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So many of us have a special bond with one or a number of animals. There’s no denying, they have the capacity to move us in many ways— we love them, cherish our bonds with them and they make our lives so much the richer.

Last night Charity, one of our resident sheep, was featured on Bondi Vet. Many of you told us her story moved you, and one woman was so moved she told her daughter she must drive her out to Edgar’s Mission. Win is 98 years old and today she donated $250 so that we can continue helping animals like Charity.


We believe in the power of the human heart and of kindness. Thank you Win for moving for animals, your kind support is so appreciated.

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Behind him lay a sea of his broken and dying friends, in front of him stood the people who would save him. All the kind souls at the scene and viewing from home could do was watch and wait.

It was a miracle he survived the crash, seemingly unharmed. Amidst his dazed and confused buddies, he launched himself from the curb and marched towards freedom, one slow and plodding tread after the next. But it wasn’t to be. A woman stood in his path and then we don’t know what happened to him. From the footage of hundreds of suffering birds being picked up by their legs and tossed into crates, to complete their journey to the slaughterhouse, we can only imagine.


In honour of the treads he took towards a kinder world, we’d like to call him Trent. Continue reading

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Their first day


To think this was the first day they felt the warmth of the sun and took their first breaths of fresh air is a tragedy in itself, but how these birds were left to suffer and die as so many looked helplessly on is just senseless and heartbreaking.

Science has proven what our hearts already knew, that chickens are thinking and feeling animals who have interests in their own lives. When animals are reduced to the status of property, we fly in the face of what we know as individuals and as a society.

Like many around the world, we watched on in horror as the news unraveled of the awful plight of thousands of gentle broiler chickens. At around 10.30am today, the slaughterhouse-bound truck overturned on a busy road in Geelong. Whilst the driver escaped with an injured arm, his “cargo” weren’t so fortunate. Continue reading

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2017 Year in Review

Farewell 2017, what a year you’ve been. We’ll never let go of the idea that a kinder world for all animals truly is possible—heading into this new year, we have so much to feel hopeful about.

If this is what we could achieve for animals in 2017, imagine what we can do in 2018…

If you’re able, please consider making a tax-deductible donation. As ever, we’re humbled by the love and support we’re shown—we can’t thank you enough.


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10 lucky turkeys: the greatest gift


Whilst not quite the Christmas gift I had imagined, the early morning call to advise that our Christmas presents were at the front gate set me off with a spring in my step, excited anticipation in my heart and a whisper of sleep in my eye. With the sun still thinking about making her ascent, and through the fading moonlight, two very large boxes greeted me. As I stared quizzically at them, my attention was diverted by the sound of tyres crunching gravel as a car sped off down the road and ten glorious, chirping baby turkeys came into my world.

Soon each one of them was lifted from the box, weighed, feet soaked in disinfectant, bodies sprayed for parasites and a kiss bestowed on each of their fuzzy, sweet heads—and I was yet again reminded of just how much I love turkeys. While their warm bodies with their soft feathers warmed my heart, the sight of the crippled stumps of their feet that once held their toes made me want to weep. How could we? How could our society allow for such a painful disfigurement of baby animals, which only added to the woes, their tiny beaks having been seared off when they were just days old.

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Westy – the rooster who didn’t “go west”!


The expression “go west” takes its roots from the direction the sun sets, symbolising the end of the day. Figuratively it has come to mean the demise or disappearance of someone or something. Despite that scenario being high in the tea leaves for our new feathered friend, Westy, it is not the reason for his name.

Spied on the Western Highway, actually smack bang in the middle of the Western Highway, was Westy. The terrified young rooster tried to take in his dire circumstance as he looked from left to right, not knowing which way to run. It soon got even more dire when he was literally run over by a fast-moving truck. By some stroke of good fortune, or the smarts of this wily rooster, he was dead centre of the vehicle, which meant he was not to end up dead in the middle of the road, although he was left extremely ruffled and a lot the worse for wear.

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Christmas “Tree-eats”

Each festive season people spend their hard-earned dollars on Christmas trees, with literally hundreds and hundreds of them winding up in landfill. But this year we decided to make a small difference. Putting out a Facebook post to our local community and our supporters requesting trees for our goats, we (and they) were beyond delighted to find dozens of Christmas trees left inside our front gates.

Recycling never tasted so good! And our dear chickens even got in on the act, proving that one man’s Christmas tree is another goats (or chickens) treasure!


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