Kindness Van Mk II

Introducing the Kindness Van Mk II.

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road – Meet Dorothy

A chance call of nature for a young girl whilst travelling along a country road unearthed a most interesting find- a tiny newborn lamb. Curious and caring ears were drawn to the feeble cries of the tiny creature and so, pulling at the youngster’s heartstrings, some additional cargo embarked on an adventure not to the Emerald City but to Edgar’s Mission. Continue reading

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Will you be there?

All things grow with love….including Miss Marple and Edgar’s Mission!

If you think four months has made the world of difference to Miss Marple, just imagine what Edgar’s Mission has achieved in its first ten years of life saving and changing work.  On the 10th of May 2003, Edgar Alan Pig oinked at the first kindly human in his life, and lives were changed.  To commemorate this special occasion we will be holding our Foundation Day cocktail party at the Melbourne Bowls Club, Flagstaff Gardens, on Friday May 10th from 6.30pm-9.30pm and we cordially invite you to be a part of this very special evening.  Book early to avoid disappointment, no ticket sales at the door.

A delicious menu of vegan tapas and paella has been crafted by chef and foodie Allan Campion of Melbourne Food Experiences – and everyone’s favourite, Mr Nice Guy Bakery, will supply their scrumptious cupcakes for dessert!

Beer, wine and soft drinks will be provided for the first two hours followed by a cash bar.

Silent auctions will be run throughout the evening with a range of exciting items supplied by our generous sponsors.

Come along and celebrate Edgar’s Foundation Day with like-minded people, hear from Edgar’s Mission’s Founder Pam Ahern and contribute to the future of Edgar’s Mission!

Have you bought your ticket to Foundation Day 2013 yet? Tickets cost $65 and are selling fast so buy yours today.

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Chivalry is not Dead

As Carmello slowly but proudly draws a deep breath, puffs out his chest and stamps his feet, his magical pasodoble begins.  A seductive cock of his head sees his fiery testosterone-charged breath race through his body as the matador circles his victim.  But this is no sinister death dance, and Carmello wields no deathly sabre beneath his cape, only a proud rooster wing fans out, stiffens and then drops to his side with his tiny chicken feet dancing a little ‘cha cha cha’ as he rounds up his wayward lady friend.  And yet again we are enchanted by his manly rooster charms. Continue reading

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At The Fork

This earth day as we sit at the fork in the road, it is timely to ponder that which way from here will determine not only our future but that of the planet.   Please take a moment to view ‘At the fork’, a short webisode series, that is as fun and engaging as it is informative and real.  With no graphic images you will share one family’s journey as they come to ask ‘isn’t it funny what we think of as normal?’

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road – Meet Dorothy

A chance call of nature for a young girl whilst travelling along a country road unearthed a most interesting find- a tiny newborn lamb. Curious and caring ears were drawn to the feeble cries of the tiny creature and so, pulling at the youngster’s heartstrings, some additional cargo embarked on an adventure not to the Emerald City but to Edgar’s Mission. Continue reading

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Earth Day 2013

With the Earth’s population predicted to hit 9 billion by 2050, we simply cannot continue our unsustainable (and cruel) consumption of animal products. The answer is simple. Less animal products means less animal production, which means less greenhouse gases, less water consumption, less deforestation, less cruelty and finally, less global warming. And today is Earth Day, what better time to start!

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What’s the kindest thing you did today?

“What’s the kindest thing you did today? Maybe it’s what you didn’t eat”.  Many people are slowly waking up to the terrible reality behind each and every caged egg that one precious hen spent 26 hours producing.  The recent expose on Today Tonight gave viewers a brief glimpse inside a battery hen farm and offered good reason why public tours of these facilities are never offered.  Gentle hens are placed inside tiny wire prisons at about 4 months of age and here they remain until they are approximately 18 months old.  Denied any means to satisfy their natural desires, theirs’ is a world without sunshine, fresh air or hope.  With worn out bodies, brittle bones and broken spirits; the hens are then sent of their final journey- to the slaughterhouse.  But it doesn’t have to be this way… Continue reading

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Edgar’s Mission Kindness Challenge 2013

Welcome to the official online launch of the Edgar’s Mission Kindness Challenge 2013!

Over the past few weeks, you’ll have heard us discuss the growing demands on Edgar’s Mission, with nearly 2,500 animals given a second chance at life in 2012. You may also be aware that our current farm is fast running out of space and will not be able to meet our future rescue, educational and awareness-raising needs.

So in 2013 we’re planning to secure a larger property, with facilities that better cater for the care we provide our animal residents and to allow us to offer even more animals not simply with a life, but with a life worth living.  And we are inviting our Edgar’s friends – old and new – to be a part of this journey with us.

We know that you want to make a real difference to the lives of animals, so we’re inviting you to take up the Kindness Challenge.

The Kindness Challenge was launched by our celebrity ambassadors Marieke Hardy, Megan Kennedy and Peter Siddle at our 10th Anniversary celebration on Saturday the 13th of April.  Please join them and the dozens of people who signed up on the day in taking up the challenge.

How do I get involved?

Make a pledge to raise $1,000, $500 or $5,000 for Edgar’s Mission to help us reach our target of $500,000 by 30th September 2013. In doing so, you will help create a new future for Edgar’s Mission and make a difference to the lives of many animals in need.

Each $1,000 raised will secure a safe and happy home for an Edgar’s Mission cow, 3 pigs, 4 goats, 6 sheep or 50 chickens.

$1000 might seem like a lot, but that’s why we’ve called it a Challenge!  Here are some ways that break it down into more achievable steps:

Do lots of little things that add up: for example, sign up as a monthly donor, ask people to sponsor a Best Buddy (one of our lovely animals) in your name for your birthday, keep a collection tin at work or host a dinner. There are loads more ideas on our website

In recognition of your amazing contribution, a Kindness Mural will be created at the new farm – and your name will be on it for the thousands of visitors to Edgar’s Mission each year to see.

You can get started right now by signing up today!

Thank you for being a part of the Edgar’s Mission journey.

Make Edgar’s your Mission in 2013.

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A Girl’s Best Friend – Meet Teresa

Her name is Teresa. She is my best friend, my companion, my confidante and one of my greatest teachers. As I work away at my desk throughout the day, she sits by my side, forever my constant in an ever-chaotic world, where the cruelty that occurs sometimes threatens to overwhelm those who strive for a kinder future. Often Teresa will cheekily make her way up onto my lap and, although I am sure this greatly slows the progress of whatever task I happen to be working upon, I will allow her to remain there and will do my best to tap away at the keyboard around her, buoyed by the knowledge that she seeks out my affection and that our friendship is as much of a comfort to her as it is to me.

The sight of Teresa when I greet her first thing in the morning buoys my spirit in a way that nothing or no one else can. When I call out her name, she will come running from whatever spot in the yard has been entertaining her during my absence, as fast as her legs will carry her. Coming to a screeching halt in front of me, sometimes colliding unceremoniously with my legs if she forgets to hit the brakes early enough, it is then time for my morning ritual of giving Teresa a quick cuddle and scratch before proffering some of her favourite treats, lest she be overcome with the gastronomic anticipation of the taste sensation that awaits her. Continue reading

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Campaign Action of the Month- Speak up for Broilers (Meat Chickens)

The recent expose on Sixty Minutes, ‘Free to Roam’, which took viewers inside factory farms housing meat chickens struck a compassionate chord with people across Australia, leaving many to wonder how our society has come to this.  With the current spotlight on factory farming and its cruel treatment of animals, coupled with its deleterious environmental consequences and given the high risks to human health, it is hard to wonder why anyone would seek to enter the industry.  Yet a Planning Application currently sits before the Mount Alexander Shire, which seeks to see over 1,000 acres encompass 24 separate sheds, each housing 45,000 meat chickens. Total yearly production would see over 7,000,000 meat chickens raised in this per year. Continue reading

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Never Give Up

Just ten short years ago something happened in my life, something that would change everything.  That something was not so much a some thing as it was a some one. That someone was a gentle pig I came to love and adore and whom I named Edgar Alan Pig.  And while Edgar sadly passed away in 2010, just after his seventh birthday party, he was never meant to live a particularly long or even happy life – farm pigs never do.  That he exceeded the six months his siblings only ever saw before they were slaughtered for human consumption was a milestone in itself.  That his life was rich and full, surrounded by love, piggy wallows and belly rubs was something most pigs could only ever dream of.  But Edgar went on to create many milestones in the lives of others as he touched their hearts and changed their minds about farmed animals. Most importantly for me, he changed my life forever. Continue reading

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April Competition

Its Competition Time again!! For your chance to win an Edgar’s Mission prize simply leave a comment with a funny caption or email us. We think Popcorn forgot something when he got out of bed! Winner announced in April Trottings! Good luck!

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Wish list item of the month – April

This month we are not asking for material items to help us at Edgar’s Mission, rather we are seeking kind people who are able to make a regular commitment to volunteering at the sanctuary.  Every day sees our workload increase, but sadly not our helping hands. With days starting in the wee hours of the morning and often running until well after the wrong side of midnight, our batteries are beginning to run flat.  We understand everyone leads a busy life and may only be able to offer a day here and there (this is what our regular volunteer days are designed for) and for that we are truly grateful. However, it is a regular commitment, where we know we can rely upon you and plan around your kindness, that will make even more of a world of difference to all the lives here at Edgar’s Mission.  Continue reading

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Look Who Swam Into Town – Meet the Lone Ranger

It is defined as cruelty under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act if a person ‘abandons an animal of a species usually kept in a state of confinement or for a domestic purpose’.  Yet visit any large public wetland, or many a smaller lake or pond, and chances are you will find domestic ducks or even geese living in the wild.  Sadly, many people treat these intelligent and affectionate creatures with little regard and recklessly dump them when the novelty of a little fluffy duckling wears off or when personal circumstances change.  Working under the false belief that the ducks will happily survive, the perpetrators of the thoughtless abandonment and even those who go on to feed the domestic ducks are ignorant to the fact these domestic species are bred to be flightless or are only capable of minimal flight. Not only are they unable to take to the sky at will in order to flee predators or to seek greener pastures (or cleaner ponds, as it were), but these animals lack the survival skills necessary to navigate safely through a wild life.   Often lacking a proper diet and living as bait for foxes, cats or dogs; abandoned domestic ducks serve to encourage others that it is okay to shirk the responsibilities of caring for animals.  Public outrage would rightly be forthcoming should people take their cat or dog to the park, only for the animal to remain and the human returning home alone.  A change of species should never mean a change of responsibility. Continue reading

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Living Kind with Luke

We met Luke and Emilie at a volunteer day in February and recently had the chance to chat with Luke about fitness, food, compassion and protein! Check it out below:

How long have you been on a plant based diet?

More than a year now

What made you decide to change your diet?

A friend introduced me to earthlings and after watching it, I made the switch. Before watching it, I was so unaware and oblivious to what was actually happening. How for the longest time, I was so disconnected from the food that I ate. I am passionate about environmental conservation. I believe that following a plant based diet is more sustainable for the planet.  Continue reading

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And then there was one – Meet Roo

While many people are pondering just why exactly the chicken crossed the road, those familiar with the miserable lives of chickens raised for human consumption know that the hapless meat chicken is lucky if it can even walk more than a few steps without pain and suffering.  Continue reading

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