Marvellous Mildred!

Edgars Mission - Mildred, Sheep

Benefitting from the kindness of our Five Dollar Friday community is Mildred, a brave ewe who found sanctuary at Edgar’s Mission a little over four years ago. Dear Mildred’s back still bears the scars of the Mickleham bushfire which saw her and her companion Mavis on the run, with nowhere to call home in a country town devastated by the inferno. Since her rescue, Mildred has lived a life filled with love, friendship and, of course, wheet bix treats in our sheep flock.

However, we recently detected an abrasion on Mildred’s nose, which did not respond to treatment. We had no history of this area of Mildred’s nose being scarred from her past experiences and when the skin took on an appearance that healthy tissue never should, a biopsy was performed by our wonderful vet, Sabine. We soon received the news we were fearing as the sample returned a positive result for squamous cell carcinoma.

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Plastic bag ban is coming


Did you know that the Plastic Bag Ban is on its way?

Victoria is in the process of phasing out plastic bags, with many supermarkets setting dates to officially say no to plastic bags! Did you know that over fifty million plastic bags make their way into our precious environment! Not only do plastic bags have devastating effects on our environment, but they never truly disintegrate. Plastic bags can hang around for 1000 years!

What can I do to help?

Well, this is where we can all make a difference. A simple change can make a huge impact. Consider replacing your plastic bags with a reusable bag – on that can be can be used as many times as you would like, maybe even forever?  You can also fit heaps more goodies in on reusable bag, compared to a plastic bag. Continue reading

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Homa’s fresh start

Homa and Pam

What does pure relief look like? Homa’s expression says it all.

Once a stud merino ram, Homa had since aged beyond his usefulness and became homeless. Finding himself at a rural pound with greatly overgrown fleece, Homa was to be given a second chance and an eccentric but essential new haircut – removing the hundreds of grass seeds forging their way through his skin.

Homa has found his way home and his welfare will never again depend upon his “usefulness” – from here on out, this dear gent’s only task is the pursuit of happiness.

Read Homa’s full story and see more photos here.

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Princess Leia

The Smallest Act - Princess Leia Blog

And kindness has never been so cute.

Princess Leia is proof that a little bit of kindness makes the whole world of difference.

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Knock knock, it’s Madeline


Knock knock. Who’s there? It’s me, Madeline Merino.

Doe-eyed Madeline owes her life to a sweltering heatwave. Noticing her difficulty walking, her previous caretakers decided it was too hot to dig a hole to bury the little lamb – and as the days passed they realised there was another option. And we’re so glad they did.

Read Madeline’s story here.

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A beautiful moment

Carol - Animals share with us (1)

And how privileged are we to witness the special bonds between Carol and her piglets. Seeing Carol nurture her precious babies is enough to warm our souls.

You can watch Carol’s heartwarming arrival video here.

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We caught a couple of Getaways

Getaway Plan

It’s true, there’s no escaping the charms of our residents. Brothers Dan and Mike Miao, from band The Getaway Plan, are both compassionate animal-lovers and yesterday were captured by Hip Hop Bob, Morgan Sheep and three tiny kids, among others. How blessed we are to be able to share the magic of Edgar’s Mission with such bright and kind hearts.

A while ago we shared an article written by Dan about his change of heart about fishing, if you missed it you can read it here.

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Public service piglets

Public Service piglets

This is a public service announcement. Please stop what you are doing and look at this incriminating photo, we need your help to catch these offenders. You won’t regret it.

Cookie, Kris Kringle and Candy are wanted for causing hearts to flutter and showing people that little piggies deserve only to be treated with kindness.

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Here with us

Hope - Animals with us

Each and every animal comes into this world with the same determination to live and seeks a happy life. As individuals they have no understanding of why humans would want to hurt them, and if they could it would surely give them no solace. Continue reading

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Have your cake


You can have your cake and eat it too, just like Marty Turkey. With the amazing breadth of food choices at our excited little fingertips, eating compassionately has never been so tasty.

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When there’s everything to live for

Connor Rosie - Friends Warmth

There’s a warmth that comes from good friends, like that between best friends Rosie and Connor. When Connor arrived, he was clinging far too gingerly to life. Covered in amniotic fluid and his umbilical cord still wet, Connor was only hours old and already exposed to a cold hard truth – no shelter and ewes bred to lamb in winter are a deadly mix. Today, Connor’s days are filled with kindness, joy and warmth.

You can read Connor’s story here.

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Peekaboo Mixie, we see you

Mixie - See You

On that fateful day, the driver didn’t see Mixie fall, or leap, from the back of the stockcrate that was carrying her to be butchered. Actually, nobody had really seen Mixie until the kind stranger secured her safe passage to Edgar’s Mission. Anyone who truly saw her – as an innocent and gentle calf deserving of happiness, kindness and her mother’s knowing care – would never have thought her life was worth anything less.

An open and kind heart is one of the greatest gifts we can share with the world. Once we start to really see farmed animals, they leap into our hearts as though their lives depend on it. Which they do.

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A lovely Sunday

Sunday and Itty Bitty

When Sunday arrived at Edgar’s Mission, she was just a dainty little one weighing less than 3kg. From uncertain beginnings she has blossomed into a beautiful ewe with a long and happy life awaiting. It’s amazing what a little kindness can do.

Pictured: Sunday and friend Itty Bitty

Read Sunday’s full story and sign up to be her Best Buddy here.

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How to treat a lamb this Australia Day

Aus Day - Shopping Fanta (1)

With all the promotions linking Australia Day to lamb, we wanted to show you how we think lambs deserve to be treated. With respect and, as always, kindness.

Wah - Aus Day Kindness (2)

We absolutely, positively love lambs. Not the kind you find neatly packaged at the supermarket, but the living and feeling animals who desperately want to live, just like this cheeky little guy, Wah.

And here’s an adorable video to warm your heart this Australia Day!

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Incredulous is an adjective and describes a situation when one is unwilling or unable to believe something. It pretty much sums up my feelings when I first heard about the plight of male chicks in the egg industry many moons ago – innocent fluffy babies for whom there was no pardon for, for simply being born the wrong gender.

In their millions upon millions each year, I was to learn, they were ground up, gassed or stuffed live into plastic bags by the egg industry. “Surely I had read wrong”, “the figures must have been fudged”, “this was a gross exaggeration”, “there was just no way our animal loving society and our animal protection laws would allow this” – these were just some of the incredulous thoughts that sat east of my epiphany to a kinder way of living. Taking comfort, as countless other kind-hearted humans did, I stuck hard to the belief that our society would never permit the wholesale and wanton killing of baby animals, it just couldn’t happen. Or could it…

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Two Macbeths of Melbourne

Macbeths Blog

“Double double, toil and trouble: fire burn and cauldron bubble.” When the three witches cast their spell over Macbeth, their intentions were to create chaos and set the stage for a series of double meanings. Throughout the play, evil is depicted as good and good depicted as evil. Such mixed-up meanings have held true for our new arrivals Macbeth and Lassie Macbeth. Continue reading

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Shaun is rapt!

Shaun Blog 1

“So how’s Shaun today?” We asked our animal carers. The answer was simple; Shaun is two things. One, he is rapt, and the other, well, he is shorn. Now you could say Shaun is rapt because he is shorn, and granted having 15 kilos of burdensome fleece removed from one’s self is cause for great joy, but we reckon Shaun is pretty rapt because he is with sheepy buddies and enjoying all the ingredients of a good life for a sheep. Continue reading

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I Connie in Peace

Connie Blog 2

The first ConFest was held in 1976, it was started by ex-Deputy Prime Minister Jim Cairns and two colleagues as a way of bringing alternative subcultures together. Last week three ConFest goers, with their chakras freshly aligned and their hearts brimming with love, were driving the long way home when they serendipitously noticed a tiny white being on the side of the road. The strange being was obviously lost, an extraterrestrial desperately trying to find her way home, but which way was that? Continue reading

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Find a Rainbow Day: True Colours


Babette arrived in a shroud of mystery. The phone rang: “is this Edgar’s Mission? There’s a package for you at the gate.” And indeed there was. We rushed to the gate, heads brimming with all possibilities, but we could never have expected anything as precious as what awaited. Four cardboard boxes had been ruggedly, yet lovingly, stuck together and air holes carved in the top, with a note reading “Friends not food. Please save us!” Inside sat Babette and her eight siblings. Continue reading

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Sounder 1

I was just seven years old when William H Armstrong wrote his Newbery Award winning novel, Sounder. But it would be another seven years before I would clasp this novel in my hands and learn of the struggles of African-Americans in nineteenth century America. The fictional story, which relied heavily on fact for an era we wish never existed, carries readers on a journey with an unnamed family and their Bloodhound, Sounder. Experiencing their trials, tribulations, injustice and ultimate healing, I was caused to empathise like never before in all my 14 innocent years. And whilst I wanted to cry for the pain the family and their beloved dog experienced, I desperately wanted to turn around their histories. Experiences such as these have enormous power, way beyond the words printed on the page, to move people and to change them. For when we allow ourselves to be moved by the personal struggles of others, we empathise with them. Moreover, we are awakened to be kinder, more humane and just versions of ourselves.

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Strike me lucky, it’s Mr Maldon!

Mr Maldon 1

The tiny township of Maldon is one of Victoria’s best known gold rush towns. Her wide, tree-lined streets with their historic 19th century buildings and shop fronts are a poignant reminder of this bygone era. It all started in December 1853, when gold was discovered nearby at Cairn Curran, putting Maldon on the map with thousands of eager miners seeking to unearth her riches. The goldfields of the district were named Tarrangower Fields after Mount Tarrangower, of which the township of Maldon sits at its base. Continue reading

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The touch of kindness…

Little Sisters

The Order of the Little Sisters of the Poor was founded in 1846 at Rennes by French nun Jeanne Jugan, known as Sister Mary of the Cross.  Her mission was to care for the elderly and the infirm and in 1885 their Melbourne chapter was opened on a property known as Kinsella’s farm in St George’s Road, Northcote.

Little Sisters

Today Little Sisters of the Poor are renowned for their dedicated love and exemplary care for the elderly in our community and on the 3rd of September, united in kindness, several animal ambassadors from Edgar’s Mission visited the residents.  Throughout the ages the benefits of the animal-human bond have been researched, documented and celebrated and on this day those present were fortunate to witness first hand how gloriously the touch of a gentle sheep and the pat of a perky pig, enriched lives, revived old memories and brought smiles to all.

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Molly Day


On this day two years ago news services across the country relayed one of Australia’s most horrific livestock trucking accidents. On May 31st, 2012 a truck carrying around 400 sheep overturned on a highway overpass whilst turning on to the Princess Freeway at Laverton North causing the animals to rain down on to the freeway below.
It was to be the second time in the space of weeks that a livestock truck had crashed turning on to the Princess Freeway, with tragic consequences.


Whilst ‘miraculously’ no human lives were lost, the animal toll revealed a most different and grisly story. Amidst the carnage, dead sheep were strewn over the gruesome scene as others, some horrifically injured wandered dazed and bloodied about amongst the damaged cars on the busy and dark highway. All were rounded up and either shot at the scene or reloaded to complete their journey to their death. All but one, Molly ‘the unsinkable’ Brown, somehow beat the odds. Read her story here.


So what have we learned? Since this time livestock truck accidents continue to claim the lives of hapless farm animals. Top heavy large vehicles suffering the vagaries of shifting animals, driver fatigue and tight schedules, put not only the animals themselves at risk but also other road users.


Over the years the spotlight of animal concern has shone on the conditions and treatment farm animals face on farms across the country as well as at the slaughterhouses that ultimately takes their lives. Much focus, and just concern, is paid to the untenable and cruel live export industry but little has been done to address this most pressing issue of livestock transport within this country.


Whilst the quest for cheaper food and animal products continues, animals will always pay the ultimate price. But it doesn’t have to be this way; the key to a kinder world for animals rests with us. Every choice we make is a vote for the world we wish to live in. Please, for the sake of all the not so lucky Mollies choose wisely and kindly and watch the seeds of your kindness grown.

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Only butter butters… or does it?


If you are like me, you grew up with the slogan ‘only butter butters!’ This was a clever and catchy marketing ploy by the dairy industry to try and win back consumers as people began shunning butter.  While for some it was due to animal welfare concerns, for most it was health reasons that saw them looking for non-dairy alternatives to grace their daily bread. And so, several manufacturers happily met the market – but it was never quite the same.  Then more recently, margarine too got the flick and breakfast was once again very bland. Very bland that is, until now!  Thanks to the industrious and innovative team of Halfpint Vegan Dairy, we can now have our muffin, jam and butter and eat it too! That’s right, the whizz kids, Sam and Jules have got together and created a taste sensation to rival all others.  Not only have they created mouth-watering butter but also to die for ice creams for those of us who have ditched dairy! Seriously, the ice creams are so creamy and AMAZING; they will have your taste buds doing little cart wheels of love!

So when our Halfpint ‘Butter me up’ spread arrived we couldn’t wait to pop a muffin in the toaster, slap on the butter and jam and be reacquainted with the delicious taste sensation of our ignorant youth. And we weren’t disappointed and we can promise you won’t be either!  Even Hansel agrees!!!

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Shouldn’t it be normal and natural for humans to be kind?

We at Edgar’s Mission are simply blown away that our heart-warming video, Normal and Natural is going viral right now with over 600,000 views worldwide! And that’s just on Facebook! We all have the power to make our world a kinder place for all and hope you will take just a moment of your day to watch 752 rescued ex battery hens spreading their wings, scratching in the dirt and feeling the sun’s rays shine down upon their back for the very first time below:

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A time to be kind

In our youth obsessed material world, oft times the forgotten ones are the more senior members of our community.  But thankfully there are many who argue that age should be no barrier to our compassion, the good fold at Karingal Aged Care in Seymour being in their number.  And last Thursday saw their Christmas Festivities kick off; amidst the mirth, merriment and music, happy farm animals mingled.  “These occasions are just so important to all of us here at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary” said the Founder & Director of this not for profit group, Pam Ahern.  “Farm animals, like the elderly often fall off the radar of many, yet both welcome the caress of human kindness, respond to cheery faces and enjoy mental stimulation.  You only have to look at the happy faces of both the residents and the animals here today to know that our time has been well spent” Continue reading

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A Kind Christmas

It’s December already and that means Christmas is just around the corner. And while Christmas is a time of joy for many, unfortunately for our animal friends, joy is often the last thing Christmas time brings their way. Millions of holiday feasts worldwide see the lives of many fun loving pigs and intelligent turkeys brought to an untimely end in the name of celebration. Leading short lives devoid of sunshine, mental stimulation and kindness, for these creatures there is rarely anything to celebrate at all.

But it does not have to be this way. You have the power to make this Christmas a peaceful, joyous and kind time for all – something to truly celebrate. And so, our Campaign Action for this month is for you to ask yourself, “How kind is my Christmas?”

Click here for some great tips and information to help make this Christmas your kindest one yet!

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An Evening of Kindness

Is Caring for Animals Still a Radical Pursuit? Continue reading

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She’s Walking on Sunshine!

And don’t it feel good! After a little over one week in the care of Edgar’s Mission, we are pleased to report that Sunbeam, the orphaned young calf, is doing very well indeed. After witnessing the motherly bond shared between our very own Pixie and her baby Dixie, it saddens us to know that due to her mother’s passing this is an experience precious Sunbeam will be denied.  Continue reading

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Cure Your Monday Blues With Miss Pompy Do!

“Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”
― Hans Christian Andersen

Pictured: Miss Pompy Do –

“If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others… why wouldn’t we?”

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