Hug a Sheep Day

We all know that dogs love hugs.  Even cats will indulge you in a hug or two, but did you know that sheep love hugs as well?  Just because they may look different to the beloved pets of so many, sheep are every bit as worthy of our compassion, kindness and hugs too!  And what better day to share the love than International Hug a Sheep Day!

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Motley Crue

Motley Crue

Taking their lead from the American heavy metal band, a recently arrived mixed bag of ovines have managed to reinvent themselves.  Although unlike their namesake Tommy Lee, Samantha Maloney and Nikki Sixx are not known for their excessive brashness, wild parties or their impact on the world stage.  Rather their transformation has seen them morph from nameless animals one hoof step away from death to named and much loved family members.

Samantha Maloney, a fine wool merino, Tommy Lee, a cheeky dorper wether and Nikki Sixx a crossbred little ewe, form this most unlikely trio. But all are deeply bonded to one another.  We are so grateful to the kind heart who so readily opened their farmgate to adopt these buddies, welcoming the fact they recognise Samantha, Tommy Lee and Nikki as someones not somethings.

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We have been rescued!

‘We have been rescued!
Please look after us and show people that we are friends and not food.
Thank you’

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What’s is all about, Alfie?


Climbing into the murky darkness that was the understorey of a house, we spied the pig who council had alerted us to. The tale went like this: a medium-sized black and white boar had been taking refuge in the area for several weeks, at first masquerading as a wombat and sending the household dogs into a frenzy. By what circumstance Alfie had found himself alone in a foreign world we do not know, but what we did know was that we were his last hope.

Alfie Continue reading

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How are you making a difference?

Make A Difference

Today is World Make a Difference Day and we want to know how you’re making a difference. All around the globe amazing humans with hearts of gold are making the world a kinder place in so many ways. If you’re a little stuck and looking for inspiration, you could start by helping someone out of a pickle or donating to a great cause, and one of the most powerful ways you can make a difference for animals is to leave them off your plate.

So, if you haven’t already, you can make a world of difference today; it only takes one act, one kind word or gesture. And please don’t forget to share your story by telling us what you’re doing to make a world of difference.

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Nicky and Thyme

Nicky and Thyme

“In the nick of time” is an idiom that describes a situation where something comes at the vital moment, usually at the last possible opportunity. And we could think of no better description for the rescue of two tiny young ex-school chicken-hatching project chicks. Amidst school bags and books, the hapless two had made their way home one day to a most distressed parent, who had absolutely no idea of their impending arrival. Compounding the situation was that she received no information on how to care for the chicks or what the dietary needs are of such young and vulnerable animals. Charged now with the responsibility of two young lives, this kind-hearted mother became frantic, not only for the animals themselves but also for the poor lessons her children would learn about caring for others.

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“Is he still with us?” someone nervously asked as the blanket was peeled back to reveal an almost frozen and lifeless newborn lamb. With his feeble body still covered in amniotic fluid and his wet and bloody umbilical telling us he was only hours old, little Connor rolled his head ever so slightly and gave us both an answer and hope. Working to warm his moribund form, our every being was set to fulfil the promise mother nature had offered—a life truly worth living. Warming the lamb was our first and foremost task as frozen colostrum was thawed. With a lamb as weak as this and unable to suckle, our only option to introduce life-enhancing nutrition was by direct stomach tube, something we have sadly had cause to do a zillion times before. And then we waited.

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Livin at Leven (Updated)


Edgar’s Mission cordially invites you to join us next week as we go live at 11.00am AEST(Australian Eastern Standard Time) each weekday (Monday 17th through to Friday 21st) with ‘Livin at ‘Leven.  Join us as we go live on our Facebook page, sharing many magical happenings around the sanctuary.  As a special treat we will be featuring some of the residents who star in our 2017 calendar. To ensure you will have 365 days of kindness in 2017 you can order your calendar here.

PS If you miss the live posts you can view them below: Continue reading

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Where Are They Now – Addington, Blueberry, Tutti Fruti and Apple Blossom

Every month we shine the spotlight on a family who have chosen to bring new faces into their homes and hearts and adopt one or a few rescued animals. Read on to see how Addington, Blueberry, Tutti Fruti and Apple Blossom are going in their new forever home.

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The world can become a kinder place for animals …

We humans can overpower animals in so many ways, but we can also choose to be kind to them. While Custard’s memory of her birth mother may begin to dim, we will never forget the heartache as she was taken from her, and we extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the good folk at Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary for so readily opening their barn doors to this innocent little baby.

Our greatest hope for a humane and just world for all rests in the fact that things can change. Please help change the world for the better—be kind to animals. It really is that simple.

“If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?”

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Little Red Riding Hood meets Virginia Wolfe…

Little Red Riding Hood

Two of the most recent additions to our lamb clan are these adorable girls with their oh so fitting names.  Little Red Riding Hood (so named because of her first jacket being red) is diminutive, sweet and shy, while Virginia Wolfe is forthright, courageous and loves to take the lead.  Over and over it is through our experiences with animals that we have the unique opportunity to bear witness to what is so often written – animals each come with their own individual stories and personalities, shaped by both their experience and environment.  And while no two are ever the same their plea for human mercy, kindness and justice is. Continue reading

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Update on Makamae


For four sickly kittens and their abandoned mother, Christmas came early on the 10th of December 2014, when they were rescued by Edgar’s Mission.  Sadly, it is suspected that the poor nutrition afforded the stray mother cat had played out in her babies as all were afflicted with the debilitating condition of eyelid agenesis. This condition, where the eyelid fails to properly form leads to irritation and damage of the sensitive cornea, untreated and unchecked as it was the sight of the wee babies was greatly compromised. It was a miracle they could see anything at all. But with no barriers to our kindness for animals in need and aided by the expert care of the good folk at Malvern Animal Eye Care, all kittens received treatment and underwent corrective surgery.  Most recently the sweet little Makamae had her last procedure, reconstructive surgery on her left upper eyelid, of which she is recovering well. Continue reading

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Vet Nurse Day

For an extra dose of kindness just call Vet Nurse Ruby and Vet Nurse Stitch.


Today, Vet Nurse day, we celebrate these kind hearts, warm hands (or paws) and loving smiles for all they do for our animal friends.


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Tania, entwined now in love


Found by wildlife carers entwined in a wire fence was a tiny little lamb, barely hours old. The wire showed no remorse for wee lamb’s pristine white hind limb; mercilessly it gouged and wrapped itself 360 degrees around, and our race against time began to see if not only Tania’s leg but also her life could be saved. Freeing Tania from not only the fence but also farmlife by way of surrender, the wee baby was thrown the greatest lifeline she ever could as she was ferried to Edgar’s Mission.

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World Egg Day

Little Miss Sunshine

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Brainteaser aside, we argue firmly that it’s the humble chicken who is deserving of our first concern. On World Egg Day we want to celebrate the often unseen chickens behind the eggs that line supermarket shelves.

Little Miss Sunshine was once a commercial laying hen, and she would like to share her story with you. Little Miss Sunshine spent the first part of her life on a factory farm, barely able to take a step let alone spread her wings, and never enjoyed the simple pleasures of sunshine.

When the cage egg producer had a change of heart and decided he could no longer profit from the suffering of living, feeling creatures, he surrendered Little Miss Sunshine and all 1,080 of her friends to Edgar’s Mission. And what a mission the rescue was – thankfully every last chicken found a loving home. Since then, Little Miss Sunshine has become an ambassador for her kind, a movie star and travelled all the way to Sydney, of course stopping at the Opera House for a gander. But her main starring role is living a rich and happy life with her new family, where she’s free to spread her wings and laze in the sunshine whenever the urge takes her.

Little Miss Sunshine Continue reading

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Roger that!


As a terrified and injured goat raced about a busy road, cars swerved and mayhem was caused. But two things became clear: first, that animals flee from danger for the very same reasons we humans do—they wish to protect their life; and second, that humans are programmed to care, as Roger’s saviour saw a creature in trouble and knew just what he had to do. Tracking down the trembling animal, he was soon able to hand Roger over to local animal control officers, who ferried the fearful goat to a local vet clinic for assessment. Whilst Roger gave no hints as to how he had found himself in such a bizarre circumstance, some old bite wounds on his hind legs told of a nasty encounter with a dog.

Roger Continue reading

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The curious place of animals

Little John and Pam

Walt Disney said, “around here however we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things; because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”.

I was just seven years old when curiosity lead me down a path that was to take me into my parents’ bedroom and behind my mother’s dresser to where she had carefully stashed the Christmas presents intended for my sister and me. My mum’s words of “Don’t go behind my dresser” was enough to tell this intrepid young and curious sleuth where to look. Carefully unwrapping each little curio, my heart beat faster over the animal figurines I came upon, as I knew their future and mine would be soon intertwined, come December 25th. I wished to linger longer, but knew if I did, the chances of that shared future not happening would be exponentially heightened. So I rewrapped the paper, retracing the original folds and sticky tape lines perfectly—well, as perfectly as any overexcited seven-year-old could. Curiosity sated, I made my way back to the kitchen and trusted no-one had become curious over my absence as I resumed playing with my toy animal farm set. Continue reading

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Be Kind To Animals Week – Day 7

Photo: Andrea White 

Imagine if a truck carrying around 180 dogs tipped over and many were injured. A host of people came to help, in particular a dog rescue offered to take the injured dogs and care for them. The people from the dog rescue watched this one particular dog, who they could see was obviously frightened and in pain laying on her side, unable to stand. Then they watched as another dog came to her side and comforted her. But the people responsible for the dogs, rather than accept the rescue’s offer, instead let the dogs suffer for hours by the road and then killed them where they lay. Now imagine these were monkeys, or horses or cute fluffy cats. Continue reading

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World Smile Day

“Peace begins with a smile.” – Mother Teresa


Smiles are infectious, they say it’s difficult to frown if someone is smiling at you, and if you smile while feeling blue that simple act can make the sun shine a little brighter and make you feel a little lighter. So on World Smile Day, we hope you catch a little happy from our resident Vet Nurse Ruby.

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Scouting for Kindness

Strathmore Scouts

The Strathmore Cubs earned badges of kindness when they visited Edgar’s Mission on the 22nd of September. After holding their own Wheet-Bix Drive they arrived with a pile of these delicious treats for our residents, many of whom they got to meet on their tour.

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When Leon met Tamara…

Tamra Kenneally

When Leon Trotsky, our very social pig and 2015 Be Kind To Animals Week Ambassador met stellar photographer, animal advocate and all round nice gal, Tamara Kenneally from Tamara Kenneally Photography recently the baton or in this case carrot was passed over as Tamara took the reins of 2016 Be Kind To Animals Week ambassador.  We sincerely thank Tamara for accepting this role and all her amazing work for animals, bringing them out of the darkness with her lens of kindness and into the hearts and minds of many.

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Be Kind to Animals Week – Day 5

Be Kind to Animals Week

On Saturday, while much of the nation sat back and watched the Bulldogs battle the Swans for premiership glory, two young girls set to work. They baked footy-themed cruelty free gingerbread men and spent the afternoon selling them, raising $322.70 for Edgar’s Mission.

Our deepest thanks go out to these two kind and creative hearts, we’re so blessed to have such wonderful supporters who believe in a kinder world for farmed animals. And during this Be Kind To Animals Week, we hope their stellar efforts have inspired you to join the movement and start a project of your own. Head to the Be Kind To Animals Week website to get involved –

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World Animal Day

Today, October 4th, is World Animal Day. Sit back and enjoy a special message from Australian World Animal Day Ambassador Pam Ahern.

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You matter to me …


Whilst the racing industry might not care that tiny babies like little Custard will only ever know a few days with their birth mother, these lives matter to us here at Edgar’s Mission, and so too to our friends at Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary – Horse Rescue. Late last week we learned of the plight of little Custard, who was shortly to be separated from her mother so her mother could rear one ‘more highly prized’ in the industry’s eyes—a foal whose mother had sadly passed away. Seeing the tiny baby taken away from her mother and the frantic whinnies of Custard will haunt us forever, and spur us on to help create a kinder world for animals. Continue reading

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Day 3 – Be Kind to Animals Week


Today we celebrate our amazing native animals who share our shores here in Australia. Did you know that Australia is home to more than 378 species of mammals, 828 species of birds, 300 species of lizards, 140 species of snakes and two species of crocodiles? So let’s celebrate them in all their furred, feathered and scaled form.

To find out more about Be Kind To Animals Week check out the website and make sure you show you care by changing your profile picture to the BKTAW logo.

Here we have 5 easy ways you can be kind to the amazing array of native animals who call Australia home (and yes you must do these 365 day a year, not just for a week ;-)). Continue reading

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Be Kind To Animals Week

Today it is World Farmed Animal’s Day.  Sit back, as we invite you to enjoy some of our amazing farmed animal friends who are fortunate enough to live here at Edgar’s Mission.  To find out more about Be Kind To Animals Week, jump on the website

Max Continue reading

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Update on Connor

“We often think we’re saving these animals lives, but I honestly think they are saving ours.”

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