September Competition

Its Competition Time again!! For your chance to win an Edgar’s Mission 2014 Calendar leave a comment with a funny caption or email us. The Turkeys just love showing off! Winner announced in September Trottings! Goodluck!

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Vote 1 – Kindness

While September 7th 2013 stands as an important date on our political landscape with Australians going to the polls to determine which party will govern our fair country, many do not realise that we are already voting, each and every day of our lives.  It may not quite be a vote cast at a ballot box; this vote requires no polling booth nor pen and paper. Rather, it is votes we cast at the supermarket, at the dinner table, at the clothing store and in just about every facet of our lives that really add up.  In fact every time we elect to one thing we are electing not to do something else.  Many people do not realise that through our daily choices, we are casting votes for the type of society in which we wish to live. Most importantly for animals, we are casting votes that determine the way they will live (and die). Continue reading

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Saving Sunbeam

Frantically trying to suckle from her dead mother was dear little Sunbeam, a one week old Angus Belgian Blue cross heifer. Yet no warmth could dear little Sunbeam find, no warmth that is until the warm heart of a Good Samaritan embraced her. As the absentee farmer deemed the tiny calf not worth the effort, the Good Samaritan argued otherwise and was granted her wish to save the innocent baby’s life. Perhaps, being a mother herself was what lead Sunbeam’s saviour to be so touched by the plight of the hapless creature, who she was to spend four desperate days in hostile conditions trying to catch. Enlisting the aid of equally kind souls, Sunbeam was at last corralled; however the calf continued to ail.  Continue reading

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Whistling Dixie!!!!!

Oh yes we are! As if today wasn’t hectic enough with our race across the countryside to rescue dear little Sunbeam (her story will now be on hold until tomorrow), little did we know our sweet Pixie had a big surprise in store for us. Whilst we were not expecting the pitter patter of tiny bovine hooves for some weeks, Pixie had other ideas. Having removed herself from her new herd, alarm bells were raised at the sound of her calls and the sight of tiny hooves protruding. With our wonderful vet quickly summoned, hot water and clean towels on hand, Pixie was ushered into our cattle yards with the assistance of her dear buddy Blossom. The most difficult birth was felt by all present, we held our collective breath as chains were placed around the unborn calf’s front legs to assist the passage through Pixie’s tiny birth canal and gentle words of encouragement were offered.  Continue reading

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Sweet Serendipity



The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

If you are a farm animal in today’s world, it is a rare occasion indeed that will see a series of fortuitous events unexpectedly culminating to produce an outcome that is in your favour. Even rarer still are the chances that such events will secure your safety and wellbeing for the remainder of your natural life. And it is not only one, but two such moments of sweet serendipity that saw our most recent arrival make her way to Edgar’s Mission. Continue reading

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Life is a journey

Last week Edgar’s Mission hosted a visit from students of the NMIT Epping campus. An informative and thought provoking farm tour and power point presentation journeyed through society’s treatment of farmed animals and challenged those present to develop their own values on how animals should be treated.

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Pixie-She’s Far Too Young For This…

Abandoned, lost and pregnant; things couldn’t get much worse for little Pixie but they didn’t need to- her lot was already looking grim. A just 14 months of age Pixie is pregnant and only weeks off of calving. This puts her mating date at around just 6 months of age! While most heifers generally first begin to come into season between 9 and 22 months, Pixie indeed was very young and far too immature to fall pregnant – but somehow she did. Given her critically small size and undeveloped skeletal system, Pixie will not be able to give birth naturally for her calf will simply be too big to fit through her mother’s tiny birth canal. Sadly, we have learned of the plight of dear Pixie and her unborn baby at the eleventh hour of this terrible ordeal and so our only option is to assist Pixie by way of a caesarean birth. The coming weeks are going to be critical as we work to gain her trust and build her condition to place her in the best possible state for the arrival of her young one. Continue reading

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Our lives begin to end when we become silent about things that matter

“Our lives begin to end when we become silent about things that matter.” (Martin Luther King Jnr), meet Smudge.

Last night we wanted nothing more than to curl up into a little ball and forget about the world as our grief over Buddy’s passing swirled into every corner of our being. But there was a little lamb that needed us.  A call came in amidst the tears about a wee lamb who had been found alone, cold, shivering and hungry.  At first the tiny waif was taken to a kind soul to care for, however it was quickly realised that their ability to do so was not sufficient to sustain the newborn’s life.  Bundled in a warm baby’s blanket and crying desperately, our red eyes caught their first glimpse of Smudge -so named because of the cute black ‘beauty mark’ that smears across her little nose.

Placing our heartache in the ‘not now basket’ and heading for the kitchen, the milk of kindness was soon flowing through little Smudge.  Warm jacket donned, a loving kiss placed firmly upon her head, life goes on at Edgar’s Mission. While a sombre mood still embraces all here today, the sun has still risen as it will tomorrow and the day after.  Although heavy hearts mourn the fact Buddy is no longer with us to enjoy the sunshine, we realise in fact he is, for he will live on forever in our hearts.  Indeed it is beautiful day, and little Smudge is a poignant reminder that just what we do with that day will define us.

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Making Whoopee!

It could well have been a scene from ‘The Matrix’; if Whoopi was to take the path across the road she was doomed as it was abattoir bound, yet the path of salvation was in need of a saviour to guide her.  But alas for poor Whoopi she didn’t get to choose the path.  Waiting at a local council pound for her time to come, her fate seemed almost sealed with no one coming forth to claim her.  Almost, until a good heart appeared in just the nick to time to see Whoopi released into their custody and on the road to Edgar’s Mission. Continue reading

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It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all….

That Buddy knew more love in the last 24 hours than most steers will ever know in a lifetime is something we are sorely reflecting on right now in the wake of one of our saddest moments here at Edgar’s Mission.  Just over 24 hours ago, our hearts were filled with hope as the brave steer who we named Buddy and who we came to love beyond words entered our lives. When we first met Buddy, we met a creature who had not yet given up; we met a creature who was trying to survive despite the odds and who still had that essential spark of life in his eye. As we stood watching him on the roadside, we heard no fat lady singing- this was not the end for him. Buddy was not meant to die by the side of a busy highway at the end of a rifle. But tonight, the song came; triumph turned to tragedy as Buddy took his last breath; his head cradled in the arms of the Lady in the Hat. A sudden downturn in his condition saw our dedicated vet summoned yet again and pain relief increased but fate had other plans for Buddy.  Despite no broken limbs and no obvious internal injuries, his poor little body could go on no more. Buddy slipped away comfortably and feeling no pain, amidst warmth and kindness, he had a name and in the process he broke our hearts. Continue reading

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Update on Buddy

We extend our most sincere thanks to all those who have held dear Buddy in their thoughts and prayers today. For now, Buddy is resting in our critical care stable in the company of sweet Blossom (an orphan Hereford heifer who arrived at the sanctuary late last year). Whilst Buddy’s vital signs are not the best, he remains stable with around the clock monitoring and pain relief. It is now up to Buddy.

If you missed the dramatic rescue of Buddy you can watch it here.

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Meet Buddy the Luckiest Steer Alive!

Only hours ago the call came in- a calf had been sighted lying perilously close to traffic on the side of the highway. Reports told us the calf was unable to stand and was barely able to lift its head. Swinging in to action, our first hint of trouble came in the sight of flashing police lights and fast moving traffic, both of which caused our hearts to sink.  Pulling our rescue vehicle to the curb, we caught our first glimpse of the bloodied and pitiful looking ‘Buddy’ who was caught not between a rock and a hard place but between a steep embankment and busy major highway. One bystander reported the calf had sustained two untreatable broken legs, however the full extent of his injuries was still unknown, although it was evident Buddy had fallen from a fast moving stock crate. Buddy was also much larger than we had anticipated. And if we needed any more to dampen our spirits, it soon came in the words, ‘The guy with a rifle is on the way.’   But we heard no fat lady singing and nor did Buddy, the fact that he had miraculously clung to life this long told us he wasn’t giving up without a fight. And neither would we. Pleading for a chance to save a life, the greatest lifeline Buddy could ever receive was thrown as our wish was granted.

What followed will make your heart sing….

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Good Morning Kilmore!

Special guest this morning on Kilmore’s own community radio, OKR 98.3 FM were Edgar’s Mission, Founder and Director, Pam Ahern and The Cisco Kid.  Many thanks to Roger and Julian for the kind invitation to speak on Roger’s Rambles

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Living Kind with Tim Shieff

Tim “Livewire” Shieff (born March 24, 1988 in Hartford, Connecticut) is a professional English Freerunner. He is best known for winning the 2009 Barclaycard World Freerun Championship and recently chatted with us about his transition to a plant based diet.

How long have you been on a plant based diet?

Around 11 months now, ask me again in 30 years and it will be 30 years and 11 months! Continue reading

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Helpful Helen

For just over 6 ½ years Helen Crozzolin has, come rain, hail or shine, lovingly and loyally once a week donned her hat, gloves and outdoor gear and headed out to her favorite animal charity, Edgar’s Mission.  Greeted by a bevy of happy rescued farm animals, Helen has assisted with the daily chores of cleaning animal houses, checking water bowls, feeding orphan lambs and kid goats and giving those in need some reassuring words and pats.  But sadly, all good things must come to an end and with Helen and her husband pulling up stumps and selling their Kilmore home, along with the impending relocation of Edgar’s Mission, last Thursday saw many a teary eye at the much loved sanctuary as Helen said farewell for the last time. Continue reading

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Tal Ronnen

Did you see Tal Ronnen in today’s Herald Sun? Grab your copy and read Tally’s story here.

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The Salvation Army Waverley Temple

Sharing our special message of kindness with The Salvation Army Waverley Temple today. And Polly rocked!!

Continue reading

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Lamb Lamb Style

Shake Your Groove Thing!! Lamb Lamb Style! :)

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Happy Birthday Nigel!

At 34 years young today, our dear friend Nigel celebrates what really is an extraordinary age for a horse. But it is not only Nigel who is one year older and one year wiser today, so too are the remainder of our resident horses (and ponies) here at Edgar’s Mission as August 1st is recognised as all horses’ birthday in the Southern Hemisphere. Originally devised to provide uniformity within the equine industry, at a farm animal sanctuary such as ours, this day takes on a whole new meaning. You see, in the majority of instances, we do not always have the privilege of knowing our rescuees from birth, having had them arrive from pounds, knackeries, the racing industry and almost everywhere in between; the details of their past often murky at best. So, a day like today is cause for celebration for us, as well as for our equine friends as we revel in their company and in having the honour of providing them with a life worth living. All too often in our world, horses are seen as money making machines, as a form of entertainment or as novelty items. However, when the going gets tough or when the ‘machine’ churns up more money than it makes, the future of these creatures is not always bright. Unfortunately, not every horse in our world has the opportunity to live to a ripe old age like our dear Nigel who in human years is almost a centenarian at 95 amazing years! Continue reading

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Public consultation period extended until 5th August 2013

Improving animal welfare or legislating cruelty-have your say.  Public consultation period extended until 5th August 2013

Help animals like Penny and Miss Marple and have your say on the draft Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for cattle and sheep.  The public consultation has been extended to 5 August 2013.

While a great opportunity to improve the welfare of farm animals there is little in the standards that offer hope for the Penny’s and Miss Marple’s of this world.

  • There is no requirement for shade or shelter in extreme weather or fresh food and water on daily basis.
  • Farmers can continue to perform invasive procedures, such as castration, dehorning, tail docking and mulesing, without pain relief.
  • Dairy calves can kept alone in small pens and sheep can be confined to individual pens for most of their lives for ultra-fine wool production

Write to Animal Health Australia and let them know that you won’t be supporting welfare standards that don’t protect sheep and cattle from cruelty.

Contact details are below.

Cattle public consultation

Sheep public consultation


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World Animal Day is on Friday 4 October 2013!

As the Australian Ambassador for World Animal Day, I wish to remind everyone of this very important date.  With social justice very much at the forefront of compassionate thinking, now more than ever, it is time for us to recognise that our next step toward a fair and just world is the realisation that our current treatment of animals simply does not stand up to community expectations.

As people worldwide unite on this special day in honour of all animals, we here at Edgar’s Mission have traditionally celebrated with our enormously popular World Animal Day event and open day here at the sanctuary.  Sadly however, due to restrictions placed upon us by the Mitchell Shire Council, we are no longer able to host such days at the farm.  But we cannot let this landmark and popular day pass without a proper, Edgar’s Mission-style celebration. Soooooooooooooooooo, this year we will be taking our World Animal Day celebrations into the heart of Melbourne.  Federation Square Terrace will come alive on Friday October 4th as we invite each and every one of you to come on down in honour of the animals between 11.00am and 6.00pm. Join us as we partake in some delicious cruelty free fare, enjoy browsing the many  information stalls or pick up some cool Edgar’s Mission merchandise.  And best of all, it is free to attend!! Continue reading

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Campaign Action of the Month – August

Geese are intelligent, emotional and loyal creatures.  They form strong bonds with their buddies, taking a partner for life and they greatly mourn their passing. Our recent rescue of Tally (Tal Ronnen) has drawn us to the plight of his overseas cousins bred for foie gras.

Foie gras, French for “fatty liver”, is the diseased and enlarged liver of a duck or goose force-fed under pressure through a long tube thrust down its neck twice daily until its liver expands to 10 times its normal size.  Birds’ throats can be damaged in the feeding process and the abnormally sized liver expands the abdomen, making it difficult for the birds to move or to breathe properly. Continue reading

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Tiny, she’s shiny.

“Tiny, she’s shiny.  She looks so neat above her feet we call her Tiny shiny”

That was the little rhyme my parents had made up for a sweet little grey and white tabby cat that held centre stage in my earliest years.  I used to sing it ad nauseum about the house during the day and well into the night.  Tiny, along with her buddy Blackie, were the first animals to ever make an impression upon me. While I loved them both dearly, they were as different as night and day.  If Tiny was sweet and affectionate and never complained as she became my surrogate doll, ever obliging whilst I dressed her up and pushed her about in a pram in the backyard of our family home in Thornbury, Blackie was standoffish, aloof and most unaccommodating of my childhood whims.  While Tiny loved cuddles and often dribbled in delight, Blackie preferred his own company and loved to scratch all the while hissing and spitting in annoyance.  Tiny loved nothing more than to snuggle up into the nook created by my outstretched arm and body each night as I lay in bed.  Come evening, she could often be found sitting on my bed waiting patiently for me, and as I would clamber in Tiny would paw at the sheets, making her way to her favourite spot.  Once her little circling ritual was complete she would settle in and I would begin to rub her floppy pink tummy and she would purr and purr.  My mother told me that magical sound meant she was happy and because I loved my dear Tiny, I would try to stay awake as long as I could and rub her tummy.  All too often though sleep pulled me away and Tiny didn’t get all that much of a tummy rub. But I gave her my solemn promise that when I grew up I would get a job that paid me lots of money so that I could employ someone to rub her tummy. Continue reading

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August Competition

Its Competition Time again!! For your chance to win an Edgar’s Mission 2014 Calendar leave a comment with a funny caption or email us. Miss Chief just looooves to jump!! Winner announced in August Trottings! Goodluck!

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