Where are they now – Marley

Marley WATN

A letter from Marley Pig:

“Hello My Special Friend,

Hi Pam, it’s Marley. Thought I’d best send you a quick line to let you know how I’m going at Maggie’s. I have settled in very well. I have made really good friends with Winston. He tells me I have been his only friend as the other pigs don’t like him much and boss him around. I’m very proud to be his friend and he is very gentle. Wally is the boss pig here and I thought he might like me as a girlfriend but he’s a bit grumpy and he chases me sometimes…so I hang around with Winston. Continue reading

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Sounder 1

I was just seven years old when William H Armstrong wrote his Newbery Award winning novel, Sounder. But it would be another seven years before I would clasp this novel in my hands and learn of the struggles of African-Americans in nineteenth century America. The fictional story, which relied heavily on fact for an era we wish never existed, carries readers on a journey with an unnamed family and their Bloodhound, Sounder. Experiencing their trials, tribulations, injustice and ultimate healing, I was caused to empathise like never before in all my 14 innocent years. And whilst I wanted to cry for the pain the family and their beloved dog experienced, I desperately wanted to turn around their histories. Experiences such as these have enormous power, way beyond the words printed on the page, to move people and to change them. For when we allow ourselves to be moved by the personal struggles of others, we empathise with them. Moreover, we are awakened to be kinder, more humane and just versions of ourselves.

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Strike me lucky, it’s Mr Maldon!

Mr Maldon 1

The tiny township of Maldon is one of Victoria’s best known gold rush towns. Her wide, tree-lined streets with their historic 19th century buildings and shop fronts are a poignant reminder of this bygone era. It all started in December 1853, when gold was discovered nearby at Cairn Curran, putting Maldon on the map with thousands of eager miners seeking to unearth her riches. The goldfields of the district were named Tarrangower Fields after Mount Tarrangower, of which the township of Maldon sits at its base. Continue reading

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Steady Eddie!


As if being separated from his mother was not bad enough for the tiny tri-coloured kid goat with the cheeky look in his eye, he had been dealt an even crueller blow. The “blow” left the wee lad with severe, debilitating and deteriorating mobility and balance issues.

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Making your mark

Edgar Zorro

In 1919, Johnston McCulley created a fictional character who was to make his mark on generations. This character, Don Diego de la Vega, and his alter ego, Zorro, morphed from the pages of comic books to the movie screen and although undergoing changes throughout the years, the typical image of Zorro saw him as a dashing black-clad masked outlaw who defended “the commoners” against tyrannical officials and other villains as his hallmark Z became his insignia. My first introduction to Zorro came by way of the Disney TV series, and I have to say I was hooked. I loved the TV series for many reasons beyond its entertainment value. Zorro won my heart for his passion, courage and sense of justice, and he also filled many of my dreams. But not casting myself as his fair damsel in distress—no, I would be his accomplice, tagging along, forthright as any five-year-old could be, as we stood: champions of all things good. Zorro had indeed left an inedible mark on me; I guess it could be said Zorro was to help pave the way for the sense of justice I hold so close today. Continue reading

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It’s no picnic being a lost goat—meet Miranda, Irma and Marion


Despite being happy, healthy and friendly goats, something was missing in the life of Miranda, Irma and Marion and that something was a place to call home sweet home, complete with humans who would love and adore them. While somehow finding their way to a rural country pound could well have been the worst thing that happened to these young lasses, given ‘livestock’ such as they are often auctioned off or sent directly to slaughter.  This indeed seemed one mountain that they could not climb.  However it is from here that things took a decided turn for the better.

Miranda Continue reading

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Every nook and cranny…

The Nook

To have searched “every nook and cranny” is a metaphor that suggests you have looked in every conceivable place with no luck. The fun phrase has existed in one form or another for centuries. Our most recent ducky arrival has aptly been christened Nook because it seemed that although into “every nook and cranny” he paddled at the public wetland on which he had been dumped, he could not find kindness. While dumping animals is illegal and in violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, ducks and geese are regularly left to fend for themselves at parks and waterways. Lacking the smarts of their wild ancestors, at the mercy of other animals and unkind humans and often rounded up by government organisations for fear of them breeding with native waterbirds, they face a grim future. Add to this list no one ready at hand to tend him or her should they become injured or ill. Continue reading

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Bunnies need you


Every year at Easter time, pastel bunnies holding baskets adorned with patchwork eggs grace our TV screens, supermarket shelves and seep into our brains, but the reality for many of the creatures behind the smiling caricatures is far from joyous.

This Easter we’re asking you to join us in speaking up for our dear little friends by heading to our Hop into Action for Bunnies post and helping make the world a kinder place for rabbits. Bunnies need you this Easter, please rise to the challenge and be their voice.

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Lou Lou from Lal Lal

Lou Lou

What an adorable and friendly sheep is Lou Lou. She was found in Lal Lal not long after devastating bushfires ripped through neighbouring areas. It was at first thought dear Lou Lou had narrowly escaped death from the fiery inferno and it would not be too long before a loving family came forth to claim her. But alas that was not to be, leaving the dear ewe homeless and loveless. With over one billion sheep worldwide, Lou Lou was to indeed prove to be one of the lucky ones because it wasn’t too long before she found her way to a sanctuary. Here she will be valued for who she is, not what she can produce, and she will get to grow old gracefully with no use-by date over her head. Continue reading

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Where are they now – Roz, Burke, Wills and Rambo

Every month we’ll shine the spotlight on a family who have chosen to bring new faces into their homes and hearts and adopt one or a few rescued animals.

It always warms our hearts to hear how our former residents are settling in to their new abodes and causing their new families to wonder just how life existed before they shared their world with a farm animal. If you’ve never had the honour of spending time with a barnyard friend, you may be surprised by the love, friendship and fun they add to your life.


“The boys and lady are all doing well. They are very spoilt and very loved. Rambo in particular loves a cuddle. And Wills thinks he is a dog. He loves to jump up on the fence to collect his weetbix. Roz is still the most timid (she escaped the bushfires) even though we have had her the longest. Makes me wonder how badly she has been treated in her past. At least they all have a beautiful life now on our little Warrenheip farm.” – Zeta

If you also have the love, commitment, space and more to welcome new animal family members into your world, please take a look at our adoption page.


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World Water Day: Where there’s a Gill there’s a Way

Water Day

In 1995 Kevin Costner starred in a little sci-fi thriller set in a waterlogged future, it was aptly named Waterworld. The impending deep was caused by the melting of the polar ice caps, engulfing the Earth in an apparently endless ocean and making life all the more tumultuous. To survive the unforgiving swathes of sea Kevin Costner’s amphibious character, Mariner, had evolved, developing gills and webbed feet. In the milky and dark blue depths, fresh water was hard to come by so Mariner kept hydrated by filtering his own urine into drinking water. Continue reading

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Happiness is…

Today is International Happiness Day and there is no way better to celebrate than to enjoy out special video ‘Happiness is…’

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Rock the Latest Edgar’s Mission Threads


Eat your heart out Paris, London and New York – Edgar’s Mission is the new hotbed of fashion. We have a selection of new hoodies (Pull Over, Zip and Kids) to tickle your trend-setting taste buds: blue, grey and even Indian Ink have been adorned with the Edgar’s Mission logo and quote. Find the colour that makes your eyes pop! Continue reading

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A beautiful day to bid farewell…


Beneath the bright blue sky Daphne and her buddies grazed, slowly mulling over mouthfuls of succulent hay. The warmth of the sun caressed their shiny fur as a gentle breeze blew, it was indeed a beautiful day. But it was to be on this day that Daphne, an aging Friesian dairy cow, would take her very last breath.

Daphne and her friend Clarabelle arrived at the sanctuary on the 28th of November 2014, both expectant mothers. And while that would have been the last day of their lives, having reached the end of their commercial usefulness, fate was to deal them the sweetest of blows and a safe passage to Edgar’s Mission. We branded them the luckiest cows because in the following months they were set to do something dairy cows could only ever dream of doing: they would keep their babies. Continue reading

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Pig tales, it’s about to get personal

Pig Tails

“Oh the tales one would tell,
If only in their worlds they could dwell,
Tales of horror with little hope,
And a world we would never cope.”

Every year in Australia, millions upon millions of pigs live in a world without sunshine, fresh air or hope; worldwide the figure is in the billions. Last year in Australia alone, 4,948,500 of these quirky, chatty and forgiving animals were killed for human consumption. They are described by those who love them as intelligent and wise, endearing and fun-loving and forever optimistic, yet those who bring them into this world see them only as production units. While just how Pig Tales—an otherwise typical Landrace–Large White cross pig (a breed favoured for commercial production)—crossed the divide from food into friend remains a mystery to us, but we (and no doubt she) are thankful she landed in a municipal pound staffed by kind hearts.

Pig Tails Continue reading

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Lessons in Love…

Mr Miyagi

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Those are the words we used to introduce a wise old rooster who fly kicked his way into our lives here at Edgar’s Mission some years ago. And how prophetic those words proved to be. Mr Miyagi, a spectacular, yet somewhat world-weary old boy was as unique as he was handsome and he led us all on a journey we could never have predicted.

It was not only our hearts that Mr Miyagi left his indelible mark upon but also our shins! For this boy was known to come fly kicking toward you with a passion and precision that we are sure his cinematic namesake would have been proud of. And it mattered not whether you thought yourself to be proficient in chicken-speak and were the bearer of his breakfast grains or if you were the newest staff member who unwittingly happened to pass by a seemingly innocent old rooster in the yard. Mr Miyagi’s karate skills did not discriminate! He reminded us to be humble and that any skill we believed we had could always be improved upon. He also taught us lessons in bargaining! Watermelon was always the greatest bartering tool in Mr Miyagi’s mind when it came to saving your shins! Continue reading

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Hop into action for bunnies


Lend me your lopped ears, Easter is just around the corner so it’s the perfect time to bring these nose twitching, foot thumping honey bunnies into the limelight. Rabbits are gentle, sensitive and can be incredibly affectionate creatures, yet their needs are often overlooked. Here are a few ways you can help our little fluffy friends this Easter. Continue reading

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Be Cruelty-Free Week: Food


Be Cruelty-Free Week is dedicated to spreading awareness of the cruel and unnecessary testing of cosmetics on our fine feathered, finned and furry friends. We’d humbly like to add there are so many other easy ways to live cruelty-free.

The domestication of farmed animals was a game-changer in the search for ever more and convenient protein sources. Agriculture has also changed dramatically over the past 50 years, the way that food makes its way to your plate is a far cry from farming of old. While some might call the intensification of food production as advancement, others would argue society cannot truly progress if it’s propped upon the toiling backs of the vulnerable. Factory farms are no place for the intelligent and curious animals they house, who want to live no less than your pet cat or dog, not to mention the horrors of the abattoir. Continue reading

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Ducking for cover!

Ducking for cover

That’s just what Victorian Labour politicians are doing at the moment as calls are coming in thick and fast requesting the 2016 duck hunting season be cancelled. It’s not too late to speak up for Australia’s unique and native waterbirds, who for the other nine months of the year receive full legal protection from shooting.

Please take URGENT action today and speak up for the voiceless. Continue reading

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We named him Major Mitchell

Major Mitchell

We named him Major Mitchell not because his colouring is that of his namesake cockatoo, the one with the soft textured salmon-pink and white-hued feathers. No, this fella is black. And we didn’t so name him because of any said resemblance to Lieutenant Colonel Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell, otherwise known as Major Mitchell, the famous surveyor and explorer of south-eastern Australia—although chances are the two managed to tread the same soil, albeit centuries apart. And therein lies a clue to the naming of our newest porcine pal. Continue reading

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Be Cruelty-Free Week: Entertainment

Be Cruelty-Free Week is dedicated to spreading awareness of the cruel and unnecessary testing of cosmetics on our fine feathered, finned and furry friends. We’d humbly like to add there are so many other easy ways to live cruelty-free.

Cruelty Free Week

Exotic animals are undoubtedly beautiful and getting up close to them can be the experience of a lifetime, unfortunately these experiences are causing animals to endure lifetimes of suffering. Riding elephants, walking with lions and tiger selfies are just a few of the cruelest wildlife tourism attractions notching up visitors. Here animals are forced to perform for the entertainment of tourists, elephants are made to “submit” through starvation and beatings so people can ride them, while tigers can be drugged and have their claws pulled out so they’re safe for humans to take “selfies” with.

When you next pack your bag for that much anticipated trip away, please don’t forget to pack your kindness. Not all animal tourism is cruel, there are many reputable sanctuaries that rely on visitors to help support animal and environmental protection initiatives. You might never ride an elephant or cuddle a tiger cub, but contributing to the wellbeing of these beautiful creatures is the greatest gift you could give them and yourself.

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Animals, my teachers, my friends

Animal friends

Like most, I have had important teachers in my life who have inspired and guided me, yet the most profound teacher I have ever had lies buried at the entrance of Edgar’s Mission. A landrace, large white pig I came to love and adore, and whom I named Edgar Alan Pig. Now he lies interned beneath a carved wooden sculpture of a pig with wings, with a rooster dutifully standing on his back, a stoic reminder to all who pass through our front gates of why we exist.

Edgar changed my life forever, as he taught me the most important things in life are not things, but rare moments in time that will live forever in one’s heart. Until the time Edgar trotted into my life all I had ever wanted to do was ride horses, and while it took some time convincing my parents to even allow me anywhere near a horse, it was something I was able to do with what many would call great success. However, amongst the trophies and accolades I always felt there was something missing. It took a little piglet with an incredibly big heart to show me just what that was. Continue reading

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Be Cruelty-Free Week: Leather

Cruelty Free Week

Be Cruelty-Free Week is dedicated to spreading awareness of the cruel and unnecessary testing of cosmetics on our fine feathered, finned and furry friends. We’d humbly like to add there are so many other easy ways to live cruelty-free.

We all know about the cruelty involved in fur, but leather often sneaks under the ethical radar. Many would argue leather is a mark of quality and status, but the unseen suffering animals killed for their skins endure is undeniably horrific.

Why be cruel when it’s so easy to be kind? Kindness is always fashionable, especially now there are so many cruelty-free shoe, clothing and accessory brands popping up far and wide. In Melbourne we have Vegan Style, but in the digital age access to ethical stores online is the new black. Check out Moo Shoes, this list of brands by The Vegan Scholar or go to Shop Style, type in vegan at the top and then choose from the categories on the left.

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We’re so sorry, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

As a guardian of animals we are often faced with making difficult decisions on their behalf, and when we do, we base these decisions on sound reason and the best veterinary science we can find. And that is just what we did for Charlie Brown. Our pledge to every animal who passes through our farm gates is to give them a life worth living. Sadly, when little Charlie Brown arrived at our sanctuary he did not have a life worth living, the result of ahorrific and savage dog attack that had crushed several of the vertebrae in his neck, causing him to tilt his head at an almost ninety-degree angle. Surgery was attempted yesterday to rectify the dear little man’s woes but alas he passed away on the table before the surgery was complete.

Charlie Brown Continue reading

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Day One of Be Cruelty-Free Week

Ruby App

Today marks the beginning of Be Cruelty-Free Week, a week dedicated to spreading awareness of the cruel and unnecessary testing of cosmetics on our fine feathered, finned and furry friends.

Why be cruel when it’s so easy to be kind? Ruby has download the free Choose Cruelty Free app and you should too! Continue reading

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Fox on the run—meet Lex Luthor

A fox on the run was our driving motivation to help the hapless lost Lex Luthor. A call came from a concerned member of the public who had sighted, on numerous occasions, a small black chicken darting about where a small black chicken shouldn’t. It came to pass that the chicken, who at this stage was thought to be a hen, had somehow become either lost or abandoned at a roadside dumpsite. With little cover to protect the bird, and vast open fields over which foxes regularly traversed, it was a miracle the tiny creature had dodged death for so long. But the little fella was not about to give up his liberty freely. Continue reading

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Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

Little Miss Sunshine

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

On this day two years ago a plucky and personable little hen did exactly that as she travelled to Sydney in style and did a little spot of sightseeing along the way. As the undeniable star of the ‘That ain’t no way to treat a lady’ campaign, Little Miss Sunshine not only won hearts and minds across the country, she rubbed shoulders with some of our nation’s finest funny men and won herself a few admirers along the way. Never once stopping to consider that a world of adventure, pampering and being treated like a queen were never meant for a one time battery laying hen like herself, Little Miss Sunshine fluttered on into Sydney with her human minders like the star she was, stopping along the way at the Dog on the Tuckerbox with a few obligatory photos with fans old and new. From there, it was onto the set of the ad campaign before venturing further to explore the beauty of the botanical gardens, admiring the marvel that is the Sydney Harbor Bridge and even stepping foot inside the Sydney Opera House! What a lady indeed!

See more photos of her adventure here.

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Mornington Secondary College- making kindness count!


Last Wednesday year nine students from Mornington Secondary College set off for Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary in Lancefield.  What lay ahead was a fun and thought provoking adventure where students learned that sheep love wheetbix, cows are cool, pigs are smart and chickens really can count!  Critical thinking was encouraged as a presentation on social justice challenged many popular thoughts, leaving the students empowered that one person really can make a difference. 

If you would like to arrange an excursion to Edgar’s Mission by your school, work place or community group, we’d love to hear from you.  Please email [email protected] for more details

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Fifi the lamb


Now, while you may wonder why a name more synonymous with a fluffy white poodle is the name for a tiny little cream and white lamb, our wonder is just why anyone could wish to harm her. You see, Fifi is a Damara cross lamb. Damaras, a self-shedding fleeced breed relatively new to Australia and a breed renowned for its carcass quality, sees them favoured for meat production and the live export market. Yet Fifi knows none of those things. What she does know is that she misses her mum (whose life, sadly, was taken when she became tangled in a fence, leaving the wee lamb an orphan) and she yearns for company and her bottle. Both of those things we can provide in ample quantity.


With a zest for life only a lamb can muster, Fifi has become an instant hit with all the crew here at Edgar’s Mission, both human and non-human. Her innocent curiosity sees her wander up to the largest of animals as well as the smallest and ask, “Will you be my friend?” Whilst we have no doubt their answer is a resounding “Yes!”, what will be yours? Continue reading

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Hidden panther, crouching kitten….

Snow Leopard

Legend has it that the hills surrounding the district of Lancefield are home to a black panther (or two, given the longevity of the tale); moonlight sightings and carcasses of sheep savagely ripped apart being cited as evidence of the elusive beast. More recently a large black metal sculpture stalked its way into the centre of the town under the cover of darkness. And now it seems Lancefield is also home to more strange creatures of the feline family, with leopards and tigers being discovered at the local post office!

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard and Snow Tiger, as they were affectionately christened, are two very fortunate wee kittens, who behind their hisses and scratches were found to be little bundles of love and purrs. Whilst another kitten found a loving home with a kind heart, two others mysteriously disappeared. With a local animal rescue organisation working to catch the mother cat and her buddies, the true villains of this story are those who do not desex their pets. Responsibility for animals in humans care should not be as mythical as the Lancefield panther. Continue reading

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