Our Content

The photographs, videos and text that appear on our website,, and social media accounts including, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube form part of our campaign on behalf of farmed animals. The photographs, videos and text, our “content”, remain the exclusive property of Edgar’s Mission and are protected under Australian and International Copyright Laws.

We make our content available for the use of others who wish to advance the cause of farm animals and create a better understanding of these sentient beings. Our content must not be used for any purpose that promotes the consumption or use of animals or animal products.

Our content may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without the express permission of Edgar’s Mission. This includes, but is not limited to, editing or adding text or graphics of any kind to our photographs or videos.

Further, our content cannot be used to ask for donations or fundraise for any individual, group or organisation other than Edgar’s Mission. Where our content has been used, Edgar’s Mission must be credited in full along with a link back to our website and/or social media account.

To seek permission to use our content please contact us.

Your Content

We love inviting our friends from near and far on tours around the property to meet some of our many residents and learn about what we do. While at Edgar’s Mission any content, including photographs or videos taken by you, our guests and volunteers, can be used for personal use only, thus not for commercial or any other use.

If you have taken photographs or any other content and wish to use or share it beyond your own personal circles or for a special project, we ask that you contact us for permission first.