We were blown away

Over these last couple of weeks, we’ve been asking our friends if they wouldn’t mind digging deep to help provide for the influx of lambs – and we were blown away by the response. So many of you, our supporters and friends, have made once off donations or joined our family and become monthly donors.

We were truly amazed and humbled that so many of you believe in us and our mission of kindness. We could just say massive thank you’s from the team and all the animals, but our words just don’t compare to what the lambs and kid goats will show you! Watch their ‘thank you’ video below.

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Some days…


Some days the unfairness of the world threatens to suffocate you; to wrap so tightly around you that you cannot breathe without sobbing your heart out. Today was one of those days. It started out as a day consumed with one goal and one goal only: to save a life. But we were all too soon to learn the universe had other plans for a wee lamb surrendered into our care less than 24 hours ago. Continue reading

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A fighting chance- saving Arnold

Today a newborn lamb was surrendered into our care. But we were soon to learn that this was the least of his woes.  The victim of a predator attack, we do not know which way things are going to go for Arnold.  But for now he has a fighting chance, and that is just what we are going to give him. Continue reading

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Max and his BFF


Check out Max with his new BFF, North Melbourne Football Club’s Jarrad Waite, in todays Herald Sun!

Watch the special Nine News report when Jarrad and Jackie visited Edgar’s Mission here.

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Kicking goals for kindness!

Jarrad Waite Edgars Mission-7 

It may have been a long way from the grassy field of Arden Street, but that didn’t stop North Melbourne footballer Jarrad Waite from kicking goals today at Edgar’s Mission.  Although this time Jarrad had his sights set firmly on kindness.  And the umpire’s verdict? This guy is awesome!!  Watch Channel Nine news tonight at six to see this game changer in action.

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What the world needs now…

Vasey House_-18

Bringing together two of the most vulnerable groups in our society; the elderly and animals, has so many benefits for both as was seen last Tuesday when ‘the cuteness overload’ kid goats, Marigold, and Daisy, ‘the getting steadier by the day’ Eddie and ‘the inimitable and affable’ Timmy Sheep, made their way (aided by the human contingent of Edgar’s Mission) to Vasey House Aged Care in Bundoora.

Vasey House_-21 

Watching smiles erupt and fingers come to life, as animals were stroked and kind hearts stoked, these are special moments in life.  Indeed animals and the elderly have so much in common; both are often forgotten, considered too much trouble or have their emotional needs denied as they become mute witnesses to human indifference.  But thankfully it is not always this way; change is afoot as the events of this day remind us that what the world needs right now is that little bit more kindness.  And each and every one of us can contribute to that goal.

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You’ll always be on my mind…


Today marks the second anniversary of the passing of my dear little buddy Frostie the Snow Goat.  He brought joy, happiness and lots of chewed hair into my life, and whilst his passing broke my heart, he made my world complete. I take great comfort knowing that he also enriched the world with his zany zest for life and his happy go lucky way of being caused many to rethink their view of farmed animals.  Wheel on little buddy, wheel on, you will always be on my mind. Continue reading

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Synchronized Chewing

The Edgar’s Mission Lamb Clan do everything together, even synchronized chewing!

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International Yoga Day

Yoga Day

Today is International Yoga Day… but we skipped the yoga and went straight into the relaxation

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Where Are They Now – Tinsel

Every month we shine the spotlight on a family who have chosen to bring new faces into their homes and hearts and adopt one or a few rescued animals. Read on to see how Tinsel is going in her new forever home.

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Sometimes Our Darkest Hours Can Actually Be Our Finest

Posy’s story is one of incredible sadness, but also one of hope and survival. It was clear to us that she wanted to live, and we were determined to give her a fighting chance – but none of this would be possible without your support. Please help us help animals like Posy by making a tax-deductible donation today, together we can save even more lives

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Turkey Lovers’ Day: Show Me Love


When we talk of love, what do we mean? An altruistic and affectionate love that compels us to protect another? Or are we talking about something we take pleasure from, a self-fulfilling love? The word is one and the same, but it has many different meanings. And deeper than that, the consequences of how we express that love are worlds apart.

Here at Edgar’s, we love Marty Turkey. Everyone who enters our sanctuary gates and is welcomed by Marty and his brother Ivan fall head over heels for the duo. Sadly, it’s not usually love at first sight as visitors are initially a little aghast at these two strange, giant creatures who don’t match their picture of what a turkey should look like. Wild turkeys, with their dark feathers and slender necks, aren’t revered for their physical beauty, but they’re svelte and effective, with the means to fly and perch in trees for safety. They are perfectly evolved beings able to thrive in their natural habitat. Continue reading

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Campaign Action for June

Ban Live Export Rally

With a Federal election scheduled for July 2016, many caring Australians are considering how best they can use their vote to help animals.

Edgar’s Mission is an apolitical organisation and in compliance with the Charities Act 2013, we cannot promote or oppose a political party or candidate for political office.  But we can encourage you to think.

Below are some topical issues and questions you can pose to your local Federal candidates, their responses can help inform you on how best to vote in line with your ethics and, regardless of the election’s outcome, your inquiry will let them know animals matter to their constituents. Continue reading

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A day in the life …

June 15-3

People often ask us what our daily life entails here at Edgar’s Mission. And whilst the answer entails much feeding, cleaning and cuddling, there exists a fair degree of unpredictability as the day rolls on and the calls come in. Today was no different; however, the degree of unpredictability seemed to be on steroids.

First up, a little kid goat was in urgent need of care and kindness (warning: cuteness alert number one). A forever home had been found for two of our long-term resident horses and two of our rescued hens (oh, how it makes our hearts sing when we find these special homes). A determined Dorper ewe who arrived pregnant at our sanctuary decided today was the day to let loose on the world her adorable twin lambs (warning: cuteness alert number two). Continue reading

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Elma, could a lamb be any cuter?


We think not, and neither did her rescuer. Found just shy of the country township of Elmore not long after she had slipped from her mother’s warm womb, the wee lamb was quickly christened the beautiful old-world name of Elma. We do not know what circumstance caused Elma to be separated from her mother and her flock but we do know that had she not been found she would have surely perished.  And we do know she desperately wanted to live. However without her mother’s life-enhancing and immune-building colostrum, it was going to be an uphill battle. By the time Elma was surrendered into our care, scours* had set in and the window of opportunity for colostrum gone.

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We can do better….

We Can Do Better

Alvin Toffler “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ”

It was November 17, 1970, and the then Chief Secretary of the Victorian State Government, Sir Arthur Rylah, made the announcement that the wearing of seat belts would be mandatory in all cars. The effect on road trauma was great as the death toll from road accidents plummeted along with the number of people suffering horrific and debilitating injuries, and Victoria became the world’s first legislature to decree mandatory wearing of seatbelts. This happened for one reason, and one only, because we, as a society, knew we could do better. But our way of thinking did not change overnight; it was a hard-fought battle going back to the 1930s where lone voices in the wildernesses gathered both momentum and numbers until doing anything less than changing our legislation would not be in keeping with public opinion. Continue reading

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Adding to our lamb clan is none other than Addington!


With his overbite mouth and little pot belly, the recently shorn Addington made for a pitiful sight as he trembled for what he thought lay ahead. But he had become lost in a kind town and it wasn’t too long before the young wether was Edgar’s Mission bound. In the face of our best intentions, Addington made clear he wanted nothing to do with humans. After all, who could blame him? From crude shearing just before winter, to separation from his mother and castration by a tight rubber ring to his testicles, not only had our animal protection laws and regulations failed him but so too had those who were charged with his care. Sadly, fear had taken up residence in his short life, and it was something we needed to send packing. But how?

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Mon Amie

Mon Amie

There are so many reasons why chicken hatching projects in schools are wrong; Mon Amie’s story is just one of them. Hatched out in an incubator at an outer Melbourne primary school was she. With no doting mother hen to answer the chirps of her sweet fluffy chicks, Mon Amie and her buddies cracked into a world far removed from what nature intended. Amidst excited squeals, inquisitive eyes and curious little fingers, the chicks blinked in wide-eyed wonder. While the others hopped and skipped about, one chick failed to do so, constantly flipping on her side as her tiny little legs flailed in the air. It was quickly evident all was not well. With many schools already struggling to provide financially for the needs of their students, adding in expensive veterinary care for tiny balls of life who are only ever intended for a whistle stop in the classroom is simply out of the question. However, not content to become immune to the suffering of another creature, one brave student refused to turn a blind eye. Continue reading

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Little Miss Sunshine’s Birthday

Little Miss Sunshines Birthday

Three years ago today over one thousand hens were rescued from a caged egg farm. Today we celebrated Little Miss Sunshine’s Re-Birthday.

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Best Friends Day

“Good friends help you find important things when you have lost them… your smile, your hope, and your courage.” – Doe Zantamata

The bonds of friendship truly do make life worth living, as many Edgar’s Mission residents will attest to. Arriving alone at the sanctuary, often surviving some form of trauma, they have found that companionship brings comfort and a sense of belonging. Today is Best Friends Day, we hope you get to spend it with your nearest and dearest.

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Update on The Professor, Mr. Wizard and Lady Penelope

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Medical Fighting Fund!

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The Professor, Mr. Wizard and Lady Penelope

Back in February 2015, an Australian sheep farmer said: “Lamb survival is having a real drain on each farmer in the commercial industry; we need to be acutely aware of it.’’ Yet over and over again we, and countless other sanctuaries, are receiving calls from concerned members of the public in regards to the welfare of newborn lambs.

The Professor

At this time of the year, frosty ice covered paddocks are dotted with the bodies of new born lambs, many failing to make it more than a few hours. It has been estimated that around 15 million die (yes, you read that correctly) within the first 48 hours of life. Delivered from the toasty warm ovens of their mother’s wombs, it really is a miracle of nature any survive at all. Fumbling to their little cloven hooves they desperately try and navigate their way to the teat that contains life-enhancing colostrum, tripping over their enthusiasm on the way. Continue reading

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Operation Red Hen

On the 16th of May 2016, while many sat down for their evening meal, the Edgar’s Mission rescue team swung into gear. Their mission was simple: to save as many hens as possible.

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“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” William Shakespeare.


When we first met Gloria, it was with bittersweet sorrow. Her face was swollen and marred by puncture marks, blood and pus, most likely from a dog, fox or big cat attack. But beyond her painful wounds and recognising the need for ongoing medical care to nurse her back to health, we could clearly see this endearing, gentle kid with big floppy ears wanted to live. Continue reading

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Just arrived!

Only hours old and just arrived at Edgar’s Mission!

Please help us give little lambs like these guys a reason to live by making a tax deductible donation to our Medical Fighting Fund today.

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A Mother’s Love

Clarabelle and Valentine

Bart Simpson told us: “Don’t have a cow, man!” But shortly after Clarabelle arrived at Edgar’s Mission she did precisely that, she gave birth to a beautiful, big-eyed calf who would become known as Valentine. We’re so glad no one has taken Bart Simpson’s advice, ever. Continue reading

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