Jessie’s Girl

Meet Jessie’s Girl!

It doesn’t get much cuter than this!  You may remember dear little Jessie Pony, who trotted into our hearts last December after spending much time on the run.  Finding sanctuary, unlimited love, trust and kindness at Edgar’s Mission proved not only to be life saving for Jessie, today it also proved to be life giving.  A tiny little bundle of black and white cuteness greeted us on our morning rounds and confirmed our suspicions that Jessie’s ever growing belly was more than just a legacy of the good feed she has been receiving. Continue reading

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Curious yet cautious

Curious yet cautious, sheep and personalities inching to the fore.  Little Spartacus, with a stamp of his foot is the first to defiantly step forward and accept the inviting scent of wheetbix and he is hooked.  Sheepishly Mark Anthony makes his way forward while Mascara, with his handsomely black rimmed eye castes an uncertain sideways glance towards the Lady in the Hat and the 20 La Trobe sheep begin settling into their new home.  Josh Thomas and Lehmo  playing with a cheeky chicken while Portia Piglet decides to play ‘Babe’, leading one sheep to be christened Farmer Hogget as he offered an encouraging ‘good pig’ in Portia’s direction.  Looking at the bright innocent faces it is not hard to see how a group of University Students became galvanized into action to save these fellows from their predetermined fate.  While some are yet to be blessed with a name the first day of the rest of their lives comes to an end their days of being a number are over for they are someone not something.

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Thanks to the kindness of strangers

With thanks to the kindness of strangers, meet Princess Midnight and her buddy, Ringo.

Being homeless is something we could all well imagine is not too much fun. Even more so when you are alone, young, vulnerable and a farm animal.  While their circumstances differed, their plights did not; little Princess Midnight and Ringo had no safe place to call home.  And in a world that would otherwise have seen them be somebody’s dinner, their future was anything but bright.  Ringo’s bubbly personality shining bright saw a kind individual come forward to offer him sanctuary. But sadly, a bad turn of events saw his saviour too become homeless.  One of the great differences between humans in need and animals in need is that we have a voice with which to speak out. We have the ability to ask for help in a way that others can understand. But animals like Ringo do not.  While a friend’s couch awaited Ringo’s Good Samaritan, it sadly wasn’t big enough for a perky little goat.  A call to Edgar’s Mission was made and one of our Samaritan’s challenges was eased. Continue reading

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Saturday Smiles – Fiona

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Born Free

On the 21st of December 2005 I saved Georgia’s life and yesterday, I sadly ended it.  It came as no surprise that the horse who shadowed my friend Elio at a knackery, blowing kisses into his ear, melting his heart as he sealed his resolve to save her, was a beautiful, sweet, gentle and friendly mare.  Her name was obvious, sweet Georgia, the dark brown mare.  My friend, a long time campaigner for the better treatment of horses, had been monitoring the knackery for some time when Georgia choose him.  Georgia, like so many thoroughbreds before her, had passed her used by date; not fast enough nor sufficiently fashionably bred to justify broodmare status and with an ugly scar on her hind leg which would have sent many a potential owner running. And so, she had been sent unceremoniously on what was meant to be her last float ride.  Sidling up to my friend, Georgia proved she may have been in the wrong place but she was most certainly there at the right time.  Although Elio did not himself have sufficient land on which Georgia could live, he did have a firm understanding of my love of horses. And so, the next phone call was natural. Continue reading

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Seed & Soil Sunday – Growing celery from celery

Who said you need to buy seeds or seedlings to grow your own veggies!?

Did you know you can regrow a complete celery from the piece you would normally cut off and throw away? Its easy, its quick and it saves you buying seeds. Here’s how:  Continue reading

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Humpty Dumpty wasn’t the only one to have a great fall….

Did you know that today is World Egg Day?

With around 4.7 billion eggs produced for human consumption in Australia each year, eggs are not all they are cracked up to be. Just asked Louisa May, a now redundant employee of the egg industry, or Tigga whose life started out inside an egg as part of a school chicken hatching project.

This World Egg Day and every other day, celebrate life and crack open some kindness and while you’re at it why not become a buddy to a rescued animal like Louisa May or Tigga.

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Making Things Right

He loved going for walks on a lead, answered to his name and loved belly rubs.  He would patiently listen to me for hours on end, never interrupting save the gentle rub of his nose against my leg.  He was my muse, my confidant, my best friend.  For those who know me well, you will know I am talking about my beloved Edgar Alan Pig, and for those who don’t, you could well think I was talking about my favorite pet dog.  Edgar trotted into my life almost ten years ago, and together we embarked on a mission to change to world.  At first I had no idea where this humble pig would lead me but today I know that he has guided me to my life’s calling.

It was in those early months when we were cuddled up in the stable together, me rubbing his fat jovial belly and he offering poignantly guiding grunts to just the right spot that I finally heard, crystal clear, that little voice that had been tugging at my conscience for many a year.  And I knew above all else what I had to do. Continue reading

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Corpus Christi School Visit

Edgar’s Mission visited Copus Christi school with Polly Pig and Timmy Sheep! Learn more about our Joining the Dots Program Continue reading

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