We Don’t Give Up On Those We Love

Edgars Mission -_-26

“We don’t give up on those we love. We fight like hell until there is nothing left to give. This is how we should love each other.” Kiana Azizian

To which we wish to add, “And then we dust ourselves off and fight some more.” This is what all gentle, emotional and intelligent beings like Hip Hop Bob deserve. It’s been another intense week of rehabilitation for our beloved Hip Hop, who underwent surgery to relieve pressure on her spinal cord and although progress, as can be expected, is still slow, Hip Hop is most certainly taking some steps (metaphorically speaking of course) to recovery.

Two hourly rehab sessions in which Hip Hop is carefully lifted whilst ‘scratch foot’ exercises are performed on each hind limb are beginning to bring back some movement to her legs. We can now feel her placing pressure on our hands as this exercise is performed and every now and again a twitch of the hoof or a lift of the leg of her own accord has us feeling this may just be one obstacle our beloved girl can overcome.

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Hope For Hip Hop Bob

Edgars Mission -_-11

They say it takes a village to raise a child and it takes an entire community to save the precious life of an affable, clever, gorgeous and beloved pig.

If you have been following our recent updates, you will be all too aware that our dear Hip Hop Bob underwent surgery earlier this week to relieve the pressure being placed upon her spinal cord in an effort to restore sensation to her rear limbs.

Edgars Mission -_-13

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Hip Hip Hooray for Ray Ray


It’s been a week since Ray Ray’s epic road trip to Edgar’s Mission and not a day goes by in which we aren’t blown away by this dear little lamb’s ability to thrive despite seemingly insurmountable odds. Born with no eyes, Ray Ray is a lamb many would discount as being able to live a full and rich life. But not kind-hearted Alex, who saw hope where others might see none and who left no stone unturned to secure Ray Ray’s future.

This week Ray Ray was back on the road, albeit this time for a far shorter trip to our trusted friends at Animal Eye Care, Malvern for a thorough ophthalmologist examination and expert opinion on her condition. You can imagine our delight when we received the news Ray Ray indeed has every chance of leading a full and happy life and is experiencing no current complications as a result of her condition. We now have a care plan in place and regular check-ups as Ray Ray grows will ensure we can identify any issues if they arise and provide prompt treatment.

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Feel Good Friday


Feel Good Friday

And feeling much better indeed, thanks to our wonderful Five Dollar Friday community is our dear matriarch pig, Mary. Earlier in the week, something told us all was not well with Mary as she didn’t meet us at her usual spot for a secret pre-breakfast treat, nor did she respond to our efforts to rouse her from her comfy straw-filled bed. When our promises of a delicious warm mash breakfast were met with little to no enthusiasm from Mary we knew it was time to act and so it was over to The Vet Practice at Whittlesea. Continue reading

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Oh Dear, Dana


Now this isn’t your usual run of the mill before and after photoshoot nor is our beloved Dana posing with the obligatory newspaper to prove the passage of time. It may be hard to believe but these images were snapped just hours apart. Now whilst this first image may alarm some, we wish to assure all is now well for this dear girl. Our Dana experienced a sudden onset of swelling along her jaw, which was aptly identified by our animal caregiving team. With the lump of such an enormous size and with no external wounds present, today Dana was vetward-bound to eek out the cause of this unsightly and most certainly uncomfortable swelling. A wayward grass seed was adeptly pinpointed by our vet as the culprit, most likely to have entered via Dana’s mouth or even ear canal! With a thorough treatment carried out and medications prescribed, Dana was soon relieved of her woes and tucked straight into a wheet bix treat to show her appreciation. Continue reading

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Gentle Latefa


On the receiving end of the #FiveDollarFriday five star treatment, last week was our cow herd, featuring the gorgeous and gentle Latefa. Pedicures were the order of the day and cutting edge technology on hand in the form of a mobile hydraulic cattle crush and experienced and knowledgeable cattle hooftrimmer. Trimming the hooves of our beloved bovine residents is not a small task and ensuring this procedure is carried out with a minimum of stress is paramount. The dynamic system you see in action here caresses each cow and with the use of hydraulic motion gently tips him or her on the side for a quick and effective pedicure treatment to be performed with a minimum of fuss or stress. Of course Latefa and friends were soon treated to a round of wheet bix for their efforts and we rest easy knowing their hooves have been tended and are in the very best condition to ensure healthy and active lives.

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Melody’s Journey

Five Dollar Friday Update – Melody’s Journey

From a frightened bushfire survivor to the matriarch of our ‘Special Needs’ sheep crew, Melody has certainly come a long way in her four years at our sanctuary. Watching this now serene and somewhat world-wise ewe as she goes about her day, it is difficult to fathom all she has endured in her time, yet resilience is most certainly in her nature.

And this resilience has been tested somewhat of late as we were saddened to discover a tumour in Melody’s scarred stomach tissue – tissue that had healed after being burned during the 2014 Mickleham fires. With initial tests revealing there was no time to waste, Melody recently underwent surgery to remove the problematic tumour and provide her with the opportunity to live the life she so deserves. A life she undoubtedly enjoys.


And so, with the surgery complete, Melody now recovers in our care, with pain relief, veterinary treatment and expert care all on hand to ensure she has the best recovery possible.

Of course, this aspect of our work is made possible with the kind support of our #FiveDollarFriday community – and on behalf of dear Melody, we send our unending thanks your way.

If you too would like to be a part of the team helping provide animals like Melody with lives worth living, please visit https://edgarsmission.secure.force.com/Donate/5Friday

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Petal’s new wheels

Getting by with a little help from her #FiveDollarFriday friends is Petal, who this week had her very own mobility cart designed and fitted.

Petal came into our care as a wee lamb with spinal nerve damage affecting her ability to walk and support her own weight. Countless hours of physical therapy, slow walks around the farm with the support of her harness, patience, love and kindness have seen Petal grow into a beautiful young girl with a true zest for life. It is hoped that this next step in Petal’s journey will assist her in becoming even more mobile and independent, with a life of choice and satisfaction, as is a sheep’s prerogative.


They say it takes a village to raise a child and with dear Petal, it is much the same. Our unending thanks, of course, go to our wonderful Five Dollar Friday community who make this avenue of our work possible as well as our dear volunteer Ruth who has clocked up many driving hours to and from appointments, the team at The Vet Practice, Whittlesea and Aquapaws; creators of Petal’s mobility cart.

If you too would like to be a friend to residents like Petal, please check out our Five Dollar Friday page here: https://donate.edgarsmission.org.au/Donate/5Friday

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Feel Good Fridays


The promise we make to each and every animal who passes through our farms gates is that theirs will be a life worth living. Yet in the case of some farmed animals, whose genetics are geared toward rapid growth and artificially shortened lifespans, this promise does not come without its challenges. Take Brady and Babette, two of the beloved ‘broiler’ chickens who call Edgar’s Mission home. ‘Broiler’ is the name given to the type of chicken we have created for human consumption as opposed to those used for egg laying. Through many years of selective breeding and specialised nutrient intake, the sad fact is commercially raised ‘broilers’ now reach their ‘slaughterweight’ at just 5-7 weeks of age. At over two years old, Babette and Brady are experiencing what would be considered old age for their commercial cousins. Sadly, this rapid growth does not come without its price and the genetically determined disproportionate distribution of muscle mass and heavily burdened skeletal systems can take their toll on these young birds. Continue reading

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Five star treatment


Five dollars and a whole lot of feel good!

On the receiving end of the star treatment (and looking very content with his yummy treats) at Edgar’s Mission, this week was Hansel. A once wee bobby calf who arrived at our sanctuary some years ago, Hansel now stands a most regal and handsome steer, a crowd favourite on tours and devoted companion of special needs gal Gretel.

But it was Hansel who this week was in need of a little special care and with the help of our Five Dollar Friday community, that’s exactly what he received. With his joints having grown a little stiffer with age, our veterinary team administered therapeutic shockwave treatment to dear Hansel. The shockwave therapy he received is a very gentle, painless treatment that will help Hansel remain mobile as the years roll on.  Continue reading

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Dear Tilly Lamb

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Certainly, this is the premise behind our Five Dollar Friday community, a group of kind, committed individuals who are banding together to help us change the worlds of the animals in our care. And this week it was dear Tilly Lamb who benefitted from their kindness.

Tilly Lamb

Arriving in our care, suffering a horrific case of flystrike, courtesy of an ill-performed tail docking, we have fought hard to bring Tilly back from the infection that had settled in her joints and threatened her life. This battle we have won, however so severe was Tilly’s infection that it has caused a degenerative change to her hock joint. So with the help of our Five Dollar Fridayers, it was off to The Vet Practice this week to begin a bout of therapy that will assist Tilly’s body in repairing the damage and have her leaping and bounding toward a long and happy life like all lambs should.

We really could not do what we do without the support of our kind-hearted community. Never doubt that we are changing the world, because lamb by lamb, step by step and heart by heart, we truly are.

If you would like to join our band of kind hearts changing the world for animals find out how here: https://donate.edgarsmission.org.au/Donate/5Friday

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How to save a life


It’s been four weeks since How Now arrived at Edgar’s Mission, dangerously thin, too weak to stand, eat or drink, yet somehow still miraculously clinging to life. During her initial veterinary exam, it soon became clear what had led to this dear girl’s shocking condition when x-rays revealed two metal nails inside How Now’s gizzard. The gizzard is an essential component of a chicken’s digestive tract, where hard stones and grit reside to grind down seeds. The presence of the nails in How Now’s gizzard had hindered this crucial digestive process and, even worse, one of the nails had begun to work its way through the thick muscular lining of the gizzard. The diagnosis was in- the foreign material needed to be removed and there was little time to spare.nails 20180314 how now (2) Continue reading

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What a brave girl

how now brave

“She’s just so brave.”

This is all we could manage to whisper as our little fighter, How Now underwent her initial veterinary examination, so speechless were we otherwise rendered. With a mobile x-ray machine at the ready, our gentle and compassionate veterinary team set about uncovering the answers to questions we have been asking since the frail and forlorn hen landed in our care just under one week ago. How had she gotten so unwell? What had caused her to become so thin? And how on earth could we help her?

It didn’t take long before those answers were revealed, with images showing not one, but at least two metal nails located deep within How Now’s stomach cavity. It is safe to say, this discovery sent us into a spin and raised just as many questions as it had answered. How long had the foreign objects been ailing our dear girl? What conditions could she possibly have come from to have ingested them? And, of course, how on earth was she still alive?

how now brave2

Resilience, they say, is the ineffable quality that allows one to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever, to overcome challenges and even to find a way to rise from the ashes. We think it’s safe to say How Now has this in spades. Despite her life-threatening ailments, this resilient hen already has us wrapped firmly around her tiny little claws. How Now has continued to respond to our care and is now gobbling up grains of goodness on her own and gaining strength by the day. This dear girl has already discovered the gastronomic delight of grapes, letting us know the smallest, sweetest ones are more to her liking and they must be sliced up just so. What can we say… it is only our utmost pleasure to oblige her every desire.

With pain relief and necessary medication administered, it is now up to How Now to continue fighting the good fight with all those who love her right alongside her. This will determine our future veterinary interventions, which may include surgery to remove the offending items once she is strong enough to undergo such a procedure. For now, our brave and resilient friend’s only job is to continue to gain strength so she may one day discover even more wonders awaiting her in this world filled with kindness.

And of course, speaking of kindness, How Now’s treatment and veterinary care have all been made possible due to the kindness of our Five Dollar Friday community. For just the price of a coffee each week, this generous and incredible group of supporters continue to help us provide life-changing and life-saving care to animals like How Now. If this diminutive hen has stolen a piece of your heart as she has ours and you are able, we ask you to be a part of the community fighting alongside her to bring her and others like her back to health. You can find out more about our Five Dollar Fridays and pledge your support here: https://donate.edgarsmission.org.au/Donate/5Friday

As you can probably tell, the arrival of a little hen named How Now has been the cause of countless questions that now race through our minds, some of them answered some of them not. And whilst we will leave no stone unturned as we, along with our Five Dollar Friday community, seek to answer those questions, there is one we will forever continue to ask on behalf of all creatures like the brave little hen we now know and love:

“If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others… why wouldn’t we?”

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Finding her feet

Finding her feet this Five Dollar Friday is Jewell, one of our gentle special needs sheep here at Edgar’s Mission.

Jewell arrived at the sanctuary suffering a congenital hoof disorder that severely limited her mobility and saw her plagued with chronic pain. As a life worth living is what we promise to each and every animal who walks, flies or limps through our farm gates, this is precisely what we set about making happen for Jewell, who recently underwent surgery to amputate a portion of her hoof that could not be treated otherwise. And thanks to our fab Five Dollar Fridayers, this week Jewell was fitted with her very own brand new prosthetic hoof that will have her running alongside her pals and leaping with joy for years to come.

If you too would like to help animals like Jewell find their feet, please join our Five Dollar Friday community. Find out how here – www.fivedollarfriday.com.au

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Come on join the joy ride – it’s Five Dollar Friday!


While four of our special needs friends, Bendigo, Saturday, Jewell and Cuddle Pie, winged their way to our special vet, we give thanks to our special friends who make it all possible.

Through your support of our Five Dollar Friday, Bendigo Goose has had her prosthetic foot adjusted, Saturday Lamb underwent some manipulative therapy for her shoulders (being a wheelchair bound gal means she has the shoulders of a weight lifter!), Jewell Sheep received a check up to ensure all is going well with her stumpy leg (stumpy, due to a hoof amputation necessitated by a degenerative condition that had afflicted her prior to her arrival here) and little Cuddle Pie had a fitting to ensure the comfort of her prosthetics she wears to address the congenital condition which afflicts her back legs and hampers her walking. So, to our Five Dollar Friday-ers, our fab four had a wonderful ride, one full of joy, kindness and the best of veterinary care, because of you.

If you too would like to enjoy the joy ride, for that feel-good buzz you get when you know you are making a world of difference for animals, please join our Five Dollar Friday clan. Find out how here – www.fivedollarfriday.com.au

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What’s Georgie Girl up to now?


Laying by the side of a road and bleeding from a deep laceration, it was thought she had been hit by a car. Once back at the sanctuary and Georgie Girl stabilised, we discovered a car wasn’t the offender but a shearing accident. One of her hind leg tendons was severed, leading to complete loss of control of that limb, and flystrike had set in.

To the restore functionality of her right hind leg, Georgie Girl had arthrodesis surgery, which artificially fuses the joints with a plate. And this week, she had shockwave therapy. But don’t worry, it’s not what you think! Shockwave is a very gentle, painless treatment that helps regenerate tissue and blood after surgery and to help the wound heal.

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What could you do with $5?

With $5 you could buy a soy latte, your favourite chocolate or put it towards the weekly shop. But we have a plan to get your $5 doing great things for animals.

Say hello to Five Dollar Friday. We need your help, well, your $5, every Friday so we can meet the growing vet expenses of our 450-plus residents and all those who finds sanctuary here at Edgar’s Mission. Last year alone, our vet bills reached $249,728.

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Young at heart


Your five dollars at work.

Sky is one of our ‘young at heart’ girls here at Edgar’s Mission. This week we turned to an equine dentistry technique to file down a couple of Sky’s teeth, which were free to grow unhindered with the loss of some opposable molars. The wayward teeth had grown too long and sharp, and already her eating has improved.

We simply couldn’t help Sky and her pals, give them the lives they truly deserve, without the help of our friends. Thank you to everyone who has supported our work and joined our #FiveDollarFriday community.

We’ve been blown away by the response to Five Dollar Friday so far, over 100 people signed up last week! If you haven’t you can find out more here more – https://edgarsmission.secure.force.com/Donate/5Friday

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