Have your cake


You can have your cake and eat it too, just like Marty Turkey. With the amazing breadth of food choices at our excited little fingertips, eating compassionately has never been so tasty.

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When there’s everything to live for

Connor Rosie - Friends Warmth

There’s a warmth that comes from good friends, like that between best friends Rosie and Connor. When Connor arrived, he was clinging far too gingerly to life. Covered in amniotic fluid and his umbilical cord still wet, Connor was only hours old and already exposed to a cold hard truth – no shelter and ewes bred to lamb in winter are a deadly mix. Today, Connor’s days are filled with kindness, joy and warmth.

You can read Connor’s story here.

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Peekaboo Mixie, we see you

Mixie - See You

On that fateful day, the driver didn’t see Mixie fall, or leap, from the back of the stockcrate that was carrying her to be butchered. Actually, nobody had really seen Mixie until the kind stranger secured her safe passage to Edgar’s Mission. Anyone who truly saw her – as an innocent and gentle calf deserving of happiness, kindness and her mother’s knowing care – would never have thought her life was worth anything less.

An open and kind heart is one of the greatest gifts we can share with the world. Once we start to really see farmed animals, they leap into our hearts as though their lives depend on it. Which they do.

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Foodies, we need you


Love and good food – the recipe for a happy life. While Hansel and Gretel have both in spades, they’re planning a romantic meal for two and we need help to find them a venue with pizazz.* They’re willing to travel Australia-wide and, before you mention grass or hay, they’re looking for somewhere spectacular. An amazing vegan, or very vegan friendly, café or restaurant with top-notch fodder.

If you know of anywhere in Australia that fits the bill, please comment below – we want to know them all, no stone left unturned. Continue reading

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A lovely Sunday

Sunday and Itty Bitty

When Sunday arrived at Edgar’s Mission, she was just a dainty little one weighing less than 3kg. From uncertain beginnings she has blossomed into a beautiful ewe with a long and happy life awaiting. It’s amazing what a little kindness can do.

Pictured: Sunday and friend Itty Bitty

Read Sunday’s full story and sign up to be her Best Buddy here.

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How to treat a lamb this Australia Day

Aus Day - Shopping Fanta (1)

With all the promotions linking Australia Day to lamb, we wanted to show you how we think lambs deserve to be treated. With respect and, as always, kindness.

Wah - Aus Day Kindness (2)

We absolutely, positively love lambs. Not the kind you find neatly packaged at the supermarket, but the living and feeling animals who desperately want to live, just like this cheeky little guy, Wah.

And here’s an adorable video to warm your heart this Australia Day!

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A mother’s love

C and V - Compassion can Heal

How beautiful to see a mother nurture her baby. Before arriving at Edgar’s Mission, already carrying a calf in her bulging belly, Clarabelle lived on a dairy farm. There, every baby she carried, gave birth to and nurtured would have been taken away shortly after birth so her milk could be harvested for human consumption.

Today, Clarabelle still dotes on her little one, Valentine, who is no longer so little! In a world where the natural bonds of motherhood are broken every day in the name of industry and fleeting tastes, Charabelle’s story is finally one of lasting love.

You can read their touching story and sign up to be their Best Buddy here.

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All Animals

Charity - All Animals Love and Kindness BiggerCharity is no less precious just because she was born a lamb and not a puppy, she came into this world with the same enthusiasm for life we see in all animals. In her mind, her three deformed feet were never going to hold her back and so we simply gave her the lift she needed.

See how we help Charity live the happy and enriched life all sheep deserve.

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Simone is up for the fight of her life and we are right there beside her, willing, loving and guiding her all of the way. Footnote, this clip was made yesterday however due to technical difficulties we are only able to post it for you now.

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Why wouldn’t we…

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Teddy bears and kindness

Goat Rescue
On a day when we could not have been any busier our attention and gaze was taken by the arrival of three fragile and weak, newborn baby goats.   Whilst the road ahead will be rocky to beat their terrible start in life it will indeed be paved with sweet formula, teddy bears and kindness.  Their story coming shortly, until then it’s bottle time! Continue reading

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When Blossom was barely a week old she had already learnt what loneliness feels like. Alone in a paddock, her mother taken from her, it was only because of a kind-hearted stranger that Blossom found her way to a long life worth living, or possibly had any chance of life at all.


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Piglets, puppy and play!

Piglets, puppy and play! What more could you want!


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I’ve got to tell you about Izzy


Izzy piggy was a young sow I meet many years ago, not long after establishing Edgar’s Mission. That she was special was something that was not lost on me and most certainly not on her human carers. Although already well into my love affair with pigs and their rich emotional world, it is to Izzy that I credit my knowledge of just how much pigs bond and, yes, love their humans.

I first came to know Izzy when her humans had a change of circumstance and sought to rehome her. She was delivered to the sanctuary by them and it was tearfully clear they loved Izzy and she too them. At first Izzy seemed a gentle sow, although a little put out by the change of scenery and its inhabitants. But what came next was a total shock as the once-friendly Izzy morphed into the Godzilla of pigs, each day becoming more and more unpredictable—save for the fact that she clearly wanted to kill me. Although still in my early days of pig whispering, I considered I knew enough about pigs to work with Izzy; I was wrong. Clearly, reading all the available literature was no match for a pig who had not. I had much to learn. Continue reading

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Thank You Cruelty Free Shop


Wow, what a month. Through December our good friends at The Cruelty Free Shop Melbourne made record sales of Edgar’s Mission goodies. We can’t thank Jessica, Paul and the rest of the team enough for their constant and valued support. And a massive thank you to all of you who shop at the Cruelty Free stores and have taken home some cute Edgar’s Mission loot.

Never shopped at a Cruelty Free Shops? They have stores in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra, or you can browse online. Their range is amazing – sooo many tasty treats for you to discover.

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Ain’t no (wheat-bix) mountain high enough!


Lo and behold, this mountain of wheat-bix is more than just a peak of delicious treats to be conquered. This is a mountain of kindness built on the soaring generosity of many. The Brown family, after booking in for a tour, asked for donations on their local Yarra Ranges noticeboard and this was the result.

We still don’t quite understand how they made the expedition – one car, one family and a mountain of wheat-bix – but so they did. Massive thank yous to the Brown family and the rest of the cohort of intrepid explorers who worked together to make this mountain of kindness.

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St Agnes from St Arnaud


We will never know what stroke of fate caused little Agnes to be standing stock still in the middle of a major highway just shy of the township of St Arnaud. And whilst it could well be argued that such a place was not a compatible arrangement for long and happy life for a wee lamb, we do know that it was the best place she could have been, for what came next certainly changed her life for the better. Found, thankfully by a kind heart and not a fast-moving semi-trailer, the tiny orphan was bundled up and taken to a local veterinary clinic. With no means of identifying an owner, options for Agnes were few, but she really only needed one to save her. And that she got, as she was soon Edgar’s Mission-bound.

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Every kindness has great power


Today is a good day to share a kind word, a kind gesture or a kind smile. No matter how small, every kindness has great power.

Snoopy is only a very small horse, but every kindness sent her way has been so well worth it. While we love her as she is, the selective breeding that has manipulated and shrunk the natural shape of a horse to fit the tastes of some is the cause of serious health problems for many a miniature horse. Snoopy’s complications are relatively mild, but we’re prepared to give her every care if the need arises.

Read more about Snoopy and miniature horse breeding here

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An Invitation to Teachers

School Visit

Do you want your students to build on their empathy and critical thinking skills? A trip to Edgar’s Mission will do just that, with a side of fun. The thought-provoking journey teaches young minds the importance of compassion, responsibility and respect, and a trip to the sanctuary will give students the opportunity to learn about and meet some of our resident animals. Continue reading

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Phantom: the passing of a legend


“Pam, can you come to the vetroom quick? It’s Phantom. We’re losing him”. “Oh no, please tell him to hang on. I’ll be there in a minute,” I shot back. Only moments before I had just exited our little vet clinic where Phantom had been brought in. He had been found outside his house as the night crew were ensuring all of our feathered friends were safely tucked away in their palatial quarters. Phantom, departing from his normal practice of holding court hissing as he bobbed his caruncled head back and forth, ushering his ladies to his lair, was sitting sombrely on his own. His laboured breathing and purplish comb rang alarm bells too loud for us to ignore. However, with him stabilised for the moment and under the watchful eye of our animal care team, off I set to complete the nightly rounds, comforted that my ducky pal was ok for now. But the message received changed all that and sent me and my legs into overdrive as I hightailed it back to our vetroom, only for Phantom to take his last breath as he looked one final time into my tear-filled eyes. That for once in his life he obeyed my request gave me little solace as his limp body was cradled in my loving arms.

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Don’t adopt these goats…..

Don’t adopt these adorable young goats, unless you are prepared to give them a lifetime of love, care and a safe, secure and well sheltered home.  Bill and Bob, by the narrowest of margins are alive today, and whilst they are still very scared and uncertain about the world, they most certainly want to live.  Our task now is to find the brightest of futures possible for them.  Please follow the link if you can help make this happen or make a tax deductible donation towards their veterinary costs if you can.

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What the dickens is Boots doing? When goats and other animals smell something of interest they raise their upper lip and inhale, drawing pheromones and other smells in towards the sensory neurons at the top of their mouths. It’s called the flehmen response.

Boots arrived an adorable little kid, watch his video and sign up to be his here. Continue reading

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Because it means something …

Pam Chicken Save Rally

When I was six years old, right about this time of year, I came to this very spot with my family.  It was something so many families did, tugged along by excited children and lured in by the enchanted Christmas windows of Myer. And we did this because it meant something to us – the spirit of Christmas, the promise of presents and the essence of family, it all meant something to us.

Ironically enough, I stand here today, gathered with like-minded individuals who have given up their time because today means something to us all.  However, it is not the intricate, colorful and mesmerising windows of Myer that captures our hearts and minds, but images of animals caught in the crossfire of our humanity and culinary pleasure.  Of beautiful, intelligent, sensitive, curious, emotional, witty, playful and sentient animals who sadly will never experience the peace and goodwill that is purported to be showered on all at this time of year. They will never realise their potential or enjoy their place in the sun.  In fact, for most of these animals, the very first time they will see the sunshine or feel and breathe fresh air will be on the last day of their lives as they are trucked off to slaughter.  Continue reading

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Edgar’s Mission Outreach 101

If you are reading this, we know you care about animals and want to make a positive difference in their world.  We understand that the task of assisting farmed animals can often seem daunting and overwhelming and so we must think and act strategically . As such, outreach is one of the cornerstones of our work here at Edgar’s Mission.  As advocates for not only the rescued animals in our care but as ambassadors for the ones we cannot save, telling their stories is one of the most powerful tools we have to enable others to develop empathy for farmed animals.  We seek to provide people with the information to make informed choices in their life, which will assist in aligning ethics and action, all the while never telling people what to do or not do and never judging. Continue reading

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Cutest Moments of 2016

Happy New Year! And what an amazing year it’s been – we’ve achieved so much. We’ve been challenged by unprecedented medical emergencies, like that for little Harry Lamb, seen four of our beautiful residents reach the sky in our first billboard campaign and been moved by the display of love between Carol and her piglets. But it’s you that made all this and more possible, we simply couldn’t do what we do without your support.

As a thank you we’ve put together a selection of some of our favourite cute moments of 2016. We know you’re going to love it!

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