Molly Day


On this day, May 31st, 2012 a truck carrying some 400 sheep crashed on a busy overpass of the Metropolitan Ring Road, just outside of Melbourne. The accident caused many of the hapless animals to rain down on the cars passing below. Dead, dazed and injured sheep made for a horrific sight, as speeding cars crashed into them. Continue reading

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Profit should never come at the cost of our ethics

Ban Live Export Rally

“Profit should never come at the cost of our ethics.” – Pam Ahern

A huge shout out of thanks and praise to the organisers of Saturday’s Ban Live Export Rally in Geelong. It was an honour to march with so many honourable people who stand on the right side of history. Please ensure our politicians do so also, please call them today and demand an end to live export. Not sure who your Federal Member is? Click here to find out.

Read more about the rally in the Geelong Advertiser. Continue reading

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Turkey Lady

“She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.”

Turkey Lady

With heavy hearts last week, we bade farewell to our beautiful beloved matriarch Rosamund, affectionately known as ’Turkey Lady’. There aren’t many who can say their presence on this earth made it a better place but Turkey Lady’s most certainly did. All those who met her were won over by her unfailing gentle nature, her inquisitive gaze and her merry chirps of delight when she spied her favourite humans. To know Turkey Lady was to love her and all of us who loved her will carry her around with us forever in our hearts.

Goodbye our dear friend. Until we meet again.

All our love,

Team Edgar.  Continue reading

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You can make a difference!

For only $10 you can make a difference
A $10 donation will provide bottles of milk to orphaned lambs
To keep them happy and healthy.
Just like this…

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Where eagles dare…

Teddy Bull

As the hungry fox ripped apart the dead cow, a keen-eyed eagle watched on from a nearby large gum tree and patiently waited for yet another turn. All the while a doe-eyed baby calf blinked in bewilderment, every now and then a feeble moo parting his cold lips, a desperate plea to the mother who would never rise again. Her state of bloat and decomposition suggested she had left this world some 24 to 48 hours ago. With the only creature to have ever shown him a kindness now gone, it looked as if it wouldn’t be too long before the wee calf would once again be reunited with his mother. But all that was set to change when another creature charged with kindness happened upon the grim scene. Unable to corral the frightened calf, the wildlife carer called in for assistance and it was not too long before Teddy Bull, now with both a name and a future, was Edgar’s Mission bound.

Teddy Bull
Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes Day

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” – Sherlock Holmes, The Hound of the Baskervilles

Steady Eddie

It was Sherlock Holmes Day yesterday and Steady Eddie found himself sleuthing out some cold hard truths. He was able to prove, beyond any doubt, that he is one seriously cute kid.

Steady Eddie Continue reading

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It Was The Perfect Evening

Foundation Day 2016

On Saturday night, the 14th of May, we held an event to mark the 13th year of Edgar’s Mission, Some Enchanted Evening at Some Enchanted Sanctuary.

As the sun lowered and a blanket of yellow-pink clouds settled across the horizon, we were treated to the most beautiful of sunsets. It was the perfect evening for a gathering, some might say enchanted.

From the arrival of our first guests to the last departure, Edgar’s Mission was alive and buzzing with love and laughter. So we want to thank our guests for coming along, sharing the evening with us and for their unwavering support, it means the world to us. Continue reading

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Wee Willie Winkie

There’s no time for napping—Wee Willie Winkie has a very important message!

Wee Willie Winkie

The latest member of our lamb clan comes not only with a heroic tale of kindness but a very important message. You see, Winkie’s saviour is not only kind to lost orphan lambs but also has kindness ‘sans frontiers’.  Heading home after a heartbreakingly exhausting weekend endeavouring to protect native waterbirds, this kind heart came upon the tiniest of lambs, all on his lonesome. Bundling up the wee chap, they knew he needed much more than a good nap to make his world complete.  Delivered into our care, and only a few days old, the lamb with a most prominent set of ‘eyebrows’ made fast work of not only capturing our hearts but also devouring the sweet milk formula we had on hand. Continue reading

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Ask… and you shall receive!

Veg Feast

That is the plan for our Campaign Action this month. One of the comments we receive often from those considering aligning their dietary choices with their love for animals is that it can sometimes feel ‘too hard.’ And indeed, depending on which area of our wide brown land you inhabit, the plant- based options at your local restaurant or supermarket may well be lacking. Yes, we know, just about every shop sells fruits and vegetables and while these are indeed tasty and nutritious, sometimes they’re not what the tastebuds of a new plant-based eater craves. So, for our Campaign Action this month, we’re asking you to chat to your favourite restaurant about adding one or two plant-based options to their menu. Continue reading

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Volunteer Week – Camille

Each day throughout this week we shall feature some of our amazing, tireless and dedicated guys and gals. Find out what volunteering means to our amazing Camille.


“Hello! My name is Camille, I’m from France and I’m volunteering at Edgar’s Mission five days a week for five months.

I love this place because everyone is really respectful and loving with animals, everyone is just really nice. Volunteering here made me learn a lot about animals, and also about veganism. Like a lot of people, I didn’t really know what it was like to be vegan and why people wanted to be vegan (especially when you were born and raised in a country that loves cheese!) Living surrounded by vegans almost every day has changed my way of seeing things. It made me really aware of the injustice of the lives we give to animals, when all they deserve is love. Continue reading

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Volunteer Week – Charlton

Each day throughout this week we shall feature some of our amazing, tireless and dedicated guys and gals. Find out what volunteering means to our amazing Charlton.

Sonia and Charlton

“Hi, my name is Charlton. I’m Sonia’s better half. Well I’m 28 years old, love working with my hands, that is why I’m in a trade, and I’m pretty good looking. You can ask Julian [Volunteer Coordinator], he will confirm on the good looking part. As you can also tell I like to have a bit of fun as I believe life is meant to be. Continue reading

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Volunteer Week – Amanda

Each day throughout this week we shall feature some of our amazing, tireless and dedicated guys and gals. Find out what volunteering means to our amazing Amanda Penrose.


“I’m Amanda Penrose. I’m about to graduate from Uni with a BA of photography, and so I now have my own pet photography business with my sidekick (dog) Saff by my side. But if you’d like to turn it into a vegan dating profile, you can also slip in that I like long walks on the beach! Continue reading

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Volunteer Week – Rosemary

Each day throughout this week we shall feature some of our amazing, tireless and dedicated guys and gals. Find out what volunteering means to our amazing Rosemary Moore.


“I first encountered Edgar’s Mission five years ago and fell in love immediately. I’m lucky to have flexibility in my work hours and live just an hour’s drive from the farm, which means I currently can spend a day a week volunteering there.

Edgar’s Mission is a truly beautiful place. It’s a place of sanctuary for the animals who live there, as well as a gentle and influential educator on behalf of all farmed animals. It’s also a kind of sanctuary for those of us who feel angry but helpless in the face of so much animal exploitation and neglect. At Edgar’s, your anger can transform into useful activity. Continue reading

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Foundation Day


It was on this day in 2003 I set off with my little dog, ET for an adventure.  We came back with an inspiration; I named him Edgar Alan Pig. What came next changed all of our lives forever….

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Baby it’s cold outside!

But things are nice and toasty in our lamb barn as we welcome, just now, little Elma. Her story coming soon, bottles to prepare…..

Elma Continue reading

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Volunteer Week – Sonia

This week is National Volunteer Week and to volunteers everywhere we salute you!!

With it’s theme give happy, live happy, we share with you some stories of the personal journeys our wonderful volunteers have made while contributing to Edgar’s Mission. The first in our series is from Sonia.


“My name is Sonia, my partner Charlton and I have been volunteering at Edgars for nearly a year now and it’s been absolutely amazing! I love travelling – I believe it’s one of life’s most valuable teachers. We just came back from a dream trip to East Africa and were lucky enough to see mountain gorillas and the Big 5! Would definitely consider myself a Wanderluster. Continue reading

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Page Three Girl

Ruby Herld Sun

Hey, look who’s a page three girl in today’s Herald Sun! Our very own Vet Nurse Ruby and remember lambs are for lovin’ not the oven!

Ruby Herld Sun Continue reading

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The Secret Seven

Secret Seven

With duck season in full swing, a group of battle ready and compassionate people chose to head to the frontline and pay witness to the least sporting “sport” of them all. Their aim was to rescue any maimed ducks left to die by the shooters, but what they didn’t expect was to be the saviour of seven very lucky little soldiers.

Secret Seven

The duck rescuers scratched their heads over how or what foul play was afoot as they discovered seven lambs alone and abandoned in a paddock, their umbilical cords still attached and no mothers in sight. They bundled the precious little packages in warmth and sent an SOS call out to Edgar’s Mission – the message was intercepted and response affirmative – permission to board. Continue reading

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International Respect for Chicken’s Day

Today is International Respect for Chicken’s Day

Chickens have been given a bad rap. You only have to spend a little time with a chicken to really start seeing them, to see they too are deserving of the love and care you give your dog or cat. And they’re smart, yep – they have lots going on upstairs, besides those gnarly combs.

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Changing the world

Woodend Primary School

The greatest tool for changing the world is oneself—that was the important lesson delivered to 72 bright and inquisitive fourth graders recently at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary, Lancefield.  Harking from the Carlsruhe Campus of the Woodend Primary School, students enjoyed a lively day of presentations and farm tours, meeting animals and learning how to be change-makers in the world.

Woodend Primary School Continue reading

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Macedon Ranges VIEW Club


Spending a delightful afternoon with the ladies of the Sunbury and Macedon Ranges VIEW Club on Friday April 15th was EM Founder and Director, Pam Ahern.  A huge shout out of thanks to the lovely Rae Waters for arranging Pam as the guest speaker. Continue reading

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Where Are They Now – Batman and Robyn

Every month we shine the spotlight on a family who have chosen to bring new faces into their homes and hearts and adopt one or a few rescued animals.Read on to see how Batman and Robyn are going in their new forever home.

Batman Robyn Continue reading

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