October Competition

For your chance to win a 2013 Edgar’s Mission Calendar simply leave a comment with a funny caption or email us. Winner announced in October Trottings! Good luck!

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Goodnight Grandpa Chook

One of the saddest things in life is that so often we never know when it is the last time.  For perhaps if we did, we would be able to cherish that moment just that little bit longer, love that little bit harder and linger just that little bit longer.  Last night I kissed Grandpa Chook on the head, told him I loved him and gently placed him beside his lady, Teresa Chook, in the bed they shared next to my desk.  But I didn’t know it would be the last time.

This morning I awoke to a somewhat off-colour Grandpa Chook.  The plucky little guy who I had saved from a school yard animal farm just wasn’t himself.  I picked him up, cradling him in my arms and asked, “What’s up Grandpa?”.  He cooed a response as he always did when I chatted to him, but something wasn’t quite right.  You know that feeling you get when someone you love and know so well isn’t 100%; something that would be indiscernible to a stranger? I offered him some grains from my hand which he unenthusiastically pecked at, preferring to snuggle in for a cuddle while I then tapped away at the computer. Continue reading

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Coconut Veggie Pots

Ever wondered what to do with an empty coconut shell? Well we have the answer! It all came about after enjoying a delicious lunch served inside a coconut shell filled with banana, sunflower seeds, pepitas, nuts and cinnamon at the Sustainable Living Festival earlier this year. Next thing I knew we were home bound with three coconut shells waiting to join the Edgar’s Mission vegetable garden.

Every Sunday we will share with you some fun and simple ideas to grow veggies in the comfort of your own backyard and this is one of my all-time favourites – Coconut Veggie Pots. After enjoying a delicious and nutritious coconut simply drill a couple of holes through the bottom of the shell for water drainage, fill with soil and either pop in a seedling or sprinkle some seeds – it really is that simple! When the shell starts to decompose simply plant it into the ground and as it breaks down it will add many nutrients to the soil around it.

If you missed last weeks idea – check out the Straw Bale Veggie Beds.

Send us a pic of your best veggie garden idea and we might feature it in the weeks to come, simply email Kyle.

Enjoy your Seed & Soil Sunday, Kyle

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Saturday Smiles – Dr Seuss

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Straw Bale Veggie Beds

Its spring! And that means its time to get those vegetable gardens going. You don’t need a lot of space to grow your own veggies and over the next few weeks we will be showing you some fun ideas you can do at home to create your own edible garden. This week we will be creating a straw bale veggie bed. Straw bale gardens can come in all shapes and sizes and are one of the easiest, cheapest and quickest ways to make a vegetable bed. Using a straw bale has quite a few added benefits – as they decompose they create compost, as the straw breaks down it can be used for mulch, and they are very easy to replace.

What you need:

  • A straw bale, or two (for some good quality straw contact Ian on 0438944422)
  • Organic potting mix or compost
  • Mattock or digging tool
  • Organic seeds (I buy my seeds from Green Harvest and Eden Seeds)
  • Watering can
What to do:

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Saturday Smiles – Kenny

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Alan Marshall -still tackling those puddles

A healthy, vibrant and happy Alan Marshall today gambols about his yard, his trusty sidekick Frank Sinatra not too far behind (or is it in front?).  It is hard to tell these days which way will be their next move as they have become so fleet of foot they would make any basketballer proud.  Alan’s eye operation to correct the entroprion condition that has ailed him since birth is now a distant memory.  It had been hoped that this operation could have been avoided with the daily massaging, ointment three times a day and good hydration we dutifully showered upon him.  But sadly all three, along with our prayers failed.  Alan’s eyelids, despite showing a slight encouraging yield to our efforts, remained a source of defiant annoyance and irritation as the inward turning lashes brushed against his eye. Continue reading

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Can you lend a hand?

Someone once said that the best place to find a helping hand, is at the end of your own arm.

And so I write to you all in the hope that you can do just that, and lend a much needed helping hand to Pam and all the residents at Edgar’s Mission. Continue reading

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September Competition

For your chance to win a 2013 Edgar’s Mission Calendar simply leave a comment with a funny caption or email us. Winner announced in July Trottings! Good luck!

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Woodleigh College visits Edgar’s Mission

On August 20th students from Woodleigh College visited Edgar’s Mission for a presentation and tour of the farm to meet the rescued residents. Learn more about our Joining The Dots program.

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