Dental Day!

Edgars Mission -_-45

It’s smiles all round for our elderly horse trio after they received dental treatments yesterday, thanks to our Five Dollar Friday Community. With our local equine vet examining, cleaning and filing away, our minds are at ease knowing Brian, Dianne and Beryl are receiving the very best treatment and the preventative care they deserve throughout their golden years.

Our Five Dollar Friday Community is a kindness army of compassionate supporters who, for the price of a soy latte each week, enable this arm of our work. If you too would like to be a part of the team keeping our animal residents smiling, please check out today.

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A beautiful moment

Carol - Animals share with us (1)

And how privileged are we to witness the special bonds between Carol and her piglets. Seeing Carol nurture her precious babies is enough to warm our souls.

You can watch Carol’s heartwarming arrival video here.

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Shaun is rapt!

Shaun Blog 1

“So how’s Shaun today?” We asked our animal carers. The answer was simple; Shaun is two things. One, he is rapt, and the other, well, he is shorn. Now you could say Shaun is rapt because he is shorn, and granted having 15 kilos of burdensome fleece removed from one’s self is cause for great joy, but we reckon Shaun is pretty rapt because he is with sheepy buddies and enjoying all the ingredients of a good life for a sheep. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

May your Christmas too be kind.  From our furred, feathered and fleeced family to yours, wishing you a happy and healthy festive season.  We thank you for your love, support, donations and kindness in 2015.

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A Piggy Tribute to Happiness Happens Day

Happy Pigs

The 8th of August marks Happiness Happens Day. If you’re not smiling already, let us bring joy to your jowls with some infectious happiness.

A day in the life of the pigs at Edgar’s Mission begins with rousing from a straw-filled barn slumber, stretching limbs atop dainty trotters and readying the snout for some hearty digging. After an early morning mud muzzle and short slouch alongside a best friend or two, it’s breakfast time, and not a moment too soon.

Happy Pigs

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy sharing a meal with friends, Albert Einswine, Delores De Pig and Captain Jack always leave those pesky manners at the door for such an occasion. These three have a close bond, which is no surprise considering before being rescued by Edgar’s Mission they all tried their trotters at life on the run and wound up in suburban pound lock-ups. Continue reading

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Baby Animals and their Stuffed Surrogates


You may never have given it a second thought, but stuffed toys are the unsung heroes of our baby animal rescues. Orphaned lambs, piglets and kids all find comfort from snuggling against the frumpy creatures. For them they become surrogate mothers and provide the constant companionship vital in those first few days – they can make all the difference when life is teetering so uncomfortably close to the edge.

So without further ado, here is our tribute to the slumping yet steadfast heroes to countless orphaned animals. We’ve put together a selection of the cutest baby animals and their surrogates: Continue reading

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Pam: “Hey, Tiger, do you know where all the pumpkins went?”

Tiger: “Who me?”

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Party Pig!

So Leon, what do you want for your birthday?

Your very own orchestra? Tick

Your very own Birthday cake? Tick

People to dance around and have fun? Tick

People to realise pigs are for lovin, not the oven? We’re working hard on that one…

People to donate $10 to your Birthday Bucks Bash?  Your answer goes here J

Please help little Leon celebrate his first birthday, something so very few farm pigs ever get to do.  And in true Leon style, he will ensure that all his piggy pals here at Edgar’s Mission enjoy the spoils.

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Saturday Smiles

If this video makes you smile please share it with everyone you know because happiness is meant to be shared :) Happy #SaturdaySmiles love Marshmallow and her mum Marcia!

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Showering Pigs With Kindness

Check out our fun new video of Polly, Captain Jack Sparrow, Albert Einswine and Snuffles cooling off with the help of Pam and the hose! Be sure to wait for 35 seconds in!! TOO CUTE! :)


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2013 Year In Review

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Piglet Party

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Operation Charlotte’s Web (Video)

We dubbed it Operation Charlotte’s Web however on the 28th of September 2013 we quickly realised the task before us was more like a scene from Mission Impossible…

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Life Has its Ups and Downs- Meet Yo Yo!


The devoted and loving bleats of her mother welcomed Yo Yo into the world as she gently licked clean her newborn but from here on in life certainly gave this little kid goat plenty of ups and downs.  We are not exactly sure what circumstances caused Yo Yo to be in need of a helping human to hand rear her but whatever the cause, the separation from her mother would no doubt have been traumatic. Like all mammals, goats form strong and lasting bonds with their offspring.  Young kid goats will come to rely on their mother, not only for sustenance but for the teaching of important life lessons.  With humans coming to the aid of the hapless Yo Yo things were swinging fine for the first year of her life but despite no goaty company, she could not deny her caprine roots and unfortunately, young children became the target of her cheeky antics.  Sadly a quick (and albeit ill-conceived) solution was sought that saw the hapless Yo Yo pass hands yet again and her fate looked sealed to see her become a Sunday roast.  With life nearly hitting rock bottom Yo Yo’s luck was to suddenly be yerked north when her plight was overheard by a kindly neighbour.  With a steely resolve to save dear Yo Yo, a mission of mercy set forth and a confused little black sweet hearted goat arrived at our gates this morning. Continue reading

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Animal magnetism

‘To befriend Pam Ahern, it might help to be a Landrace pig.’ Pick up your copy of today’s Sunday Age, Sydney Morning Herald or Canberra Times to read the full feature on Edgar’s Mission Founder and Director, Pam Ahern :)

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Thanks a Million!

National Volunteer Week begins today, May 13 – Celebrating volunteers and volunteerism in Australia, and with more than 6 million Australians lending willing hands we here at Edgar’s Mission would like to say ‘thanks a million for making everything we do possible’.

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Mother’s Day

What better way to end Mother’s Day than with a letter a kind soul has passed on to me, I have to share it with you all. I am touched beyond belief, to not only have had such a special pig in my life but to have such a wonderful friend. – Pam

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What Edgar’s Mission Means to Me…

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International Respect for Chickens Day

This International Respect for Chickens Day please take a moment to view some of our favourite chicken photos from the year this by clicking here.

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A Girl’s Best Friend – Meet Teresa

Her name is Teresa. She is my best friend, my companion, my confidante and one of my greatest teachers. As I work away at my desk throughout the day, she sits by my side, forever my constant in an ever-chaotic world, where the cruelty that occurs sometimes threatens to overwhelm those who strive for a kinder future. Often Teresa will cheekily make her way up onto my lap and, although I am sure this greatly slows the progress of whatever task I happen to be working upon, I will allow her to remain there and will do my best to tap away at the keyboard around her, buoyed by the knowledge that she seeks out my affection and that our friendship is as much of a comfort to her as it is to me.

The sight of Teresa when I greet her first thing in the morning buoys my spirit in a way that nothing or no one else can. When I call out her name, she will come running from whatever spot in the yard has been entertaining her during my absence, as fast as her legs will carry her. Coming to a screeching halt in front of me, sometimes colliding unceremoniously with my legs if she forgets to hit the brakes early enough, it is then time for my morning ritual of giving Teresa a quick cuddle and scratch before proffering some of her favourite treats, lest she be overcome with the gastronomic anticipation of the taste sensation that awaits her. Continue reading

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Hay Ewe!

A big shout out of thanks to all our wonderful supporters who so kindly donated to our hay feeder and hay appeal.


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All I Want for Christmas is YOU

As the calendar inches closer to 2013 and New Year’s resolutions are planned, I wish to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you most sincerely for your support. Whether you assisted us through donations, volunteering or sharing kind words, it has truly touched our hearts and made a difference.  I cannot tell you how much it means to me to know that the legacy of one pig, one incredible and amazing pig, not only touches the lives of so many but inspires them to do so much for animals.  Edgar, my Edgar.

Without you we would not have been able to achieve so much in 2012 and moreover it gives me great confidence to surge ahead with the planned expansion of Edgar’s Mission in the years to come.  Not only will we be able to cater for more animals but our outreach work will be able to touch even more hearts and change even more minds about farmed animals.

Animals like Molly Brown, Blossom, Spider Pig, Othello and almost 2,000 others were offered a second chance at life in 2012 because of Edgar’s Mission.  Students throughout Victoria were given an opportunity to turn a new page on the way they think about farmed animals through our humane education program. The elderly and people with disabilities have had their lives enriched simply by touching a friendly sheep, watching a clever pig or holding a gentle chicken and literally thousands of other visitors passed through our farm gates, each and every one touched by the stories of our wonderful rescued residents.

I would like to wish you all the happiest of festive seasons. May it be joyful and merry and, above all else, may it be kind. I very much look forward to you being a part of Edgar’s Mission as our journey continues in 2013.

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Working Dog

Someone told Ruby she was a ‘working dog’ :)

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Thanks to the kindness of strangers

With thanks to the kindness of strangers, meet Princess Midnight and her buddy, Ringo.

Being homeless is something we could all well imagine is not too much fun. Even more so when you are alone, young, vulnerable and a farm animal.  While their circumstances differed, their plights did not; little Princess Midnight and Ringo had no safe place to call home.  And in a world that would otherwise have seen them be somebody’s dinner, their future was anything but bright.  Ringo’s bubbly personality shining bright saw a kind individual come forward to offer him sanctuary. But sadly, a bad turn of events saw his saviour too become homeless.  One of the great differences between humans in need and animals in need is that we have a voice with which to speak out. We have the ability to ask for help in a way that others can understand. But animals like Ringo do not.  While a friend’s couch awaited Ringo’s Good Samaritan, it sadly wasn’t big enough for a perky little goat.  A call to Edgar’s Mission was made and one of our Samaritan’s challenges was eased. Continue reading

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Saturday Smiles – Fiona

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Saturday Smiles – Dr Seuss

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Saturday Smiles – Kenny

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I See You

Left for dead by the side of the road, little Melvin is lucky to be alive today.  Found on a pile of rotting corpses the non-ambulatory little sheep could barely  move.  Yet somehow his feeble cry touched not only the ears but the heart of a council worker who was driving heavy machinery nearby.  Clinging to life, the wide eyed Melvin spent several weeks in a quickly fashioned sling.  Showering all the love he and his wife could muster, the council worker believed that while Melvin’s spirit remained strong so too would their assistance.  Small handfuls of grass and grains made their way to the tiny shrunken stomach of Melvin, each day seeing him grow stronger.  Soon it was the family’s pug dogs who offered Melvin barks of encouragement as they raced about, daring a game of chase.

It wasn’t long before Melvin’s recovery had outgrown his suburban digs, and his carers, wanting the best for their sheepy friend, sought Edgar’s Mission’s assistance.  At first Melvin was, well a little sheepish.  Still not 100% it wasn’t just his confidence that was lacking but it wasn’t too long before the delicious scent of wheetbix had claimed another prisoner and Melvin had lots of reasons to live.  Melvin’s friendly disposition quickly came to the fore and before long he was being a most humble ambassador to new arrivals at the sanctuary.  One of his charges became Molly, the sole survivor of a horrific truck accident.

And today Melvin was visited by his savoir.  ‘Do you think he will remember me?’ The chap asked as we walked up the path to Melvin and his new buddies.   Gently nibbling a wheetbix from the hand that saved his life Melvin showed himself to have blossomed into a fine strapping young merino wether.  Several tender minutes were spent before work beckoned the Good Samaritan away.  Did Melvin recognize the man?  I didn’t believe he did, after all Melvin gets many visitors these days.  But as we made our way down the path the chap called back ‘see you matey’ Melvin looked up, no he didn’t just look up, he looked into the guy’s eyes and I have no doubt he recognised his friend and the lump in my throat just ballooned.


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Kindness Kids

The fabulous five was the nickname lovingly bestowed on the 1991 University of Michigan’s men’s basketball team comprising of Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson. The fab five became legendary, creating a sense of pride and hope for their fans. The Edgar’s Mission fab five; Chris, Jalen, Juwan, Jimmy and Ray are five wee orphan kid goats who arrived here today. Bewildered and confused they cried out for the mothers they will never see again and around the clock care they will need to get them through the next couple of critical weeks. Unsure of their pasts, we only know we can shape the best future possible for them. Fortunate are they that we had recently ordered in a very large bag of special infant formula in anticipation of winter orphans. And before too long they will be in need of castration, but no brutal rubber rings for these little guys. Despite the added expense we insist on the most humane surgical castration, complete with pain relief. We take a keen sense of pride in the care we are able to afford all our orphans, knowing we are their only hope for a better life.

If you would like to sponsor our Fab Five Kindness Kids your one off payment will kick start their new lives and you will receive a special presentation folder including their photo and kindness certificate. Continue reading

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Hope and Monique

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