CCTV in Slaughterhouses

Last year Australians were shocked and appalled by the images of horrific animal brutality in Indonesian slaughterhouses. Still reeling from this they were horrified to recently learn Australia too was guilty of failing to protect animals from cruelty in abattoirs. Both in Gippsland, Victoria and Hawkesbury, NSW, footage has emerged of workers abusing animals and showing scant regard for their suffering.

Abattoirs by their very nature are not nice places for animals or people. Far removed from caring eyes, we cannot be certain these were isolated instances, for this reason it is imperative that CCTV’s are installed in all abattoirs and that the footage and facilities are audited by independent third parties.

If you would like to lend your support to this campaign please download this petition calling for the installation of closed circuit televisions in all slaughterhouses. As this is a state by state issue and the downloadable petition has been designed to be presented in the legislative assembly of Victoria you will need to tailor the petition for your own personal circumstances. In order for the petition to reflect this it will need to be addressed to either the legislative assembly or legislative council in the state/territory where you live. To determine whether your petition addresses the legislative assembly or council, please contact a member of parliament in your state/territory and ask that they table the completed petitions for you; they do not have to be the representative for your electorate. Then insert either council or assembly depending on which representative has agreed to assist you. Perhaps try one you know or one you feel is sympathetic to the cause. To find a parliamentary representatives for your state or territory click here.

If you have trouble in preparing your petition please contact us for assistance.

Please note ACT residents, there are no slaughterhouses in the ACT.

Notes for presenting petitions.

Petitioners must reside in the state where the petition is being tabled. Signatories must write clearly and include a full address, either postal or residential along with postcode and signature. One does not have to be over 18 years to sign or on the electoral role but they must be clearly aware of the issue. It is also wise to ensure minors have parental consent to do so.