Strike a light, Red Baron (and Pam) rock AGL!


Expressing their sincere thanks to the Marketing and Retail Customers business unit of AGL for their kind donation of $1,400, Edgar’s Mission Founder and Director, Pam Ahern and her fearless best buddy, Red Baron, delivered a thought provoking presentation on how Edgar’s Mission came to be.  Weaving tales of kindness, heartache, personal sacrifice and joy, Pam moved many to see farmed animals beyond the veil of traditional beliefs, leaving her audience to consider this very important, life-defining question, “if we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?”


If you would like Pam (and Red Baron if his dance card is free) to present to your workplace, sporting or community group, or school please email us. Continue reading

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Red Baron and Ruby 

Please key your eyes open for a white Mercedes Sprinter van, last seen heading north along Bridies Lane being driven erratically by a cheeky red rooster, aided and a betted by a smiling red kelpie.  Approach with caution, you run the risk of either being licked or pecked to death and please tell Red Baron, no pooping on the seat this time.

Red Baron and Ruby

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Picture this, it’s National Geographic Day


Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, others argue it depends on the picture. Well we think Kyle’s photo of Peter Sheep is worth more than a thousand words: it tells of the soft magnificence of his kind, a species ever so vulnerable at the hands of humans. Show sheep you love them by keeping them in your heart and off your plate, after all, they belong in dreamy fields of gold, happy as can be.

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Farmed animals need your help NOW!


The Victorian state government is looking to further intensify animal production systems in our beautiful state.  The need, it is argued is to meet growing overseas demand and to help underpin the State’s future economy and jobs growth. An Advisory Committee has been appointed to consider how the planning system can support the establishment and expansion of intensive animal industries in Victoria, balancing environmental outcomes and community expectations. The industries discussed include beef, dairy, sheep (lamb and wool), egg, chicken, pig, camel, goat and rabbit. Continue reading

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This world was never meant for anyone as beautiful as you

Little did we know when a wonky legged calf and her heartwarming toothy grin ambled into our world, the hoof prints she would leave behind would be as indelible on our hearts as they were on the hearts of all those who were touched by her story. It could be said that Pixie’s mission was to touch hearts and that she most certainly did. First it was the dairy farmer’s wife on the farm at which she was born. Normally a calf so crippled and unproductive would have been killed at day one. However, little Pixie, with her big brown eyes and steely resolve, moved the lady like no other. Determining that Pixie deserved a chance, she set to work to ensure the best one was afforded to her. From that point on, Pixie became a much-loved trailblazer, touching hearts and changing minds about farmed animals. Continue reading

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National Hugging Day

Today we’re going to shine the spotlight on an important issue. Every day opportunities are wasted and passing us by, so it’s time to put an end to the madness. Take a deep breath and reach out far and wide…all the way around your loved ones. Especially the feathered, furry and four-legged ones, they’re so darn cuddly after all.

Happy National Hugging Day! Take a peek at who we’ve been embracing <3

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Kind Critter Care Conference 2016 (SOLD OUT)

Dreaming of a kinder world?  Our Kind Critter Care Conference may be for you.

Kind Critter Care

If you are reading this you no doubt care deeply about animals.  And more than likely are looking to see how best you can advocate on their behalf.  The next most frequently asked question we receive after, “Can you take my rooster?” is, “How can I start a sanctuary for farmed animals?” The answer to this latter question is as complex as it is challenging and is most certainly something that cannot be answered in a 5-minute telephone conversation or a quick FAQ response.  It is for this reason we here at Edgar’s Mission will be hosting our popular Kind Critter Care Conference on Sunday 24th of April 2016 (Sunday the 24th is now sold out but due to popular demand we are now taking bookings for Saturday the 23rd of April) (Please note the conference is now fully booked) Read more and see photos from our 2015 conference here. Continue reading

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They never made it to Bunnings …


A trip to the local hardware store took a decidedly different direction when a young couple came across a little lamb in distress. By the side of a busy major highway, Primrose was where no happy, healthy and much-loved lamb should be. And it was soon clearly and painfully obvious that she was none of these three things. Highlighting just how poorly protected farmed animals are is Primrose’s story. With calls to the local council, RSPCA, police and other government animal welfare organisations, the sum total of assistance offered was zip. So what exactly happens to animals like Primrose and the people who come by them?

Primrose Continue reading

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The domino effect


The domino effect is best described as a chain reaction of events started from a single action. The time between these cumulative events is usually very small and shows a similar cause and effect (although often magnified). The expression is so named after the falling of strategically placed dominoes—you know, those small black tiles with little white dots. And the domino effect was certainly in place the day a little black and white goat found herself all alone and loveless in an inner Melbourne suburb. Setting off a chain reaction of kindness was the burly police officer who offered his outstretched hand and heart to the frightened creature. Although somewhat reluctantly accepting this gesture, the young kid was taken to a nearby veterinary clinic. She was handed over along with the words, “Can you please see if she can go to Edgar’s Mission?” Continue reading

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Jasper the friendly goose


At 15 years of age and blind in one eye, the chances of dear Jasper finding a forever home were sadly as scarce as the proverbial goose tooth! But Jasper is a friendly goose. His kindly human who could no longer care for him most certainly knew this, as this no doubt is the reason they were determined a happy outcome was somewhere out there to be found. Having outlived his previous feathered friends, Jasper looked a sad and lonely fellow when he first arrived at the sanctuary. Yes, geese can not only look sad but also feel sadness—once thought of as solely a human emotion. Thankfully, with the aid of Bendigo Goose, we were able to turn that frown upside down, as Jasper took to loving Bendigo like, wait for it, a goose to water! Continue reading

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2015 Year In Review

Looking for an inspirational way to kick start 2016? Then sit back and have a look at just some of what you helped us achieve in 2015. Throughout the year we: achieved, smiled, rescued, delighted, dazzled, enabled, encouraged, sparked, connected, restored, revived, embraced, innovated, improved, illuminated, motivated, captivated, moved, built, nourished, opened, soared, protected, healed and perfected.

And yes that’s right, we did it all with the help of you, our amazing supporters. If you would like to join Edgar’s Mission and help us reach even greater heights in 2016, why not sign up to our monthly donor program, here’s how.

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Urgent Action for Rudolph



Despite a Christmas Eve plea for a reprieve by Premier Daniel Andrews, Rudolph the deer is still wound up in bureaucratic red tape that threatens to strangle him. The only person with the power to save him was Jaala Pulford, the Minister for Agriculture, who is responsible for the Game Management Authority. But she was on leave.

This meant the matter was handballed to the acting Minister, Jacinta Allen. Clearly with priorities other than saving Rudolph on her list, the decision has now been handballed back to Minister Pulford, who has returned from holidays. With time ticking away Rudolph is languishing we don’t know where as our numerous requests to visit him are being denied. He still desperately needs our help.

The next court date is set for February 18th this year, but a safe outcome for Rudolph is all but a stroke of a kind pen away. The offer of a lifetime for him to live at Jirrahlinga Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary remains firm, which is cost neutral to both the government and taxpayers. Please help us add your voice to the growing number of people who see the madness (and waste of taxpayers’ dollars) in this fiasco and let’s get Rudolph home where he belongs.

Here’s what Rudolph needs you to do: Continue reading

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Squeak The Sheep-Pig

“I think she’s watched Babe one too many times”

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A cow named Phyllis

It was with a touch of irony that just a stone’s throw from Melbourne’s corrections centre for women, the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre, a “rogue” cow wandered the fields of a conservation area. The correction centre is so-named after Dame Phyllis, a who worked tirelessly to improve the conditions for women in prisons. And working to improve the conditions for the dear cow was our rescue team.

It came to pass that her wanderings not only on the conservation reserve but also the nearby busy Western Freeway had earned her the ire of many and could well have landed her in a very bad place. But just as Dame Phyllis recognised all beings deserve kindness, that is just what the black jersey-cross heifer was offered as the call was made to Edgar’s Mission. However, what started out as a simple “come pick up the cow” turned into a most challenging rescue, not only due to the large size of the area but also the poor fencing surrounding it—not to mention the many rocks that littered the paddock, potentially hiding snakes. At first it seemed the cow and cooperation were not on the same page as she quickly fled to the farthest-flung area she could. But life on the run did not become this sweet soul, and inch by painstaking inch she was ushered closer and closer to our makeshift corral. Continue reading

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How to save a life…

Robin Hood

Exactly five years ago to this day we saved the lives of three baby calves destined for slaughter. The oh-so-tiny and weak Maid Marian, the brain damaged and sweet Little John and the rambunctious and handsome Robin Hood. Through telling their story countless more precious babies have no doubt been spared as people have come to realise the “dairy truth” behind every glass of milk, dollop of cream or slice of cheese. Save lives, ditch dairy.

Robin Hood

YouTube Preview Image

Continue reading

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Bubble Bath Day

Rubb-a-dub-dub, Squeak Piglet in the tub, getting squeaky clean for Bubble Bath Day 2016. Bubble Bath Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to an indulgent soak, although we hope you find reason to wash more than once a year 😉

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Cuddle Up Day


Are you at work still? This could be awkward. Today is Cuddle Up Day, rather than breaking workplace etiquette with unwelcome intimacy and triggering flight zones left and right, you may want to wait till you get home to really get into the spirit of it.

Cuddle Up Day hopes to deliver on a promise to get you cosy and feeling good, so build a love nest and get in it with your favourite person, be they two-legged, furry, feathered or completely stuffed. Continue reading

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Snickers and Skittles and a story of hope

Snickers and Skittles

It was an emotionally charged ride home with a frightened, little, one-time abandoned merino ewe and her lamb recently. Whilst we rejoiced that these two had been saved, as we cast our eyes to the left we were confronted with the most distressing sight of thousands of equally frightened sheep crammed tight into small pens outside a slaughterhouse—each unwittingly awaiting their brutal turn.

Snickers and Skittles

Sometimes it is truly heartbreaking for those of us in the animal protection movement to find reasons for hope amidst what appears to be a sea of indifference and despair. But every now and then a sweet victory comes our way: a heart is awakened, a cruelty-free product is created, or an animal is spared, and these are the things that spur us on. On this day it was Snickers and her baby, Skittles, who had somehow slipped through more than the fence that once contained them, remaining unclaimed in the country pound, a stone’s throw from the local abattoir. Now, not only do they have a name but a future, and although they do not know it yet, they really are in a good place—no, make that a great place. Continue reading

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Happy Mew Year Day to you!

Yes you heard me correctly, Happy Mew Year Day for Cats is a day devoted to all our feline friends. If you’re lucky enough to share your home with a kingpin kitty, who no doubt rules the roost, today is the day to spoil them rotten (a bit like every other day, no?)

We’d like to wish Tinsel, Jessica Kitten and all the other purr-babies out there a Happy Mew Year Day! But a special Mew Year wish goes out to all the lonely hearts still waiting for their forever homes. We know that just after Christmas is an undeservedly hard time for cat rescue groups, as the novelty wears off “gifted” kittens and home breeders continue to contribute to the already burgeoning numbers. If you’re ready to welcome a new little soul into your family, please consider adopting from one of the many cat rescue groups.

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Neo – 1 Year On

Today marks the first anniversary of the arrival of Neo, a critically ill young sheep.  We are sure his amazing story of recovery and love will touch your heart as it did ours.

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What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

As the end of the year quickly approached, thoughts turned inward, many of us assessed what we’ve achieved and chatter turned to new year’s resolutions. While some of us simply don’t bother, some use it as a time of self-reflection, and others take the opportunity to dream big and make a wish for the betterment of the world.

Here at Edgar’s Mission our New Year’s resolution for 2016 is the same as it has been since our humble beginnings: to create a humane and just world for humans and non-humans. Some of the residents wanted to share their resolutions with you.


Ruby: wants to cast a wider net and spread even more love and kisses in 2016 than she did in 2015. The un-caped crusader wears her heart on her paws and greets visitors with a tirade of affection, plumping herself on any laps that “present” themselves. Continue reading

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