone with this dear girl that her true being has shone through. Chatty in nature and never hesitant to alert us if anything we have done is not exactly to her liking, we are reminded time and again that precious beings like How Now have their own distinct personalities and that each one is a unique individual with likes (green grapes), dislikes (red grapes) and favourite things (being chauffeured around in her pram by Pam). Continue reading

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International Respect for Chicken’s Day

Today is International Respect for Chicken’s Day

Chickens have been given a bad rap. You only have to spend a little time with a chicken to really start seeing them, to see they too are deserving of the love and care you give your dog or cat. And they’re smart, yep – they have lots going on upstairs, besides those gnarly combs.

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“What did you do yesterday?”

Little Miss Sunshine

It’s a thought exercise we pose regularly to students as part of our humane education program, ‘Joining the dots’. We ask them to write their detailed list on an A4 sheet of paper. At the same time we have Paula, Little Miss Sunshine Hen’s personal assistant, pen the many activities this inquisitive and industrious little hen got up to the previous day. But we also charge her with the additional task of writing down on another A4 sheet of paper just what Little Miss Sunshine did in her day two years ago, prior to coming to Edgar’s Mission. Amidst much chattering and scribbling the bell tolls, and it’s pens down. The children are then requested to hold up their pieces of paper while Paula holds up the two lists of LMS’s exploits. However one sheet is blank. Continue reading

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Because Chickens Count

Did you know chickens can count?!

This International Respect for Chickens Day Little Miss Sunshine is proud to present Bird Brain? Episode 4 – Because Chickens Count!

See more episodes of Bird Brain? here.

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Bird Brain? Episode 3 – How To Pick Up Chicks And Influence Hens

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Bird Brain Episode 2

Stop the Press!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No wait, actually it is a bird. But not just any bird, it is Edgar’s Mission ambassador extraordinaire, Little Miss Sunshine! Join us for Episode Two in our groundbreaking Bird Brain? series as Little Miss Sunshine causes one and all to pause and reflect upon what the phrase Bird Brain really means in a way that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. And please, if you enjoy this episode, Opening Doors to Kindness, please share it far and wide so that we may all begin opening doors to a kinder future for us all.

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Bird Brain?

They are the closest living relative of the tyrannosaurus rex and they outnumber humans on this earth by more than 6 to 1. Yet for the 43 billion chickens on this planet, so few are ever afforded the credit or the treatment they deserve. Chickens are inquisitive creatures with distinct personalities and what’s more, they possess cognitive abilities to rival dogs, cats and even some primates (that includes us humans!). And so, to round up National Bird Week, we here at Edgar’s Mission are excited to present to you our much anticipated new series, Bird Brain?

We hope you enjoy this endearing and thought provoking first episode, starring our very own Little Miss Sunshine – please share it far and wide!

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