Rewriting his life

Today we are giddy with delight as Lambert came home. But it was not a noisy, cramped, open aired livestock carrier that made this possible. Rather our straw filled transport vehicle, carefully navigating each turn to ensure Lambert was as comfortable as possible and never put off his feet, that did.


If you missed Lambert’s arrival, he came into our care in the dying hours of Tuesday just gone. Found by a kind heart who witnessed his brutal handling as he was tossed from a livestock carrier to land in an almost unmoving lump next to his dead companion. As more nervous sheep were unloaded, this courageous passer-by knew just what she had do. Securing Lambert’s release as the words “yeah, you can have it. We’re only going to knock it on the head when we’re finished” were uttered and Lambert’s life was set to be rewritten. Continue reading

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Thank You Cruelty Free Shop


Wow, what a month. Through December our good friends at The Cruelty Free Shop Melbourne made record sales of Edgar’s Mission goodies. We can’t thank Jessica, Paul and the rest of the team enough for their constant and valued support. And a massive thank you to all of you who shop at the Cruelty Free stores and have taken home some cute Edgar’s Mission loot.

Never shopped at a Cruelty Free Shops? They have stores in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra, or you can browse online. Their range is amazing – sooo many tasty treats for you to discover.

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Ain’t no (wheat-bix) mountain high enough!


Lo and behold, this mountain of wheat-bix is more than just a peak of delicious treats to be conquered. This is a mountain of kindness built on the soaring generosity of many. The Brown family, after booking in for a tour, asked for donations on their local Yarra Ranges noticeboard and this was the result.

We still don’t quite understand how they made the expedition – one car, one family and a mountain of wheat-bix – but so they did. Massive thank yous to the Brown family and the rest of the cohort of intrepid explorers who worked together to make this mountain of kindness.

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A Christmas Carol to dream of

Cold, alone and in a barren place a bewildered sow gave birth to seven tiny piglets. In such an inhospitable of circumstance, it would be a miracle if any would survive and by daybreak only three had. As our rescue team set off a straw filled stable was readied for their arrival. Gentle yet scared, the new mum anxiously followed the crate into which we had placed her surviving babies. Safely ensconced in our float, we were Edgar’s Mission bound but not before the not-so-fortunate ones too were gathered up for burial at the sanctuary, it was the only kindness we could now offer them. Continue reading

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Kind kids

School of Good Shepherd

Having compassionate role models in the lives of young people is critical for raising individuals who are possessed of both empathy and a drive for positive social change. With this in mind, we were more than delighted to deliver a thought-provoking and empowerment-creating presentation to the year 2 students of the Winter’s Flat Primary School recently. Whilst Edgar’s Mission Founder and Director, Pam Ahern, spoke eloquently of the importance of kindness for all animals and the intriguing emotional world of farmed animals, it was Yolanda-Sally Pumpernickel Jewell (Lolly to her buddies) and Little Miss Sunshine Hen who stole the show, winning the hearts and minds of the students.

School of Good Shepherd-2

To arrange for the Edgar’s Mission humane education team to visit your school, workplace or community group, or even better, to arrange a humane education visit for your group to the sanctuary, please email [email protected] Continue reading

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The sum of us


Motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. And if this is true, we here at Edgar’s Mission feel we are in good company indeed. The reality is, most of us who work at the sanctuary spend the better part of our days alongside our animal residents and one cannot complain when surrounded by such qualities as forgiveness, gentleness, a sense of adventure, endless optimism and contentment.

Pam Continue reading

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Avant Card


Look who’s showing her beautiful face all around Victoria, our very own Delores De Pig. This is thanks to our friends at Avant Card, who have so kindly donated a print run. We just love them. Continue reading

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It’s the little things that count….

Ivanhoe Grammar

Whilst the year 2 students from Ivanhoe Grammar may have been small in stature their enquiring minds were not.  Having well studied all of the animals at Edgar’s Mission prior to their excursion to the Sanctuary on Thursday 20th of October, their enquiring minds showed a depth of understanding beyond their tender years.  After hearing a thought provoking presentation from sanctuary Founder and Director, Pam Ahern, a fun and engaging farm tour by Kyle gave the students a chance to get up close and personal with many of the animals they had come to know and love via the internet.

If you know of a school, community group or workplace who would like to visit Edgar’s Mission please drop us a line [email protected]

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How are you making a difference?

Make A Difference

Today is World Make a Difference Day and we want to know how you’re making a difference. All around the globe amazing humans with hearts of gold are making the world a kinder place in so many ways. If you’re a little stuck and looking for inspiration, you could start by helping someone out of a pickle or donating to a great cause, and one of the most powerful ways you can make a difference for animals is to leave them off your plate.

So, if you haven’t already, you can make a world of difference today; it only takes one act, one kind word or gesture. And please don’t forget to share your story by telling us what you’re doing to make a world of difference.

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The world can become a kinder place for animals …

We humans can overpower animals in so many ways, but we can also choose to be kind to them. While Custard’s memory of her birth mother may begin to dim, we will never forget the heartache as she was taken from her, and we extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the good folk at Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary for so readily opening their barn doors to this innocent little baby.

Our greatest hope for a humane and just world for all rests in the fact that things can change. Please help change the world for the better—be kind to animals. It really is that simple.

“If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?”

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Scouting for Kindness

Strathmore Scouts

The Strathmore Cubs earned badges of kindness when they visited Edgar’s Mission on the 22nd of September. After holding their own Wheet-Bix Drive they arrived with a pile of these delicious treats for our residents, many of whom they got to meet on their tour.

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Be Kind To Animals Week

Today it is World Farmed Animal’s Day.  Sit back, as we invite you to enjoy some of our amazing farmed animal friends who are fortunate enough to live here at Edgar’s Mission.  To find out more about Be Kind To Animals Week, jump on the website

Max Continue reading

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Out on the range …


While out on duty earlier this week, a local animal control ranger was contacted in regards to a ewe who was experiencing a difficult birth. Sadly, the ewe did not make it, but a newborn lamb did. The bleak future that was on offer for this little babe was something this kind-hearted ranger refused to accept. Not long thereafter, “Ranger”, as he has been named, with his still-wet umbilical cord, was surrendered into our care and life-enhancing colostrum was delivered to his sweet little lips. And, reciprocating our kindness, Ranger was only too quick to offer us sweet kisses of appreciation.

So when next time you are out on the range, be like our dear Ranger and ensure kindness for animals is firmly on your horizon. Continue reading

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Teaching kind

Catholic Regional College

Thursday August 18, saw twenty plus intrepid students from the Catholic Regional College in North Keilor trek north up the Calder Highway to Edgar’s Mission. What followed was a thought provoking day filled with questions, kindness and animal hugs. What more could an inquiring mind want! If you too would love an excursion to Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary please contact [email protected] to arrange a visit.

Catholic Regional College Continue reading

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Prince Harry—the King of Hearts


On Sunday 21 August, little Harry Lamb came into our lives. This week-old wee fellow presented us with a challenge like no other. Despite being pitifully thin, with his spine forming a sharp ridge running the length of his back, his belly was grossly and abnormally engorged. We had learned that the Victorian farmer who was charged with Harry and his mum’s care had noticed Harry wasn’t putting on weight as any healthy young lamb should, so Harry and his mum were shedded for extra feeding and to keep a firm eye on the two. On closer inspection—and due to Harry’s condition deteriorating, despite all the extra care—the problem became painfully obvious. Harry had been born without an anus; a condition that is known as atresia ani. It is a congenital condition where the membrane separating the rectum and anus fails to rupture. To put it simply, Harry had been unable to poop since birth, leading to a massive build-up of gas and faeces inside him. Crying out in excruciating pain was Harry when he was surrendered into our care. It was one of the most heart-wrenching sights we have ever witnessed. Continue reading

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Prince Harry – the King of Hearts

There can be known doubt little Harry captivates all who come into his realm.  Watch this inspiring clip of Harry showing his appreciation to his rescuer and the amazing veterinary team who saved his life.

Heartstring warning: you’ll need tissues Continue reading

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You mean the world to me…


The last words I said to little Harry as he was whisked off for life-saving surgery were “come home soon little buddy; you mean the world to me.” And it would seem that Harry, the week old lamb born without an anus, is heeding them. Continue reading

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Update on Harry


9.32pm. We have just spoken with Harry’s attending surgeon who has advised the little fella has survived the extensive surgery.  This surgery was to correct his congenital birth deformity of having no functioning anus.  Whilst he is far from out of the woods and his condition remains critical he is no longer experiencing the agonising pain he was when he was surrendered into our care.  He will remain on intravenous fluids and be monitored throughout the night.  Although still fearfully weak, Harry is alive, much loved and thanks to you all has a fighting chance.

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Wilmington: a story of redemption


We have all had important teachers in our lives, ones who have guided us and inspired us. While for most people these teachers have been human, for me, animals have been my teachers. And for me, my most important teacher was a dashing, debonair, handsome, witty, wise, charismatic and incredible pig I came to love and adore, named Edgar Alan Pig.

For, let’s call her “Sally”, one of her most important teachers was a sheep named Wilmington. I’ll let “Sally” pick up the story.

“More than 20 years ago my ex and I bought a rural shop which came with a pet sheep. Her name was Wilmington, and she was a nuisance, always wanting attention that I didn’t have time to give. I had meat-eater blinkers on about her back then, as it was before I became vegetarian and stopped seeing animals as nothing more than food. My ex had a friend who suggested we let him take Wilmington away and turn her into a lot of free meals and I let it happen. It was not until I looked at the meat he gave us and contrasted it with the last time I saw her, so proud of herself for figuring out how to get the gate open—AGAIN—that I really realised what a terrible thing we had done. I couldn’t cook the meat, or eat it, and doing that to her remains one of the biggest regrets of my life to this day. Continue reading

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Bumping in to BUPA

BUPA Kyneton-17

Bumping into BUPA Kyneton last Tuesday were a cheeky little goat named Steady Eddie and a woolly sheep named Timmy. Tagging along for good measure were their human folk from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary in Lancefield.

While the affable Eddie was more interested in checking out people’s shoes and anything else remotely edible, the anything but sheepish Timmy enjoyed a good old back scratch.  There could be no doubt that the happy faces, busy hands and lively discussions, all provoked by the animals, confirmed what our hearts know – animals unite us, they calm us and make us feel good. And as Eddie and Timmy so poignantly confirmed, this is a two-way street. It goes to show that regardless of age or species we all welcome, need and cherish kindness.

BUPA Kyneton-15

Oh and a special and heart-warming note, check out the lady in the pink sweater and her friend in the turquoise twin set. These two, with their special friendship stole our hearts.

BUPA Kyneton-8   Continue reading

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Hope for a kinder world…


Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting an incredible young man who had just turned 13. Instead of treating himself to all sorts of wonders, Jack determined that his $200 birthday money could be better spent looking after rescued farmed animals at his favorite sanctuary, Edgar’s Mission. Thank you so much Jack, we trust your day was as grand as you!

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Kind kids

Malborough Primary School-2 

A huge shout out of thanks to the fine young minds of the Out of School Care Program from Marlborough Primary School in Heathmont.   Celebrating kindness and our sheepies love of wheetbix, a stash of these delicious treats came our way recently.  In collecting the booty Edgar’s Mission Founder and Director, Pam Ahern, praised the students initiative to make a difference in the life of another; “it is wonderful to see these young individuals so committed to enriching the lives of animals.  Their selfless gestures remind us all that each and every one of us can, through simple acts of kindness make the world a better place those less fortunate” Continue reading

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Thank you Ava


Ava, we want to thank you for raising $115 for the resident animals here at Edgar’s Mission. Thank you for using your elbow grease to give massages to your parents and their friends for gold coin donations, and for making and selling paper flowers and butterflies. But most of all, thank you for your kind and generous heart – at only 8 years old you’re already showing the world just how beautiful people can be, inside and out.

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Teaching kind

St Columbus

Not even the gloomy weather could dampen the enthusiasm of 22 intrepid students from St Columba’s College on their recent visit to Edgar’s Mission.  Taking in a farm tour, that included lots of pat and cuddles, and a thought provoking presentation on just what it means to be kind meant the students had plenty of life defining thinking for the holiday period.

If you too would like to arrange a school visit of Edgar’s Mission, we would love to hear from you. Continue reading

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Max and his BFF


Check out Max with his new BFF, North Melbourne Football Club’s Jarrad Waite, in todays Herald Sun!

Watch the special Nine News report when Jarrad and Jackie visited Edgar’s Mission here.

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What the world needs now…

Vasey House_-18

Bringing together two of the most vulnerable groups in our society; the elderly and animals, has so many benefits for both as was seen last Tuesday when ‘the cuteness overload’ kid goats, Marigold, and Daisy, ‘the getting steadier by the day’ Eddie and ‘the inimitable and affable’ Timmy Sheep, made their way (aided by the human contingent of Edgar’s Mission) to Vasey House Aged Care in Bundoora.

Vasey House_-21 

Watching smiles erupt and fingers come to life, as animals were stroked and kind hearts stoked, these are special moments in life.  Indeed animals and the elderly have so much in common; both are often forgotten, considered too much trouble or have their emotional needs denied as they become mute witnesses to human indifference.  But thankfully it is not always this way; change is afoot as the events of this day remind us that what the world needs right now is that little bit more kindness.  And each and every one of us can contribute to that goal.

Vasey House_-16 Continue reading

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A day in the life …

June 15-3

People often ask us what our daily life entails here at Edgar’s Mission. And whilst the answer entails much feeding, cleaning and cuddling, there exists a fair degree of unpredictability as the day rolls on and the calls come in. Today was no different; however, the degree of unpredictability seemed to be on steroids.

First up, a little kid goat was in urgent need of care and kindness (warning: cuteness alert number one). A forever home had been found for two of our long-term resident horses and two of our rescued hens (oh, how it makes our hearts sing when we find these special homes). A determined Dorper ewe who arrived pregnant at our sanctuary decided today was the day to let loose on the world her adorable twin lambs (warning: cuteness alert number two). Continue reading

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Operation Red Hen

On the 16th of May 2016, while many sat down for their evening meal, the Edgar’s Mission rescue team swung into gear. Their mission was simple: to save as many hens as possible.

Continue reading

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Molly Day


On this day, May 31st, 2012 a truck carrying some 400 sheep crashed on a busy overpass of the Metropolitan Ring Road, just outside of Melbourne. The accident caused many of the hapless animals to rain down on the cars passing below. Dead, dazed and injured sheep made for a horrific sight, as speeding cars crashed into them. Continue reading

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Page Three Girl

Ruby Herld Sun

Hey, look who’s a page three girl in today’s Herald Sun! Our very own Vet Nurse Ruby and remember lambs are for lovin’ not the oven!

Ruby Herld Sun Continue reading

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