Incoming! (Updated – Incoming Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4)

Happy endings.

Nothing is more heart-warming than a happy ending, and we seek your help to make this possible. Despite our kindness cup never running dry, our land space is (as we are currently in our transitional phase to our new bigger brighter forever home, we have had to sell off half the current farm to help secure funds) and so we are seeking that special someone who can offer a happy ending for some of our recently rescued sheep and goats.  Naturally you will understand we need to ensure the adopted animals only go to the best loving homes where they will be well fed and cared for and provided with suitable fencing, shelter and veterinary treatment should they ever need it.  Because of this we ask you to complete our prospective adoption form available here, rest assured we will get back to you shortly and be prepared for one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.


Cher and her three woolly friends have just arrived here at Edgar’s Mission, and not a moment too late.  Dear Cher’s beautiful face belies her many years, but sadly her lone tooth does not!  Clearly Cher has not had a date with the barber for quite some time, but that will soon be addressed.  Please if you have sheep in your care, or know of someone who does, you owe it to these defenceless creatures to ensure they have a life worth living – this includes regular shearing, parasite control and hoof trimming.  Cher’s sorry state has seen us all wishing that we could ‘Turn Back Time’ to avoid her ever having to experience such hardship. However, sadly we cannot. But we can do everything in our power to ensure that her life is filled with nothing but kindness from here on in. And with this in mind, it’s off to find our shears… Continue reading

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Put the heat on politicians not animals.

With temperatures set to soar yet again this week, spare a thought for all the poor animals who are subjected to long haul transportation, in particular live export.  Animal advocate and hero for animals, Jenny Moxham is to be congratulated for this insightful piece that appeared in the Adelaide Advertiser last week. You too can be a hero for animals, put the heat on politicians and tell them to lay of animals; and remember personal hand written letters carry much more weight than petitions or form letters.  To find our who needs to hear from you please click here.

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Reality check

Reality check- it is the 21st Century right?  Then how come we are still resorting to ‘shooting the messenger’ tactics that belong in the Dark Ages?  Western Australia has just killed its first shark as part of its ‘catch and kill policy’.  Politicians will only make decisions they think will make them popular, so now it’s our call to tell them it’s time to back off and lay off animals.

Ricky Gervais knows it’s wrong, Jordan Rivkin knows it’s wrong, shark attack survivor Paul de Gelder knows it’s wrong  and so do we.  Please tell Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett to hold his fire and work towards humane solutions for all to enjoy our beautiful world; postal address 1 Parliament Place, WEST PERTH WA 6005. Telephone: (08) 6552-5000. Fax: (08) 6552-5001. E-Mail: [email protected]

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It’s Australia Day, let’s celebrate!!

Today is Australia Day and while we are not alone in a chequered past, we can make this day a landmark event to move forward, remembering we cannot change history only shape the future.  So let’s make that a brighter future for all; one where compassion, kindness and justice shapes our every thought and deed.  Now that will truly be something to celebrate.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

We cannot tell you how delighted and proud we are to see Kyle’s amazing pictures (and the stories they tell) being picked up by mainstream media. Last weekend the Sunday Herald Sun and today The Sydney Daily Telegraph features a photographic spread of heart- warming pictures of our residents. For more pictures please check out our new site Continue reading

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Volunteers make the world go round, world go world…

And they are the lifeblood of our work!  As a volunteer not for profit organisation today we take our hats off, not to swat at flies but to salute our incredible volunteers and remind you all of how special you are to us.  Our sincere thanks to each and every one of you.  Today Rick, Katie, Ruth, Helen, Robyn and Hailie – you all out did yourselves sweeping, sorting, raking, picking up poop, topping up waters and wallows, rubbing piggy tummies (tough job, someone has to do it) and more, and all with a smile on your face – the farm has never looked cleaner nor the animals happier.  Our sincere thanks to you guys, you rock!!! Continue reading

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There’s Only One Thing Worse Than This…

This beautiful girl is Tippi.  Looking at her today, somewhat larger than life and full of cheekiness, it is difficult to imagine her as anything other than alive. However, had the course of ‘pre-ordained’ events panned out, she would most certainly not be alive today.  You see, Tippi was born a ‘bobby’ calf- a calf brought into the world in order to ensure her mother would produce milk. After all, cows are mammals who, like us, will only produce milk for their new born offspring. But sadly, Tippi was never to receive her mother’s milk. Instead that milk was harvested for human consumption and Tippi was to be sent to slaughter on the fifth day of her life as an inconvenient consequence of the dairy industry.  The lining of her stomach, known as rennet, would be scraped and used as a coagulant to make cheese and yogurt, while the rest of her body would more than likely be made into pet food or fertiliser. Continue reading

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Psst, want to share a secret.

Psst, want to share a secret. Mother cows love their babies too – pass it on.

January 19th – 23rd is International Dairy Week, and behind every glass and a half of dairy milk chocolate and indeed all dairy products lies a most unpleasant secret -baby calves. Mother cows must have a baby calf in order to produce milk (they are after all mammals like us) but sadly the milk is harvested for human consumption and most baby calves are sent to slaughter within their first week of life.

Now you may well know how delicious dairy free chocolate can be, so your task is to share your yummy secret with another. Buy a block of your favourite dairy free and fair trade chocolate and pass it on to another with a note, “Dear friend I have a little secret I would very much like to share with you. Please enjoy this delicious bar of chocolate, it’s dairy free and kind. I know you love dairy milk chocolate but did you know that mother cows love their babies even more? Now the secret is out, please enjoy your (dairy free) chocolate”.

PS looking for some delicious dairy free chocolate? Our Christmas Chocolates are on sale for just $5!

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Move over Cate Blanchett, There’s Another Leading Lady Taking Hollywood (and the world) by Storm!

Yes she is also Australian and yes she too is possessed with incredible talent, however this leading lady is unlike any other gracing the pavements of tinsel town today. She is Edgar’s Mission Animal Ambassador extraordinaire, Little Miss Sunshine! Those of you who have been following her journey will know her as the endearing and inquisitive former battery hen, who only six months ago had never seen beyond the confines of a battery cage, and who is now winning fans from all over the globe as her new and innovative video series ‘Bird Brain?’ hit the weboshpere in November last year. But recently, Little Miss Sunshine’s success has reached heights not even her number one fans and human friends here at Edgar’s Mission could have imagined possible, as last week ‘Bird Brain?’ featured at The National Museum of Animals & Society in East Hollywood, Los Angeles during the physical manifestation of the landmark online exhibit – Uncooped. And, not one to rest on her laurels, Little Miss Sunshine, along with her equally talented Animal Ambassador companions made a special guest appearance over the weekend as a part of the National Gallery of Victoria’s ‘Melbourne Now’ Exhibition. Taking time out from her busy schedule of scratching in the soil, bathing in dust and exploring the grounds of her sanctuary home and in true star style, Little Miss Sunshine wowed an adoring crowd as she displayed her repertoire of tricks before meeting many fans, young and old alike, who lined up to give her a scratch in her favourite spot under the chin and to tell her she was beautiful.

And, while Little Miss Sunshine’s recent success has been nothing short of extraordinary, the most extraordinary aspect of her whirlwind journey is the fact that, despite each individual’s unique personality, she really is no different from any of the 12 million battery hens living in Australia today. She was simply given a chance.

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Sometimes I have to seriously pinch myself, today was one of them

Ten years ago I had no idea Edgar’s Mission would grow into the amazing ground breaking, life-saving and changing organisation it is today. And that would not have happened without the many wonderful supporters, friends and staff who stand by my side, and of course the inspiration and magic of a pig named Edgar. But the euphoria I feel right comes from the invitation Edgar’s Mission received to be a part of the Melbourne Now/National Gallery of Victoria’s first ever-Children’s Festival today. Watching the admirable Timmy Sheep, the cheeky Cisco Kid Goat, the endearing Little Miss Sunshine Chicken, the heart meltingly sweet Nellie Lamb and the inimitable Polly ‘Rocks’ Pig, weave their charm on one and all in one of Melbourne’s most iconic settings will forever be etched into my memory as I sure it will be in memories of many others and who knows what avenues it will cause them to travel. But the day quite simply was all about having fun, being creative, falling in love with art and above all else being kind, and we were proud to be a part of it!

Special thanks to the National Gallery of Victoria and Julia deVille for making it all possible.

To see more pictures from the day please click here. To see the photographs displayed at the gallery please click here.

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How Cool are these Piglets!

How do you keep cool during the Melbourne heat wave? We asked our piglets and they showed us how its done!

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These are a few of my favourite things by Jessica Kitten

Jessica Kitten

Jessica Kitten Jumping

If you would like some of these images to be amongst your favourite things you can order them here :) Continue reading

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She lives, she breathes

She lives, she breathes, she plays, she seemingly celebrates the very joy of being as she leaps enthusiastically into the air, simultaneously kicking out her heels before coming to a screeching halt at our feet with a playful, “Baa.” And just as she is capable of doing all of the above, so too is she capable of thinking, of feeling and of doing so very much more than merely existing. This is our Dame Nellie Melba, a once sickly wee lamb in dire need of a helping hand who now lives the high life here at Edgar’s Mission. Day in, day out as we watch Nellie grow and thrive, our hearts are warmed by her courage, by her antics and by her joy de vivre; her zest for life. However today, our hearts also ache as news comes to hand that approximately 4000 of Nellie’s own kind perished in extreme heat aboard a Live Export ship, during a horror voyage to the Middle East.  Continue reading

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A Heroic Tale That Warrants a Happy Ending

Meet Lorne duck, a fearless albeit hapless female Pekin duck who mysteriously found herself like a fish, or should we say duck, out of water recently when discovered wandering an inner Melbourne suburb. Taken in by kindly humans who could only provide a temporary port of call for the quacky little girl, new digs (and pond) were sought. Water is essential for the good health and wellbeing of these aquatic animals; cleansing eyes and airways, as well as aiding in digestion and a host of other natural behaviours. While Lorne Duck has now been reunited with watery pleasures and green grass, delicious treats and the company of her own kind millions (around 8 million a year in fact) of her cousins languish without such ‘luxuries’ on factory farms. Continue reading

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Campaign Action of the Month

Throughout 2014 we will be devoting each month to a particular group of our animal friends.  January is dedicated to our bovine friends so our three- part campaign action this month is also devoted to them.

  1.  Share the secret.  Now you may well know how delicious dairy free chocolate can be, so your task this month is to share your yummy secret with another.  Buy a block of your favourite dairy free and fair trade chocolate and pass it on to another with a note, “Dear friend I have a little secret I would very much like to share with you.  Please enjoy this delicious bar of chocolate, it’s dairy free and kind.  I know you love dairy milk chocolate but did you know that mother cows love their babies even more? And sadly, behind every dairy product there lies a most uncomfortable secret – baby calves.  Mother cows must have a baby calf in order to produce milk (they are after all mammals like us) but sadly the milk is harvested for human consumption and most baby calves are sent to slaughter within their first week of life.  Now the secret is out, please enjoy your (dairy free) chocolate :)
  2. What’s the beef? Have you tried Beefless Stroganoff?  Why not whip up a storm and share it with your friends.
  3. Read all about it! What journalist Peter Loveheim decided to do in exploring the disconnect between a hamburger and how it came into being, resulted in more than just a book- it changed his world irrevocably. Your final campaign action is to read this book, ‘Portrait of a burger as a young calf.’  If you don’t have a copy, no worries, please contact your local library and ask them to get it in for you.  This way, not only will you be able to find out the answer but many more people will do also.

When you have completed all tasks (you don’t have to have fully completed the third, your honest undertaking to do so in the coming months will suffice) drop us a line at [email protected] telling us how you went and we will send you a “I’m a hero for animals” badge!

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Meet Dennis, he really is no menace.

It seemed fitting that in the final hours of 2013 our last rescue of the year should be a rooster, for they, and their pitiful plight certainly captured our hearts over the past 12 months.  “No, he’s not our rooster.  I just came in to check things and there he was,” said the concerned Principal of an outer Melbourne School on New Year’s Eve after finding Dennis scouting the school yard.  Whilst it will never be known from whence he came, it seems the cheeky lad’s mischievous antics over the last few days had been none to appreciated by school neighbours and calls of complaints began flooding in to the local council.  With threats of legal action imminent simply because Dennis was on school grounds, the kindly Principal didn’t know where to turn.  But this was one poor boy who was not playing truant, but was the victim of gender and nature, which sadly saw no understanding coming his way.

Continue reading

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Zippy, Ziggy and Zyanya

Montezuma and Hernando Cortez wish to announce the safe arrival of Zippy, Ziggy and Zyanya at 6.30am this morning.  They did also express apologies for breaching the strict ‘no breeding’ policy of Edgar’s Mission, however Montezuma was ‘in child’ when she came knocking at our farm gate.

Continue reading

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2013 Year In Review

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You’ve Got Mail…

Little Miss Sunshine

“Sending a huge hug to Little Miss Sunshine! The star ornament is for her because she is such a ‘superstar’ now!” This was the kind and heartfelt message that accompanied a Christmas package delivered to Edgar’s Mission during the festive season. And while we were yet again most grateful for the sincere message, thanking us for our work, it was the next line that brought tears to our eyes and a lump to our throats, “I only hope that one day there will be no caged hens or cruelty to any animal in the world.” To our dear supporter, this too is our greatest wish and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, for strengthening our resolve to continue to fight the good fight on behalf of our animal friends and for reminding us that there are others who too share our dream of a kinder world for all. Not a day goes by that we are not touched by at least one act of kindness, whether it be one from which we directly benefit or a story passed on from another part of the globe, and it is acts such as these that confirm our belief that a kinder way of life is indeed possible. Continue reading

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Take a Chance on me…

“We really don’t like putting healthy animals down”, the vet nurse pleaded down the phone line. We were the last chance for a hapless large white male goat recently; the victim of unfortunate circumstances saw the route of least inconvenience sort for Chance. So named because we truly believe all animals deserve one.

For more pictures please click here.

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Auld Lang Syne

‘Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind’.  It is minutes to midnight on Tuesday 31st of December 2013 and where am I?  Sitting on my bathroom floor, willing a tiny lamb to live and caressing a pitifully thin kid goat.  Florence Nightingoat’s eyes are stuck on me, a little shiver every now and then from under her purple blanket tells me I am yet to be counted in her circle of all too few friends (I secretly take comfort in knowing that I will get there one day soon).  A playful kitten is at it again, convinced my back is a mountain that must be climbed and conquered in the only way she knows how, the hook and drag method – ouch! It is in the silence of the moment I close my eyes and think back on all that 2013 has been. Continue reading

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Ebb and Flo’

Gaining strength daily, showing a greater sense of interest in her world and with vital signs improving is dear little Florence Nightingoat, the frighteningly thin and weak young goat surrendered into our care last week. After a week of convalescence, with days spent within the lush green vegetable patch and nights kept safe and comfortable in a straw lined stable, Flo’s progress has allowed us to somewhat release our collectively held breaths ever so slightly and has given us hope that perhaps, just perhaps she can overcome this terrible fate that has befallen her. And the most promising and heart- warming development in the dear little girl’s recovery has been her recent foray into friendship, buddying up with our ‘old’ new kids on the block Cisco and Cappuccino. Whether in Florence, Cisco and Cappuccino sense a kindred spirit, having both survived seemingly insurmountable odds themselves or whether they simply see one of their own kind and want for her company we cannot be sure but there can be no doubt about the strong bond the trio has quickly formed. At first keeping a vigil by her side through the fence, Cisco and Cappuccino can now be seen following their new friend as she wanders freely around the sanctuary, growing stronger and braver with each passing day. Continue reading

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How AWESOME is this!!

Edgar’s Mission devotee Jacqueline Avery recently visited her favourite animal sanctuary, Edgar’s Mission, with the view of making a short video promoting our work.  The clip was her contribution for the 2013 Project for Awesome.  The Project for Awesome is a youtube community event where people make a video about a favourite charity and promote it on youtube and on the P4A website. The idea behind the project is to promote charities, increase awareness and raise funds. Thousands of people from all over the world make videos, and hundreds of thousands more are involved in viewing/commenting/donating.  If you would like to find our more information about the project  please click here, and if you would like to see Jacqueline’s contribution, here ‘tis

And Jacqueline, we think you are AWESOME!!!!

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The Kind Hearted Motorist

We give thanks to the kind hearted motorist who, earlier this morning, took the time out from his day to reach out to a creature in need. Moving the body of an injured young kangaroo from the middle of a busy road, where it had been struck by a car, the motorist then alerted us to the hapless creature’s plight in an effort to assist. This event serves as a timely reminder, particularly during this busy holiday period, for motorists to be alert to wildlife on the roads and to be aware that injured animals, be they our domestic pets, those we farm, those we declare ‘pests’ or our country’s native species, all have the ability to feel pain and to suffer. And assisting an injured animal in need can be a mere phone call away. Most states have dedicated wildlife helplines or emergency numbers and we urge people to have this information stored in their phone or car so that it is readily accessible. For those travelling throughout Victoria, Wildlife Victoria’s Emergency Response Service number is 1300 094 535 and Help for Wildlife can be reached on 0417 380 687. Continue reading

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The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

A Special New Year Message From Little Miss Sunshine

Dear Friends,

First of all I would like to wish a very Happy New Year to you all and to thank you for your support over the past twelve months- I know my human friends could never have achieved all that they have without you behind them every step of the way. And phew, what a year 2013 has been for me! It has been a year of many firsts, most of which were never meant for me when I was born into this world as an egg- laying hen, most of which I never would have believed possible if I had not experienced them for myself. It gives me great pleasure to share these moments with you today. Continue reading

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