A Piggy Tribute to Happiness Happens Day

Happy Pigs

The 8th of August marks Happiness Happens Day. If you’re not smiling already, let us bring joy to your jowls with some infectious happiness.

A day in the life of the pigs at Edgar’s Mission begins with rousing from a straw-filled barn slumber, stretching limbs atop dainty trotters and readying the snout for some hearty digging. After an early morning mud muzzle and short slouch alongside a best friend or two, it’s breakfast time, and not a moment too soon.

Happy Pigs

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy sharing a meal with friends, Albert Einswine, Delores De Pig and Captain Jack always leave those pesky manners at the door for such an occasion. These three have a close bond, which is no surprise considering before being rescued by Edgar’s Mission they all tried their trotters at life on the run and wound up in suburban pound lock-ups. Continue reading

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Seed & Soil Sunday – Growing celery from celery

Who said you need to buy seeds or seedlings to grow your own veggies!?

Did you know you can regrow a complete celery from the piece you would normally cut off and throw away? Its easy, its quick and it saves you buying seeds. Here’s how:  Continue reading

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Coconut Veggie Pots

Ever wondered what to do with an empty coconut shell? Well we have the answer! It all came about after enjoying a delicious lunch served inside a coconut shell filled with banana, sunflower seeds, pepitas, nuts and cinnamon at the Sustainable Living Festival earlier this year. Next thing I knew we were home bound with three coconut shells waiting to join the Edgar’s Mission vegetable garden.

Every Sunday we will share with you some fun and simple ideas to grow veggies in the comfort of your own backyard and this is one of my all-time favourites – Coconut Veggie Pots. After enjoying a delicious and nutritious coconut simply drill a couple of holes through the bottom of the shell for water drainage, fill with soil and either pop in a seedling or sprinkle some seeds – it really is that simple! When the shell starts to decompose simply plant it into the ground and as it breaks down it will add many nutrients to the soil around it.

If you missed last weeks idea – check out the Straw Bale Veggie Beds.

Send us a pic of your best veggie garden idea and we might feature it in the weeks to come, simply email Kyle.

Enjoy your Seed & Soil Sunday, Kyle

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Straw Bale Veggie Beds

Its spring! And that means its time to get those vegetable gardens going. You don’t need a lot of space to grow your own veggies and over the next few weeks we will be showing you some fun ideas you can do at home to create your own edible garden. This week we will be creating a straw bale veggie bed. Straw bale gardens can come in all shapes and sizes and are one of the easiest, cheapest and quickest ways to make a vegetable bed. Using a straw bale has quite a few added benefits – as they decompose they create compost, as the straw breaks down it can be used for mulch, and they are very easy to replace.

What you need:

  • A straw bale, or two (for some good quality straw contact Ian on 0438944422)
  • Organic potting mix or compost
  • Mattock or digging tool
  • Organic seeds (I buy my seeds from Green Harvest and Eden Seeds)
  • Watering can
What to do:

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Giant Zuchini!


Forgot to check the zucchini patch for a couple of weeks… this is what we just found!! Piggies are going to looooove these :)

There are thousands of websites about how to grow your own fruit and vegetables! Just Google ‘Growing Organic Vegetables’ and let the fun begin :)

For your chance to win a 2012 Edgar’s Mission Calendar simply email Kyle, or leave a comment below with your guess of how much the Giant Zuchinni weighs!

Hint ** It is a weight between 0 and 10kg :) It is also a Prime number and a Fibonacci number! :)

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