Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

May your Christmas too be kind. From Carol and her babies and our furred, feathered and fleeced family to yours, wishing you a happy and healthy festive season. We thank you for your love, support, donations and kindness in 2016! Continue reading

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Livin’ at ‘Leven

Check out all the happenings at Edgar’s Mission from the week of the 29th of December 2016.

Monday 19th December

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A Christmas Carol to dream of

Cold, alone and in a barren place a bewildered sow gave birth to seven tiny piglets. In such an inhospitable of circumstance, it would be a miracle if any would survive and by daybreak only three had. As our rescue team set off a straw filled stable was readied for their arrival. Gentle yet scared, the new mum anxiously followed the crate into which we had placed her surviving babies. Safely ensconced in our float, we were Edgar’s Mission bound but not before the not-so-fortunate ones too were gathered up for burial at the sanctuary, it was the only kindness we could now offer them. Continue reading

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Where Are They Now

Every month we shine the spotlight on a family who have chosen to bring new faces into their homes and hearts and adopt one or a few rescued animals. Read on to see how Little Squeak and Pig Tails are going in their new forever home.

Squeak and Pigtails Continue reading

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What harm can you do?

Cheeky Monkey

As the calendar rolled over to November we learnt of the tragic fate of a herd of domestic goats. With around a dozen of the goats already corralled and trucked off to slaughter, three recently trapped goats were awaiting a similar fate. But with news of their plight hitting our ears we knew just what we had to do, downing our tools and grabbing the car keys our rescue team swung into top gear.

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Grazie Luigi!


The greatest threat to any prey animal is a predator, who can come in many skins. And for the hapless Luigi, that is just what he faced, and more. With numerous reports flooding in of two goats traipsing a busy outer Melbourne arterial highway, taking refuge every now and then in the treacherous centre divide, it was only a matter of time before the predator won out. And, sadly, for Luigi’s buddy, that appears to have been the case. One day he was there, the next he was not. One can only image the terror and adrenaline that raced through the now-lone young goat’s veins as he desperately tried to find sanctuary in a world that was anything but safe. Continue reading

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Some like it hot: meet Madeline Merino


With the heat of summer approaching, we began to pack away our thermals and gloves, kissing goodbye to winter 2016 and the incredibly busy orphan lamb season she had imposed upon us. And while we may curse the stifling heat that summer will impose upon us, there can be no lamb alive who welcomed the heat of those pre-summer days more than our (almost certainly) last rescued little orphan lamb of the season: Madeline Merino. For it was to those days’ sweltering heat that she owes her life. With it being determined simply too hot to dig a hole to bury the crippled lamb, the plan to end her life was halted. With the ensuing passage of day into night and day again came the realisation there was indeed another option: the lamb could live and she could receive the life-saving veterinary treatment she so desperately needed.

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Kind kids

School of Good Shepherd

Having compassionate role models in the lives of young people is critical for raising individuals who are possessed of both empathy and a drive for positive social change. With this in mind, we were more than delighted to deliver a thought-provoking and empowerment-creating presentation to the year 2 students of the Winter’s Flat Primary School recently. Whilst Edgar’s Mission Founder and Director, Pam Ahern, spoke eloquently of the importance of kindness for all animals and the intriguing emotional world of farmed animals, it was Yolanda-Sally Pumpernickel Jewell (Lolly to her buddies) and Little Miss Sunshine Hen who stole the show, winning the hearts and minds of the students.

School of Good Shepherd-2

To arrange for the Edgar’s Mission humane education team to visit your school, workplace or community group, or even better, to arrange a humane education visit for your group to the sanctuary, please email [email protected] Continue reading

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Have a Kind Christmas


Standing boldly above a busy motorway, one inquisitive and engaging little piglet asks everyone to: “Call me Penelope Sue, not dinner.”

This festive season we’ve unleashed a series of groundbreaking campaigns. Where you would usually see meat products advertised, we’ve filled the space with animal ambassadors who are giving farmed animals a voice. Behind every roast ham there was a young pig who desperately wanted to live, so we want you to help us spread their stories far and wide. Continue reading

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The sum of us


Motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. And if this is true, we here at Edgar’s Mission feel we are in good company indeed. The reality is, most of us who work at the sanctuary spend the better part of our days alongside our animal residents and one cannot complain when surrounded by such qualities as forgiveness, gentleness, a sense of adventure, endless optimism and contentment.

Pam Continue reading

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The saddest pig …


His eyes were the saddest eyes we have ever seen. Looking out into the world through a lens of fear and trepidation, we wanted nothing more than to hug this dear boy and tell him all would be well. But his quickly stiffened body, arched back, lowered head and ready to flee gaze told us now was not the time to do so. Christening him Waffle, we do not know what circumstance had justified a look of such forlorn sadness. Perhaps it was during his month-long time wandering the streets of a small country town that he had met with the unkindest of experiences, or perhaps it was his prior life from which he had fled that saw we humans declared his public enemy number one. But what we do know is that we were his absolute last chance, with an abattoir beckoning just down the road from the pound that he currently called home. Put simply, Waffle had run out of options, but not kindness. And with the knowledge that pigs are both resilient and smart and that we humans can indeed be kind, we offered our outstretched hand and soft words of calm as our awaiting straw-lined float was at the ready to take him to our promised land. Continue reading

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Tailoring a kinder world

Taylors Lake-8

Leading the charge for a kinder world is a lively group of year 8 students from Taylors Lakes Secondary College. Last Thursday, this intrepid group attended Edgar’s Mission to learn more about the emotional world of farmed animals, and in doing so, an entire new world of kinder possibilities was opened up. Who would have thought buying toothpaste could harm an animal? That our animal protection laws fail to protect farmed animals from painful acts that would never be tolerated for our domestic furry friends? And that the key to a kinder world is as close as your plate?

Taylors Lake-7 Continue reading

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What you choose to do next …


It’s a scenario that repeats itself many times during my day: the phone rings, a desperate caller seeking my assistance, and one thought runs through my head. Just one thought; “what I choose to do next could save a life”. I don’t man the phones at 000; I don’t work in a doctor’s surgery; nor am I an ambulance officer. My name is Pam Ahern, and I am the Founder and Director of Edgar’s Mission, a not for profit haven for rescued farmed animals. But what is at the core of who I am is just the same as what is at the core of all the people who sign up for those roles. An individual with power, so much power. Despite my diminutive pint-size of 54 kg, that power is played out daily, never more so than just after the phone rings.

A call from a pound worker seeking a refuge for an escapee farmed animal; from a distraught parent whose child lovingly brought home from a kindergarten chicken-hatching project chicks who have just morphed into a dozen testosterone-charged and vocal roosters; or from a kind-hearted yet naïve adolescent who bought two bobby calves to spare them being killed as surplus to the dairy industry’s needs—the list is as endless as the number of animals who need sanctuary, and whilst my thought remains the same, so does the reality. I cannot save them all. Continue reading

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Avant Card


Look who’s showing her beautiful face all around Victoria, our very own Delores De Pig. This is thanks to our friends at Avant Card, who have so kindly donated a print run. We just love them. Continue reading

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International Volunteer Day


Yesterday was International Volunteer Day. With a theme of #GlobalApplause we bring our hands together in appreciation for all the tireless efforts of our amazing volunteers to keep our sanctuary beautiful, clean and safe for her many residents and for ensuring everyone has plenty of belly rubs. You guys and gals are awesome.

Pictured; Emma, Alfie and Penny

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We’re live so that they can live


Today our billboards and Kind Christmas website went live! But it’s not too late to be a part of this exciting initiative, you can still donate until the end of December and have your donation doubled. Any excess funds will go towards our next nationwide billboard campaign in the coming New Year. So watch this space.
But we couldn’t have done it without you. A massive thank you to our generous supporters and the kind-hearted anonymous donor, who will be matching donations to the Kind Christmas campaign dollar for dollar until the 31st of December. Also, our sincerest thanks to Rob, Emily and Ella –your amazing contributions have made our big dreams a reality.
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