Strawberry kisses

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I did save a strawberry for you, but then I got hungry. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Kris Kringle is quite the gentleman.

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Princess Leia

The Smallest Act - Princess Leia Blog

And kindness has never been so cute.

Princess Leia is proof that a little bit of kindness makes the whole world of difference.

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Ruby’s close up

Ruby - Close Up

I’m ready for my close up now.

When your heart is as beautiful as Ruby’s, you’ll always take a great picture.

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Feeling blue?

Piglet Breakfast

Feeling blue? We have just the cure – cute piglets having breakfast. Bye bye Monday Blues!

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Knock knock, it’s Madeline


Knock knock. Who’s there? It’s me, Madeline Merino.

Doe-eyed Madeline owes her life to a sweltering heatwave. Noticing her difficulty walking, her previous caretakers decided it was too hot to dig a hole to bury the little lamb – and as the days passed they realised there was another option. And we’re so glad they did.

Read Madeline’s story here.

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A beautiful moment

Carol - Animals share with us (1)

And how privileged are we to witness the special bonds between Carol and her piglets. Seeing Carol nurture her precious babies is enough to warm our souls.

You can watch Carol’s heartwarming arrival video here.

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We caught a couple of Getaways

Getaway Plan

It’s true, there’s no escaping the charms of our residents. Brothers Dan and Mike Miao, from band The Getaway Plan, are both compassionate animal-lovers and yesterday were captured by Hip Hop Bob, Morgan Sheep and three tiny kids, among others. How blessed we are to be able to share the magic of Edgar’s Mission with such bright and kind hearts.

A while ago we shared an article written by Dan about his change of heart about fishing, if you missed it you can read it here.

Getaway Plan Continue reading

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Public service piglets

Public Service piglets

This is a public service announcement. Please stop what you are doing and look at this incriminating photo, we need your help to catch these offenders. You won’t regret it.

Cookie, Kris Kringle and Candy are wanted for causing hearts to flutter and showing people that little piggies deserve only to be treated with kindness.

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Peekaboo Mixie, we see you

Mixie - See You

On that fateful day, the driver didn’t see Mixie fall, or leap, from the back of the stockcrate that was carrying her to be butchered. Actually, nobody had really seen Mixie until the kind stranger secured her safe passage to Edgar’s Mission. Anyone who truly saw her – as an innocent and gentle calf deserving of happiness, kindness and her mother’s knowing care – would never have thought her life was worth anything less.

An open and kind heart is one of the greatest gifts we can share with the world. Once we start to really see farmed animals, they leap into our hearts as though their lives depend on it. Which they do.

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A lovely Sunday

Sunday and Itty Bitty

When Sunday arrived at Edgar’s Mission, she was just a dainty little one weighing less than 3kg. From uncertain beginnings she has blossomed into a beautiful ewe with a long and happy life awaiting. It’s amazing what a little kindness can do.

Pictured: Sunday and friend Itty Bitty

Read Sunday’s full story and sign up to be her Best Buddy here.

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Why wouldn’t we…

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Piglets, puppy and play!

Piglets, puppy and play! What more could you want!


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What the dickens is Boots doing? When goats and other animals smell something of interest they raise their upper lip and inhale, drawing pheromones and other smells in towards the sensory neurons at the top of their mouths. It’s called the flehmen response.

Boots arrived an adorable little kid, watch his video and sign up to be his here. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

May your Christmas too be kind. From Carol and her babies and our furred, feathered and fleeced family to yours, wishing you a happy and healthy festive season. We thank you for your love, support, donations and kindness in 2016! Continue reading

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Snuffles VS Watermelon

Today we celebrate the 4 year anniversary of Snuffles arriving at Edgar’s Mission​!

Check out our video of when Snuffles went snout to snout with a watermelon and who came out victorious!

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The truck driver considered her worthless …


While the truck driver who so callously removed the body of a newborn lamb and placed her in long grass at a wayside stop considered this tiny baby worthless, the kind-hearted human who witnessed the scene thought otherwise. And so too do we here at Edgar’s Mission.


Although in livestock transporting, heavily pregnant ewes are described as ‘unfit to load’, numerous are the instances of them being so. Herded up narrow ramps and crammed into tiered livestock trucks, many of these hapless animals are sent on the last road trip of their lives—straight to slaughterhouses. Sadly, many a terrified ewe has given birth in such inhospitable circumstances, never able to nurture her baby, and many a baby has been trampled to death. And with abattoirs unwelcoming of newborns, the situation described above is not the first of this kind. Continue reading

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It’s the little things that count….

Ivanhoe Grammar

Whilst the year 2 students from Ivanhoe Grammar may have been small in stature their enquiring minds were not.  Having well studied all of the animals at Edgar’s Mission prior to their excursion to the Sanctuary on Thursday 20th of October, their enquiring minds showed a depth of understanding beyond their tender years.  After hearing a thought provoking presentation from sanctuary Founder and Director, Pam Ahern, a fun and engaging farm tour by Kyle gave the students a chance to get up close and personal with many of the animals they had come to know and love via the internet.

If you know of a school, community group or workplace who would like to visit Edgar’s Mission please drop us a line

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Something to get in a flap about: meet Flappy!


While the song “How much is that doggie in the window?” may have been a chart-topping song in the 50s, made famous by singer Patti Page, its message today speaks of a more sinister side of human nature—that of breeding animals for commercial gain. More than 60 years on, and to mark the start of Puppy Mill Action Week in 2008, the Humane Society of the United States teamed up with Patti to change the tune of this ever-popular song. Shining her brilliant voice and compassion for animals, Patti now championed the plight of homeless cats and dogs, urging one and all to heed the important message that animals come with a lifetime of commitment, care and kindness, and it is they who so often end up paying an enormous price.

Flappy Continue reading

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Hug a Sheep Day

We all know that dogs love hugs.  Even cats will indulge you in a hug or two, but did you know that sheep love hugs as well?  Just because they may look different to the beloved pets of so many, sheep are every bit as worthy of our compassion, kindness and hugs too!  And what better day to share the love than International Hug a Sheep Day!

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Little Red Riding Hood meets Virginia Wolfe…

Little Red Riding Hood

Two of the most recent additions to our lamb clan are these adorable girls with their oh so fitting names.  Little Red Riding Hood (so named because of her first jacket being red) is diminutive, sweet and shy, while Virginia Wolfe is forthright, courageous and loves to take the lead.  Over and over it is through our experiences with animals that we have the unique opportunity to bear witness to what is so often written – animals each come with their own individual stories and personalities, shaped by both their experience and environment.  And while no two are ever the same their plea for human mercy, kindness and justice is. Continue reading

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Vet Nurse Day

For an extra dose of kindness just call Vet Nurse Ruby and Vet Nurse Stitch.


Today, Vet Nurse day, we celebrate these kind hearts, warm hands (or paws) and loving smiles for all they do for our animal friends.


Continue reading

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World Smile Day

“Peace begins with a smile.” – Mother Teresa


Smiles are infectious, they say it’s difficult to frown if someone is smiling at you, and if you smile while feeling blue that simple act can make the sun shine a little brighter and make you feel a little lighter. So on World Smile Day, we hope you catch a little happy from our resident Vet Nurse Ruby.

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Be Kind To Animals Week

Today it is World Farmed Animal’s Day.  Sit back, as we invite you to enjoy some of our amazing farmed animal friends who are fortunate enough to live here at Edgar’s Mission.  To find out more about Be Kind To Animals Week, jump on the website

Max Continue reading

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Two Shakes of a Lambs Tail

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Out on the range …


While out on duty earlier this week, a local animal control ranger was contacted in regards to a ewe who was experiencing a difficult birth. Sadly, the ewe did not make it, but a newborn lamb did. The bleak future that was on offer for this little babe was something this kind-hearted ranger refused to accept. Not long thereafter, “Ranger”, as he has been named, with his still-wet umbilical cord, was surrendered into our care and life-enhancing colostrum was delivered to his sweet little lips. And, reciprocating our kindness, Ranger was only too quick to offer us sweet kisses of appreciation.

So when next time you are out on the range, be like our dear Ranger and ensure kindness for animals is firmly on your horizon. Continue reading

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Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah


Whilst I was only six years old when Jeannie C. Riley in 1968 belted out that chorus of a song, later made famous by the Hoodoo Gurus, called “The Generation Gap”, its catchy upbeat tempo never fails to get me bopping along. Another thing that gets me bopping very quickly along is the demanding yet pitiful “wah, wah, wah” bleats of newborn little lambs. And there has been no lamb more masterful of this craft than a tiny newborn who was recently surrendered into our care. Hearing his cries, we could think of no more fitting name for the sweet and chubby soprano lamb than “Wah”. Continue reading

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Prince Harry – the King of Hearts

There can be known doubt little Harry captivates all who come into his realm.  Watch this inspiring clip of Harry showing his appreciation to his rescuer and the amazing veterinary team who saved his life.

Heartstring warning: you’ll need tissues Continue reading

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Harry takes a stand!!

Harry Standing 

It was a pretty rough night for little Harry as his condition has taken a bit of a dip.  However, the brave little man has managed to stand on his own this morning.  Giving us reasons for hope is his will to live and the amazing veterinary team who are giving him every chance to do so.

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Incredulous is an adjective and describes a situation when one is unwilling or unable to believe something. It pretty much sums up my feelings when I first heard about the plight of male chicks in the egg industry many moons ago – innocent fluffy babies for whom there was no pardon for, for simply being born the wrong gender.

In their millions upon millions each year, I was to learn, they were ground up, gassed or stuffed live into plastic bags by the egg industry. “Surely I had read wrong”, “the figures must have been fudged”, “this was a gross exaggeration”, “there was just no way our animal loving society and our animal protection laws would allow this” – these were just some of the incredulous thoughts that sat east of my epiphany to a kinder way of living. Taking comfort, as countless other kind-hearted humans did, I stuck hard to the belief that our society would never permit the wholesale and wanton killing of baby animals, it just couldn’t happen. Or could it…

Chicks Continue reading

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Wilmington: a story of redemption


We have all had important teachers in our lives, ones who have guided us and inspired us. While for most people these teachers have been human, for me, animals have been my teachers. And for me, my most important teacher was a dashing, debonair, handsome, witty, wise, charismatic and incredible pig I came to love and adore, named Edgar Alan Pig.

For, let’s call her “Sally”, one of her most important teachers was a sheep named Wilmington. I’ll let “Sally” pick up the story.

“More than 20 years ago my ex and I bought a rural shop which came with a pet sheep. Her name was Wilmington, and she was a nuisance, always wanting attention that I didn’t have time to give. I had meat-eater blinkers on about her back then, as it was before I became vegetarian and stopped seeing animals as nothing more than food. My ex had a friend who suggested we let him take Wilmington away and turn her into a lot of free meals and I let it happen. It was not until I looked at the meat he gave us and contrasted it with the last time I saw her, so proud of herself for figuring out how to get the gate open—AGAIN—that I really realised what a terrible thing we had done. I couldn’t cook the meat, or eat it, and doing that to her remains one of the biggest regrets of my life to this day. Continue reading

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