Feel Better Dawn

Everyone wants Dawn to feel better! Even the little lambies and kid goats come to wish her well!

Watch Dawns story here.

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Hanging in there…..


As Dawn slowly munches on some sweet, succulent grass we have just fed her, she closes her eyes and drifts to another place.  A place where humans are kind to animals and gentle ewes get to spend the rest of their days with their beloved babies.  “But you have found that and more right here, sweet lady”, we whisper in her ear.  Teetering on the brink is Dawn, as we pray our help, and her babies have not found her too late.  But for now she rests comfortably, still weak and unable to stand, surrounded by love, warmth, the best veterinary care we can find and two adorable little lambs. We thank each and every one of you for your support, well wishes and kind thoughts. Whilst we would love to report Dawn is up and racing around, that was never on the cards as a recovery from an illness such as hers is going to be long and arduous if at all.  Please take comfort, as do we that Dawn is still hanging in there. 

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A Reason to Live

On the 22nd of June, an aging ewe we were soon to christen Dawn was surrendered into our care.  Weak and unable to stand, our hearts began to race as we knew our work would be cut out finding for her, a reason to live.  We were soon to learn that Dawn had recently given birth to twin lambs, however due to her illness she had been unable to feed them. Working against the odds we were able to secure the release of the baby girls and they soon were Edgar’s Mission bound.  But would they recognise each other?

Very few things in life can break the bond between mother and child, and this instance was no different. As soon as Dawn heard the bleats of her babies she pricked her ears and turned her head in their direction as they raced towards their mother.  All three, united in the thought they would never see the other again.  Dawn is by no means out of the woods. However, she has just been cast the greatest lifeline ever – a reason to live (times two).

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We can see clearly now (almost)


Whilst their eye surgery still awaits, Ohana and her kittens are coming along in leaps and kitty bounds. Stalking lambs, surprising goats and amusing humans, has now become the charter of Leilani, Makamae, Lilo and Stitch. Purring wildly and rolling over for tummy rubs, much of our day is spent in enchanted kitty charm. If you missed their amazing rescue you can watch it again here, but be warned have your tissues handy to ensure you can see clearly. And remember – Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. Continue reading

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Finding your perfect match can be like finding…a pig in a straw stack.


The love of your life could be waiting for you at Edgar’s Mission​. Every year Edgar’s Mission rescues and rehabilitates hundreds of farmed animals with the promise of giving them a life worth living. But their story doesn’t end here; there is many an adventure to be had by animals given a second chance at life. And for some of our rescued animal friends, Edgar’s Mission is only the beginning for them, as a whole new world awaits them beyond our sanctuary.


Animals like Percy, Pedro, Pansy and Patrick are waiting for that special someone. And whilst pigs make wonderful companions for humans, not all humans are in the best place to provide for the exacting needs of pigs. For one you need room. At least an acre of interesting, shady, sheltered and wallowed land along with council approval for a piggy or two. You need to be prepared for a commitment of around 10-12 fun filled and sometimes heart wrenching years, as pigs bond very strongly with their human carers. You need to be prepared to have your clothes snoutographed and paddock excavated, oh and you need a good sense of humour. If you think you fit the bill we would love to hear from you are we are constantly be called upon to take in pigs in dire need, for many we are their last option. Continue reading

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When Herman met Harry….

Herman and Harry

When Herman Lamb met Harry Lamb, he did a little happy dance. Rescued only hours earlier little Harry blinked at the kind world around him, little did he know fate had at last dealt him the sweetest of blows. But it was not without a tinge of sadness. Found trying to suckle from his dead mother, his plight touched the heart of a Good Samaritan who was able to secure his release.

No sooner had Harry donned a warm jacket, downed a bottle of life-enhancing milk and found a place in our hearts, than we heard the words “incoming” and little Harry brought our number of rescued lambs this winter to twelve.

Herman and Harry Continue reading

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ET goes home …


He is the unsung hero of Edgar’s Mission, a little white dog who trotted into my world thirteen years ago and was to yap into Edgar’s furry ear, “She’s okay”.

Rescued from a small country pound one Christmas, after the sacking of the local ranger, was this little champ. A friend had been alerted to the terrible plight of the happy and healthy yet hapless hounds who were simply being killed after their eight day lockup had passed. No new homes were being sought, and little attempt was being made to reunite them with their human folk. Trying to get as many dogs out as possible, this kind heart would travel the long distance to the pound every couple of days and return with a carload of dogs. But one day a tiny, frightened and nippy Chihuahua/Pug cross was in the mix. Fearing he would be injured or further traumatised by the larger dogs, he was placed in the only object that resembled a pet carrier that was at hand – a possum trap. Frightened, no doubt, by the separation from the only family and life he had ever known, and confused by the unfamiliar and barking world into which he had been cast, the undesexed and unregistered little dog determined his life was worth fighting any predator (real or imagined) for. Distressed and perplexed as to just what to do now with the wee chap whilst the larger pooches were dealt with, his tale was relayed to me.

ET Continue reading

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Pam: “Hey, Tiger, do you know where all the pumpkins went?”

Tiger: “Who me?”

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River deep, mountain high, it’s Jimmy Barnes.

Jimmy Barnes

And boy do we love him, my oh my!  Since arriving at Edgar’s Mission some months ago we have been in awe of Jimmy.  The proud goat, with his majestic horns standing amongst his new found friends, set against the setting sun, paints a breath taking image indeed.  And slowly each day, just as the river flows, Jimmy’s trust of us has grown.  Laying down his guns, he no longer flees our presence, as he holds himself with grace and dignity, striding forward to accept our peace offerings of wheetbix treats. We love you Jimmy Barnes, river deep, mountain high.

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Her name is Thursday

She was found on Tuesday, surrendered into our care on Wednesday and we have named her Thursday.  While our whimsical name for this dear little lamb may make no sense to you, the circumstances in which many of our orphan lambs are found fails to make sense to us.  Thursday was found by a kind heart when she wandered into their headlights on a ‘dark and stormy night’. With blood-splattered ears and a nasty puncture wound to her head, it could well have been something out of a horror movie.  But horror movie it was not, this sad reality for Thursday has us all stumped as to just how the flesh could have been so savagely ripped from her ears and a puncture wound delivered to her skull, for it is beyond comprehension that she could have fought off such a savage attacker on her own.

Still shivering in shock, the wee baby was wrapped in love and a warm blanket, administered pain relief and medication, fed a bottle of special formula and gently entrusted into the care of Teddy and a snug bed.  It is now over to kindness and history to see which side of life dear Thursday chooses.  It really doesn’t make sense that little lambs can be found in such dire situations, it just doesn’t make sense.

With tax time just around the corner please consider Edgar’s Mission worthy of your support and give to our Helping Hand Appeal.

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Amazing Grace…

Amazing Grace

How sweet the sound of little Grace’s baas as she pleads for her bottle. Something only our dreams once thought possible.  

A fortnight ago a gentle ewe sensing her body was changing moved anxiously about as the tiny life inside of her prepared her passage into the world.  But there was no comfortable stable for her rest, no shelterbelt of trees to seek protection and no soft straw to lie upon; hers was an inhospitable world. One, where she had been reduced to a production machine and her baby, would be a commodity.  A crowded stockcrate?A busy stockyard? We are not sure the exact birthplace of the baby lamb, but we hold grave fears for the sweet ewe who soon became separated from her baby.  What should have been her most joyous day would be her most tumultuous.

Amazing Grace Continue reading

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Where are they now?

Vic and Julian

“On the 5th of October 2013 our lives changed forever…..

We were lucky enough to adopt the famous Peter Pan and Tinkerbell from Edgar’s Mission. Most of you will know them as the stars of “Lamb Lamb Style”.Every morning I would stumble through the kitchen to be greeted by Tinkerbell’s face pressed up against the glass telling me in no uncertain terms it was breakfast time. She loves to have the sides of her face scratched and Peter Pan loves having his chest rubbed (but only from Dad!! Mum does it all wrong!!) We were in love.

Vic and Julian-2 Continue reading

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If it walks like a rooster and crows like a rooster…          


It must be a rooster! Right? Not necessarily! Meet Righto, who crowed her way into an outer suburb’s pound recently. With a rooster-like appearance, and making rooster-like sounds, this diminutive little lady would most likely have been none too popular with neighbours and possibly even her former carer. Whilst we are unsure of her exact circumstances before coming into our care, did you know that it is possible for a hen to crow? Some chicken carers report that in all-female flocks, one of their hens will take on the role of the rooster, crowing and even developing larger spurs, comb, wattle and developing hackle feathers. However, it is also possible for a hen to undergo spontaneous sex reversal, as a result of damage to the hen’s functioning ovary either through an ovarian cyst, diseased adrenal gland or some traumatic experience. And while Righto may walk like a rooster and crow like a rooster, she has made firm friends here at Edgar’s Mission and we love her all the same.

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Monday, Monday


Starting our week off with some lamby cheer was little Monday.  Found stuck between a fence and a hard place was he.  But thankfully the universe had grander plans for Monday than him perishing cold, alone and hungry that day, because a little kindness came upon him in the form of a Good Samaritan.  Bundling up the tiny lamb, a chain reaction of good fortune was set in place.  After an overnight stay at his rescuer’s house it was off to the good folk at Bed and Broccoli for a wee sojourn.  From here, stellar Edgar’s Mission volunteer and all ‘round good gal, Ruth, picked up a travelling companion and the two were Edgar’s Mission bound.


While the cheeky monkey-faced little Monday is (for want of a better term) a little sheepish at the moment, we know it wont be too long before he is baaing, “I’m Monday, Monday, and I’m here to stay…” Continue reading

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You Got It


“Anything you want, you got it,” were the words uttered to our dear buddy Roy Orbison, a gorgeous grey silkie rooster surrendered into our care recently. Brought to us by a kindly animal care worker into whose custody Roy had been abruptly placed, it was a case of right place, right time as this little man found himself befriending ‘Only the Lonely’ Troy, another silkie boy soon after entering our care. While he may be no ‘Pretty Woman’ Little Roy Orbison and his new buddy Troy have become inseparable, showing that with patience, care and a little perseverance, roosters can indeed bond and live happily together. And there shall be no more ‘Running Scared’ or ‘Crying’ over the future for these two as they live lives they once thought was only possible ‘In Dreams.’

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Adorable, of course


Question: If a group of horses is called a herd, and group of geese is called a gaggle, what do you call a group of lambs?

Answer: Adorable, of course!!!

Pictured: L-R, Wednesday, Soda Pop, Monday, Grace, Friday, Lemonade

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When the war is over- meet Trooper Jim.

Trooper Jim

Trooper Jim came into our emergency ward late last night, found not on a battlefield with cannons and gunfire blazing but an empty paddock – both places it would seem kindness forgot. With sub-zero temperatures threatening and Trooper Jim’s skeletal “Belsen” like frame (over which recently shorn wool was pitifully draped) unable to even hold upright his meagre 31kgs, our hearts sank. But as Trooper Jim lowered his head in an attempt to fend off his perceived combatant we saw a glimmer of hope from this brave soldier. That he considered his life worth fighting for was something on which we could agree. Waving a white flag of peace and armed with glucose drips, medication and an entire arsenal of mercy, we deftly began work on the hostile patient.

Trooper Jim

That Trooper Jim considered us the enemy was something we could readily understand, but also something we wished to prove we were not. Making him as comfortable as we could, we bid him goodnight and prayed that in the morning he would wake. And wake the dear boy did, even managing to stand and nibble at some food, but not for one second letting down his guard. Trooper Jim is by no means out of the woods as the road ahead is long and paved with a minefield of challenges. Only time will tell if his organs have suffered irreparable damage. However, they are not the only things that need to heal, for before us we see a broken soul, and it is the invisible scars he carries for which there is no magic cure.
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Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago today over one thousand hens were rescued from a caged egg farm. Today we celebrated Little Miss Sunshine’s Re-Birthday :)

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Miracles of love….


Every day here at Edgar’s Mission we witness miracles of nature and just recently we witnessed the miracle of love as dear Lady, a recently rescued ewe, gave birth to a tiny baby lamb. What made this birth even more miraculous was that Lady had survived the terrible state of ill health in which she had arrived at our sanctuary. Weak, thin, unable to stand and ravaged by a terrible pneumonia which threatened to block her airways (all conditions we were to learn she had endured for two weeks prior to her arrival), Lady responded not only to our intensive veterinary care but also our pleas to, “Hang in there sweet Lady.” Drips, medication, physiotherapy sessions to restore blood flow to her limbs and coupage to help break up the terrible mucus that had taken captive her lungs, proved their worth as Lady gained the strength and will to stand and walk, albeit on very wonky legs at first. An early veterinary examination of Lady revealed we had the chance to save two lives, as she was pregnant. However it would indeed be a miracle if the little one was able to survive the terrible ordeal to which his mother had been subjected.

Mister Continue reading

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Fighting fire with kindness


He was a hero of his time, best known for completing over 1000 firefighting jobs, saving lives and winning hearts all across the globe and now a perky pig by the same name has most recently set our hearts alight.

Red Adaire, the pig not the man, oinked his way through our farm gates after having found himself living in a situation that was less than suitable for any creature. With an unsuspecting carer proving unable to meet his unique porcine needs, it was a kindly council ranger who took to Red’s case to secure his future, removing him from a residential bathroom and sending him Edgar’s Mission-bound.

Red Continue reading

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May the Fourth be with you…


“To be kind to chickens!” This was our catchcry on May 4th, not only Star Wars day but also International Respect for Chickens Day. However, much to our surprise, whilst out and about championing the cause of our feathered friends in Melbourne’s CBD, we received a rather unusual call from a kindly Property Manager, seeking a happy outcome for a goat who had been found in an apartment complex.


With ready access to main arterial roads and only a small paved courtyard keeping him occupied, our options were limited and our action needed to be swift. Calls to local authorities confirmed that the dear creature had not been reported as missing and that our assistance in finding a happy outcome for him would be greatly appreciated. As luck would have it, in only 15 minutes, we arrived at our destination, bewildered by just how this small, frightened goat could ever have found himself in such a location. Continue reading

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A story of hope

Meet Soda Pop! Unable to stand… but we will do everything in our power to get her up on her feet!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

If you would like to help animals like Soda Pop, please consider Edgar’s Mission worthy of your support and give a tax deductible donation to our Helping Hand Appeal.

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How precious did that Grace appear….


At 3am this morning little Grace appeared at our barn door along with the words, “Can you please save this little lamb?” Born only hours before, into the most inhospitable of worlds and bathed in excrement, freezing temperatures could not dampen this wee lamb’s will to live.  However given all her setbacks, it will indeed be amazing if she survives. Rest assured we are doing everything in our power to ensure she does.  Welcome little Grace.

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One call can save a life…

Roger and Dodger

Poor bunnies really fare so badly in our world; they can be eaten, they can be experimented on them, they can be cruelly exterminated, they can be turned into garments, vaccines are not allowed into our country that could protect them from horrific deaths and more. You really would wonder why anyone would want to be a rabbit, wouldn’t you? Yet these precious creatures remain gentle and kind, young Roger and Dodger being no exception, and had it not been for the kind hearted vet clinic who were poised to administer the fatal injection that would have most horribly sealed their fate, they would not be alive today. Despite their incredibly friendly and endearing natures, good, safe and knowledgeable homes for bunnies are all too few and far between. Whilst the one call that was needed to save Roger and Dodger’s lives was made and a wonderful outcome has been secured for the happy duo, we remain on constant watch for that special someone who has a place in their heart and mozzie proof home for bunnies. Is that someone you?

If you think you could provide a loving, lifelong home for a rescued rabbit please email us on [email protected]. Find out more about our Rehoming Program here.

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“What did you do yesterday?”

Little Miss Sunshine

It’s a thought exercise we pose regularly to students as part of our humane education program, ‘Joining the dots’. We ask them to write their detailed list on an A4 sheet of paper. At the same time we have Paula, Little Miss Sunshine Hen’s personal assistant, pen the many activities this inquisitive and industrious little hen got up to the previous day. But we also charge her with the additional task of writing down on another A4 sheet of paper just what Little Miss Sunshine did in her day two years ago, prior to coming to Edgar’s Mission. Amidst much chattering and scribbling the bell tolls, and it’s pens down. The children are then requested to hold up their pieces of paper while Paula holds up the two lists of LMS’s exploits. However one sheet is blank. Continue reading

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