World Animal Day Event Sold Out


In less than a week we’ll be opening our gates for World Animal Day, on Sunday the 4th of October. This will be our first big event at the new location and we just can’t wait to share this magical sanctuary with you – a place where kindness knows no bounds.
Because of our amazing supporters, Edgar’s Mission has been growing ever bigger and our messages of compassion now reach ever further around the globe. While we are humbled and thankful for all our supporters help us achieve, council restrictions have limited attendee numbers and moved us to introduce tickets for World Animal Day.

When tickets went on sale we were overwhelmed by the response and they practically flew out the door. We are now at full capacity for the day, so unfortunately there will be no tickets sold at the gate. Please note there is no waiting list.

Please don’t forget to bring your tickets with you on the day (printed out or on your phone), tickets must be presented for entry. If you don’t already have tickets in your hot little hands, please don’t put us in the difficult position of turning people away at the gate, there is no way we can disregard council rules.

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You’ve got to be kidding!


Nuchev Dairy Goat Farm plans to build an intensive goat dairy in the beautiful Greater Geelong area. Nuchev aims to house up to 14,000 female goats, split between two sheds, each containing 7,000 goats.

Nuchev completely ignores animal welfare issues associated with intensive farming and states that it has no proposed areas for grazing or animal exercise believing that there are “no benefits for goats if grazing and/or animal exercise is undertaken”.

It aims to commence construction on its 40-hectare site at 715 Geelong-Ballan Road in December.

The City of Greater Geelong is shortly to determine this permit for “intensive animal husbandry (goat farming), associated buildings and works including earthworks” in Moorabool.

Geelong and its picturesque port city is noted internationally for its elegant architecture, colourful gardens and parks, and the backdrop of Corio Bay, not for severely confining animals and depriving them of satisfying their natural behaviours.

Objections can be lodged until 7 October 2015.  If you wish to say no to intensive animal agriculture and protect the integrity of the Greater Geelong area, please make your objection today. Individually prepared objections carry far more weight than form letters. Continue reading

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Ehh, what’s up Doc?

Bunny Facts

This is what’s up – today is International Rabbit Day and so it’s time to reflect on these woodland dears. Rabbits are seriously cute, that’s a given, but did you know they will lick each other and their favourite humans as a sign of affection?

Honey bunnies have a world of love and joy to offer their human companions, with the right training they’re able to learn to use a litter box and can become incredibly affectionate. But before you hop and jump to any conclusions and decide to bring a fluffy little thumper into your world, please read our guide Caring for Rabbits to get a greater understanding of the commitment at hand.

Now, that very important date can wait a little longer, it’s time to follow us down the warren and get acquainted to the worlds of rabbits with the Bunny Facts above.

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Something happened on the way to the freezer…


Could our new woolly friend possibly be the friendliest sheep we have ever met? Chances are he is right up there with the best of them. But one thing is for sure: this affable young wether’s diplomatic skills most certainly earned him a reprieve from his preordained fate of ending up in the freezer. Raised as an orphan lamb with the sole aim of providing the family with abundant chops, pot roasts and shanks, something happened on the way to the freezer.


Actually it wasn’t so much a something as a someone. And that someone was a friendly animal who settled in the family’s hearts, and not on their plates. Watching the young, vulnerable and trusting creature gleefully gambolling about the yard saw the family grow more and more uneasy about his fate each day until they were unable to stomach the thought of ever eating him. Continue reading

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Something about Pixie

There was once a crooked calf…

When we first met Pixie our hearts sank. Despite being alerted to her crooked limbs, nothing had prepared us for the level of deformity that greeted us when we gently lifted her from the vehicle. But her determination to soldier on in the face of such adversity was all the inspiration we needed to want to help her.

An adorable 5 week old Jersey heifer calf born on a commercial dairy farm is she. Taken from her mother shortly after birth as all calves are, it didn’t take long to work out there was something quite different about Pixie. In an ironic twist of fate, it is this horrific disability that has been Pixie’s saving grace.

Being of a small birth weight she was never going to be robust enough to become a herd replacement animal (which would have seen her undergo successive pregnancies and separation from her babies, just like her mother). So Pixie would have joined her ‘brothers’ and been trucked off to slaughter after the fifth day of her short life. But she touched the heart of the only human who could save her and the race was on to find Pixie a forever home.

When we first heard of Pixie’s plight we have to admit even we had second thoughts. Handling a disabled thirty kilo calf is quite a manageable task, but a disabled five hundred kilo cow is another pale of milk. But Pixie’s determination to live and our teams resolve to help her were all we needed to say “yes”.

Reasons for contracted tendons such as Pixie’s can range from genetic, toxic or infectious. Shortly our veterinary team will assess the young calf to determine our best course of action as we work towards putting the word “crooked” in past tense. Please join us on Pixie’s journey, we’re sure she will touch your heart as she has already ours.

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She’s just an itty bitty little lamb…


Meet Itty Bitty, surrendered into our care only hours ago. Whilst we will never know why her mother abandoned her, we know we cannot. With fresh colostrum thawed we have nourished the newborn’s tummy, our great task now is to nourish her soul. At just over 3kgs of life, Itty Bitty is tenaciously clinging to it, and we are reminded of just how fragile she is and how dire the plight of wee lambs just like her. Continue reading

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International Eat an Apple Day

Apple Day

We’ve all heard the saying: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples have become the poster fruit for health, an image they rightly deserve. Juicy, crunchy and sweet, these flavour-bombs are jammed with antioxidants and dietary fibre.

Apple Day

Understanding good nutrition is so important for the animals we care for, many arriving at our sanctuary teetering too close to the edge of life for comfort. It’s vital they get the nourishment and energy they need to keep them going, and sometimes it can be the delicious tastes they’ve never experienced before that can give them a little needed boost. Then there are lambs like Saturday, whose ongoing development hinges on so many variables – her inner health needs to be spot-on to support her as she grows bigger and stronger.

Apple Day

A wholesome diet is important for all of us beings, human and non-human alike. A plant based diet is often mysterious and intriguing to those who haven’t been immersed in it, and even people with close vegan friends often still have had little experience with what it actually involves.

Vegan food is more than just taking dairy, eggs and meat out of meals where dairy, eggs and meat are the main events. Thankfully vegan meals are planned around what we do eat, not what we don’t. Nuts, legumes, grains, spices, vegetables and fruit are the stars on the plate – there are endless ways to prepare, cook and blend these ingredients to make meals that will knock your socks off.

But this is not a food blog, so it’s time to hand over to the professionals. We have a range of cookbooks on our website chock full of dietary information and recipes for people wanting a foodie exploration and get a handle on their overall health. The authors of Forks Over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health have compiled evidence on heart disease, diabetes and cancer to come up with 125 recipes. Another cookbook with the goods to revolutionise your lifestyle is Oh She Glows, from prominent food blogger Angela Liddon. Looking to expand your already budding knowledge? Greenilicious is an absolute gem (lettuce!) if you’re ready to infuse more technicolour greens into your world.

Apple Day

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Beam me up Scotty…


With those decidedly pointy antenna-like ears, inky black fur and deadpan expression, what else could we call our new goatee friend, other than ‘Spock’. Found all alone at a country football ground and daring to go where no goat had gone before, it seemed the young Vulcan, er sorry kid goat, was on a collision course with disaster. Thankfully though, coming to his rescue was a kind heart and willing hand. Bundling up the wee chap, it wasn’t long before a succession of not so intergalactic communications saw Spock shuttled into our care. Spock has quickly formed new allegiances with a rather odd-looking little lamb and a very cheeky goat—very much a united nations of comradeship are they. Cavorting all day and sleeping side by hairy and woolly side at night, we do believe a friendship has been forged that will last an eternity.


You see, animals are just like we humans, for they all yearn for the company of a good friend—someone who’ll be equally happy staring off into outer space with us as they are zipping down the slide and cheering us on. Sadly though, it seems that although the animals of this world are “hailing on all frequencies”, we humans are deaf to their calls. It seems “highly illogical” that we cannot recognise that despite their distinctly different outwardly appearances, they are really not that different to us. For just like us, they all wish to “live long and prosper”. Surely the time has come to “make it so”. Continue reading

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No word of a lie, a new cut of ground-breaking documentary Cowspiracy is set for exclusive release on Netflix today. Leonardo DiCaprio, a dedicated sustainability advocate, has teamed up with the makers of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret to secure the film’s international release. Watch the trailer for a sneak peek and then catch the main event on Netflix:

Don’t have Netflix? Order your very own Cowspiracy DVD from our online shop.

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Inching towards a Kinder Future

Positive Thinking Day

You don’t get anywhere in life without first believing you can achieve. Positive Thinking Day is all about scaling those obstacles and pushing forward, towards your dreams. This is something we at Edgar’s Mission do every day, we take stock of the world around us and inch ever closer to the dream of a kinder future.

Positive Thinking Day

With over 350 animals and counting, we are thankful we’re able to offer sanctuary and long, rich lives to so many. Walk around Edgar’s Mission and you’ll understand what we’re talking about, you’ll see the magic of true kindness at work. Continue reading

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A kid with a wee tale

Pee Wee

Okay so the story goes like this. A chap was out driving one day when he was taken by the call of nature. With no amenities within in coo-ee for a pee pee, it was hastily determined that the nearby bushes would do just fine. Startled by the noises coming from deep within said bushes, things could have turned decidedly ugly. But they didn’t; thankfully the only thing upturned was a wee baby goat. Quickly realising that roads and bushes are not a good mix for tiny kids of any kind, an outstretched hand and an open door were offered. The next realisation that came was that suburban backyards and busy schedules, no matter how kind one’s heart is, cannot possibly accommodate a cheeky baby goat.

Pee Wee

And so with one last pit stop to be made, a lucky little kid was Edgar’s Mission bound. Continue reading

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Upgrade the World and Vote for Us

Upgrading the world is something especially close to our hearts. Our core mission is to create a humane and just world for humans and nonhumans alike, but as you know we can’t do it alone. Microsoft is giving Australian non-profits the opportunity to win $50,000 in cash and additional technology – here’s where you come in.

The winners will be determined by public vote, only five non-profits with the highest number of votes will win. You can cast one vote per day, so please vote for us every day until the end September 24th and share widely.

If you’re moved by what we do and believe in our mission, then please take the time to vote for us. All you have to do is

  1. Go to and do not click “Australia” – you’re already on the correct page.
  2. Scroll down to the second blue section under the large number 1, this is where you cast your vote.
  3. You will read “I vote for @” followed by a space. Enter “edgarsmission” with no capitals or apostrophe in the space (do not include the quotation marks).
  4. Click the “Vote on f” button and a window will pop up.
  5. Write anything you like on the post, we would appreciate it if you asked your friends to vote for us, or just leave it blank. Click share.
  6. You have successfully voted for us, thank you and yippee!

Or you can post directly on Twitter or Instagram with these hashtags: #UpgradeYourWorldAU #Vote and @edgarsmission #edgarsmission


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Loveable little lamb in Lancefield

Lancefield Farmers Market August 

With a hint of spring in the air a loveable little lamb named Arabesque held centre stage at the Lancefield Farmers Market on the weekend.  Gamboling in from just down the road at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary the wee one melted many hearts and won many new adoring fans.  “We just love coming to our local farmers market to spread our message of kindness for all animals” said sanctuary Founder and Director, Pam Ahern.  “Arabesque only arrived at our sanctuary a couple of days ago but has quickly taken to the role of lambassador with great aplomb”.  Continue reading

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Happy Teddy Bear Day

Teddy Bear Day

They enrich our childhood and hold a special place in our hearts as we age. Teddy bears give us so much and never ask for anything in return, it’s only fitting they should have a day all to themselves. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Here at Edgar’s Mission teddy bears are the strong and silent saviours, they sit slumped and happy as Larry with orphaned babies and comfort them through long days and nights. Read how these stuffed surrogates make all the difference to rescued lambs, kid goats and piglets here. Continue reading

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Now you see it …

Now You See It

As a long-time resident of this district, and having traversed the roads many times over the years, I feel I know most of her landmarks. This served me well during our search over the last couple of years for our new forever home. Scouring internet pages and newspaper listings for any property on acreage that was fair game, I was readily able to identify locations and quickly assess pros and cons: closing my eyes and imagining, “Is this the one?” Coming into the mix every so often was a property in the lovely township of Monegeetta; although the word “mansion” coupled with a multi million-dollar price tag and small acreage saw me quickly flick to the next listing. In fact, one property that saw us really doing the sums was closely linked to this one. Although the Monegeetta property was never a contender for our final resting place, each time it popped up it unearthed just that little bit more information that caused me to be just that little bit more curious. But I never knew exactly where this property was, despite my cursory glance each time I drove through the town looking for the “mansion”. Never knew where it was until recently, when someone remarked, “Have you seen the mansion in Monegeetta?” to which I replied, “No, I know it’s around there somewhere but I have never seen it”. I was quickly informed the property with its mysterious mansion was located just south of the military proving ground smack bang in the centre of Monegeetta. “Really?” I remarked in astonishment, “In all my years I have never seen it, yet must have driven past it a squillion times”. So the next time I drove through the town, I slowed a little, and low and behold I saw the mansion. There, just shy of the road, it stood in all its hauntingly magnificent glory. It was huge—how on earth could I have missed it? Continue reading

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A rooster named Stripes


A handsome Barred Plymouth Rock rooster is our Stripes and while we think he is absolutely perfect, sadly his previous human (and the one responsible for his birth) did not. Despite the alleged friendly nature of his hardy bred, our Stripes didn’t read that bit as he clearly tells us we are not his friend. A frightened bird is he as he runs from our hands and nips at our heels. But that is okay, as it seems humans to date have not been his friend. With the words, “He’s heading for the pot” constantly being swung his way, Stripes is lucky a kind heart intervened, which saw the handsome boy really hit the only pot a rooster ever should—and that is the jackpot, as he was Edgar’s Mission bound! Somehow managing to squeeze another rooster into our fold presents many challenges as these guys are territorial at best and don’t take too kindly to strangers, let alone ones who look so clearly different. Continue reading

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International Day of Charity

Today it’s International Day of Charity. Charity is about giving, a selfless act arising out of love and empathy. Who better to carry such a name than the cherub-faced little lamb with deformed hooves who blossomed into a confident sheep with so many places to go.

We’re delighted the world finally cottoned on to how wonderful Charity is, so let’s celebrate by watching her video. See how we were able to get her firmly on her feet with that little bit extra love and care.

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World Beard Day

Beard Day

Low and behold, it’s World Beard Day. The 5th of September is the day facial hair is elevated and celebrated. Forget bottom of the face, today beards are on top of the world. We think our goats have the best beards on the block, whiskers and all. What do you think?

Goats are confident, curious and endlessly funny – they are the clowns of the barnyard. Goats, like sheep, are herd animals who create strong bonds with their caprine cohorts and need the company of their own kind. With a taste for varied delicacies and a penchant for exploring beyond yonder, goats have a mischievous side that can sometimes get them into trouble. Continue reading

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Regional Catholic College


We thank the year 9 students of Regional Catholic College North Keilor for visiting Edgar’s Mission today as part of our Joining the Dots Humane Education Program.

If you would like your school to visit Edgar’s Mission please click here.

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Celebration now come on, it’s (almost) World Animal Day!!


They touch our lives in so many ways, they are there for us when others turn away, throughout history they have trotted right along beside us and helped us build nations, and they make our lives complete. Animals, in all their many glorious shapes, forms and colours, enrich our lives in so many ways and on 4 October 2015, World Animal Day, we have the opportunity to unite with animal lovers around the globe to celebrate them.

In just over four weeks the biggest celebration for animals on this planet will be underway. With no borders of country, religion or race, each and every person, either as individuals or in groups, is invited to do something special for animals. Perhaps a walk to raise awareness about an animal close to your heart takes your fancy, a library display of cool animal-related books, a church service and blessing, a written letter to the editor, encourage your family and friends to not use cosmetics and household products that have been tested on animals, fundraise for a cause. Whatever you have planned, please do make this day memorable and please do not forget to register your event at

And one last thing: remember each and every one of us can make a difference for animals.

Pam Ahern, Australian World Animal Day Ambassador

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Happy Anniversary Ben Hall

Ben Hall

Ben Hall was an Australian outlaw whose name has become synonymous with myth, legend and a charming old ram. Exactly one year ago today Ben Hall arrived at our welcoming gates – and what a year it’s been for this fine fellow.

Ben Hall made his silver screen debut alongside Dr Chris Brown on Bondi Vet a few months ago. The fame has never gone to his head though, as he continues to be a beacon of hope and source of comfort to new arrivals like Lisa sheep, who he soothed while she had a severe Lucy fly infection seen to.

Look around for Ben Hall and you’ll find him in with the orphaned lambs, providing them with the reassurance and guidance that can only come from one of their own kind. Happy anniversary Ben Hall, we’re thrilled to have you and your heart of gold at Edgar’s Mission.

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Don’t let coldness kill kindness, meet Paddington Baa Lamb


It is absolutely freezing here in Central Victoria this weekend, but thankfully it was not cold enough to freeze the heart of a kind-hearted wildlife rescuer. Melting at the sight of a pathetically thin, faeces-encrusted, wee lamb, barely clinging to life, they recognised that all life is precious. Negotiating the release of the lamb and whispering the words, “You’re not going to die here, precious one,” both were soon Edgar’s Mission bound. Whilst the lamb’s critical condition had been relayed ahead, nothing had prepared us for the pitiful sight of the baby creature. But worse than the sight of this lamb was his weight, or rather lack thereof, for he weighed practically nothing and could so easily be lifted with just one hand. His wool concealing his bony skeletal form and a multitude of sins, not the least being the fact someone had allowed him to get into this hideous state of neglect. Swinging into action while holding our breath, our grave fears are our help and good deeds have come too late. Such an emaciated state means the possibility of organ damage is high and clear are the signs that this tiny lamb has been struggling on his own for some time.

Paddington Continue reading

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