Media Statement

On Friday the 23rd of September, Pearcedale RSPCA requested that Edgar’s Mission provide care and rehabilitation for five young and sickly piglets that had been handed in to the RSCPA by a member of the public, who advised they found them abandoned. The RSPCA released the piglets to Edgar’s Mission due to their young age and health needs, as we are well known for our knowledge and expertise in pigs.

We assessed the piglets to be in a poor and unhygienic condition, in our minds consistent with the story that they had been abandoned, and one piglet was taken directly to a local vet to receive ongoing medical treatment while in our care. He arrived sick and lethargic and was most likely to have been showing signs of illness for some time – he was very underweight, had diarrhea and a gut infection. He was put on a course of medication. Of the rest of the piglets, three were thin and underweight, with ribs, spine and hips protruding, and had untreated wounds. All the piglets had lice. Thankfully they bounced back after a few days of treatment and nourishment. Continue reading

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Two Shakes of a Lambs Tail

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We’re coming home…

Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie

Returning home today after presenting at Warrnambool’s prestigious Culture, Creativity and Place II conference (some fours hours from Edgar’s Mission) it was an act of synchronicity that saw us in the best place to save these two sweet little lambs, Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie. While both have crippling disabilities, and a journey of a thousand wonky hoof steps lays ahead, they are in the best place they can be. It is both an honour and privilege to serve these innocent babies. We believe that when we extend our kindness and mercy to the most voiceless and vulnerable amongst us, we are truly finding our way home.

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Out on the range …


While out on duty earlier this week, a local animal control ranger was contacted in regards to a ewe who was experiencing a difficult birth. Sadly, the ewe did not make it, but a newborn lamb did. The bleak future that was on offer for this little babe was something this kind-hearted ranger refused to accept. Not long thereafter, “Ranger”, as he has been named, with his still-wet umbilical cord, was surrendered into our care and life-enhancing colostrum was delivered to his sweet little lips. And, reciprocating our kindness, Ranger was only too quick to offer us sweet kisses of appreciation.

So when next time you are out on the range, be like our dear Ranger and ensure kindness for animals is firmly on your horizon. Continue reading

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Livin’ at ‘Leven (Updated)

Livin at Leven

You asked for it, so we are delivering! That’s right folks, back by your extremely popular request is our live streaming from Edgar’s Mission. Join us on our Facebook page at 11.00am, Australian Eastern Standard Time, everyday this week as we go live to show you just some of the baaing, mooing, bok boking and oinking from around the farm. See our live streams below: Continue reading

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Ink Blot won’t stand still!


Trying to get Ink Blot, a tiny two-day-old lamb, to stand still is about as hard as finding enough hours in the day to catch up on housework. Curious and cute, hungry and happy, this little lamb simply won’t stand still for a minute. And why should she, because there is just so much to explore in her new-found world of kindness. She was delivered into our care only hours after her birth: she had been found cold and alone in a paddock, where she would have surely perished if not for the kind heart who came upon her. A plucky Suffolk-cross lamb, with a personality at odds with her diminutive size, she took no time to nestle into our hearts—however, sadly, not so to settle down to pose for a photograph.

Inkblot Continue reading

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DNA Creative Arts program


Edgar’s Mission rockin’ Your DNA Creative Arts program – ‘Animal Lovers’ in Ringwood yesterday. These guys and gals were awesome!!

If you would like Edgar’s Mission Founder and Director, Pam Ahern, to deliver a thought provoking presentation to your workplace, school or community group, please email [email protected] or phone 0408 397 301. We are based in Lancefield, Central Victoria.

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Camouflaging kindness


Camouflaging a frightened young ewe was not only two years’ worth of wool but also two years of human indifference. Ending up unloved and unkempt at an outer Melbourne Pound was Cammy. Continue reading

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Help Edgar’s Mission help animals and create a kinder world for all.


Vote for Edgar’s Mission in the Voiceless People’s Choice Award – Capacity Building category. Please remember you can only vote once, so make your vote count. Many thanks in advance of your support.

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Minuet, she is …


She moves slowly, all the while graceful, and she makes our hearts dance. What else could we call the diminutive little lamb who recently waltzed into our lives in the arms of a wildlife carer, than Minuet?

Found by the side of her dead mother, a wee lamb such as she would have had no hope in this world of foxes, wicked weather and animal protection laws that say it is ok to leave such vulnerable creatures at the mercy of Mother Nature. But Minuet did have luck on her side, and that was all she needed to see her, none too soon, in the arms of a kind heart and quick-thinking mind. Continue reading

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Do you see what I see? Meet Rorschach.


Rorschach was surrendered into our care after a kindly neighbour had observed the little lamb becoming increasingly slower and more listless by the day. Unable to watch him ail any further, an approach was made to the farmer responsible for his care. Deemed not worth the effort, Rorschach was soon Edgar’s Mission bound. Not knowing what to expect when the wee chap arrived, we quickly determined that one back leg was not all it should be. Unable to stand on this badly swollen limb, which was encased with much dried blood, scabs and mud, the now-sickly lamb was raced to veterinary care. Here the leg was shaven, and several old bite marks were revealed that were concealing a raging bone infection which was poisoning the young lamb’s entire system. Intravenous antibiotics set to work as the bewildered little lamb’s chances were south of 50%. But no one uttered a word of this to Rorschach, so he battled on, as did we.

Rorschach Continue reading

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The weather has been wicked and merciless, but we are not…

Recently surrendered into our care is this little guy. So cold and almost frozen is he, that we have been unable to register a temperature.  Shivering and shaking and without a sucking reflex, our only hope is to tube feed life enhancing and immune building colostrum, shower the wee one with warmth and kindness and wait…

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Meet Kid Rock—his story will shake your world.

Kid Rock

Kid Rock’s story began deep in Central New South Wales where he, his mum and his flock were rounded from the grassy fields on which they had happily grazed. On this storm-filled day, they were loaded on to a livestock carrier that was to head south that afternoon. Loud noises, rough handling and unfamiliar smells swamped their world and all became agitated. With so many babies on board for the long haul that lay ahead, it was determined that the vulnerable youngsters would be placed on the lower deck. This decision was to prove calamitous for all of the animals involved. As wild winds, pouring rain and the excrement from the animals above filtered down on the terrified babies, they quickly became encased in cold, filth and fear. Enduring hours of such harshness was to take its toll in many ways, not the least of which was that upon arrival, confused mothers were unable to identify their own babies’ faces or once-familiar smells.

Kid Rock Continue reading

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Jiminy Cricket, is he your conscience?


The Blue Fairy: You must learn to choose between right and wrong.
Pinocchio: Right and wrong? But how will I know?
Jiminy Cricket: [watching] How’ll he know!
The Blue Fairy: [to Pinocchio] Your conscience will tell you.
Pinocchio: What’s a conscience?
Jiminy Cricket: What’s a conscience! I’ll tell ya! A conscience is that still small voice that people won’t listen to. That’s just the trouble with the world today …
Pinocchio: Are you my conscience?
Jiminy Cricket: Who, me?  Continue reading

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Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah


Whilst I was only six years old when Jeannie C. Riley in 1968 belted out that chorus of a song, later made famous by the Hoodoo Gurus, called “The Generation Gap”, its catchy upbeat tempo never fails to get me bopping along. Another thing that gets me bopping very quickly along is the demanding yet pitiful “wah, wah, wah” bleats of newborn little lambs. And there has been no lamb more masterful of this craft than a tiny newborn who was recently surrendered into our care. Hearing his cries, we could think of no more fitting name for the sweet and chubby soprano lamb than “Wah”. Continue reading

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Teaching kind

Catholic Regional College

Thursday August 18, saw twenty plus intrepid students from the Catholic Regional College in North Keilor trek north up the Calder Highway to Edgar’s Mission. What followed was a thought provoking day filled with questions, kindness and animal hugs. What more could an inquiring mind want! If you too would love an excursion to Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary please contact [email protected] to arrange a visit.

Catholic Regional College Continue reading

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Let me tell you about a pig called Max


The first time I saw Max, I thought just two things and felt just one. The first thing I thought was, “Oh my; he is sooo big,” which quickly led to the second thing: “How am I going to get him into the horse float?!”.

You see, Max, a rather elderly boar (that’s an uncastrated male pig) was holed up at a country pound after he had been found wandering the streets of Castlemaine. Castlemaine, while once known as a gold rush town, is known today as the home of KR Castlemaine Pork Products, so it wasn’t really a good place for a pig to find his pot of gold. But no one told Max that, in fact, no one told Max too many things. Continue reading

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Where Are They Now – Mr Wizard, The Professor and Lady Penelope

Every month we shine the spotlight on a family who have chosen to bring new faces into their homes and hearts and adopt one or a few rescued animals. Read on to see how Mr Wizard, The Professor and Lady Penelope are going in their new forever home.

Where Are They Now Continue reading

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Who Loves You Daddy?


There is something special about older farmed animals. Perhaps it is the wisdom that sits behind their once bright and shiny eyes, or the fact they have simply made it to old age at all (something so few farmed animals ever do). Their creaky bodies, drooping ears and ragged appearance ensures they will never grace the pages of Vogue, but it does ensure they will nestle into a special reservoir we have in our hearts for their kind. The most recent one to do so is an elderly and stately ram we have given the unlikely name of “Who Loves You Daddy”. And if that doesn’t make you smile, his ruggedly handsome face will. Continue reading

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World Animal Day 2016! Tickets are SOLD OUT!

World Animal Day

Animal ambassadors, check. Inspirational speakers, check. Scrummy food, check. Fun activities, check. Something’s missing from our World Animal Day checklist – you! Edgar’s Mission needs you to fill our quota of amazing guests for World Animal Day on 2nd October, 2016. Continue reading

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