Yogi and Boo Boo—a time to remember


Chances are, if you are old enough to remember and game enough to confess, there is still a little place in your heart for an affable, yet goofy, cartoon bear named Yogi and his trusty side-kick, Boo Boo. However, regardless of whether these two characters are familiar to you, we say with great confidence once you meet our Yogi and Boo Boo, there will most definitely be a place in your heart for them. Both were rescued from the dairy industry—an industry that saw them as inconvenient by-products not worthy of the lives they most certainly wanted to live.

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Now is the time…


Like most people, I grew up loving animals and took great comfort believing the laws of this country protected them from acts of cruelty and indifference. Today, I still foster that great love for animals but now I understand that not all animals receive the same protection from acts of cruelty. In fact, the largest number of animals in human care, those who have been labelled farm animals, have been explicitly exempted from our animal protection legislation by way of the Codes of Practice. And the reason for this is simply because they look different to the cats and dogs who have traditionally shared our hearts and homes. But ask anyone who has taken a chicken or two into their world and they will be able to attest to the quirky and unique personalities each one has.

Right now we have an enormous opportunity to start putting things right, as the Code of Practice for Poultry is under review. It is currently at the public consultation stage, which means we can all have our say. Now I am not here to tell you what to say, do or think, that is for you to decide. But I do want you to think—to think long and hard about something we so rarely do. Because I am sure that you, like me many years ago, simply do things because it is the way they have always been done and everyone else is doing the same thing. There has never been the need to really think about it. But that doesn’t necessarily make it right, or even consistent, with what you believe in. Continue reading

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Come on join the joy ride – it’s Five Dollar Friday!


While four of our special needs friends, Bendigo, Saturday, Jewell and Cuddle Pie, winged their way to our special vet, we give thanks to our special friends who make it all possible.

Through your support of our Five Dollar Friday, Bendigo Goose has had her prosthetic foot adjusted, Saturday Lamb underwent some manipulative therapy for her shoulders (being a wheelchair bound gal means she has the shoulders of a weight lifter!), Jewell Sheep received a check up to ensure all is going well with her stumpy leg (stumpy, due to a hoof amputation necessitated by a degenerative condition that had afflicted her prior to her arrival here) and little Cuddle Pie had a fitting to ensure the comfort of her prosthetics she wears to address the congenital condition which afflicts her back legs and hampers her walking. So, to our Five Dollar Friday-ers, our fab four had a wonderful ride, one full of joy, kindness and the best of veterinary care, because of you.

If you too would like to enjoy the joy ride, for that feel-good buzz you get when you know you are making a world of difference for animals, please join our Five Dollar Friday clan. Find out how here – www.fivedollarfriday.com.au

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No one deserves to die on our roads


No one deserves to die on our roads. No one deserves to lay for two days, unable to rise, slowly succumbing to their agonising injuries. But this is exactly what happened to Valentina.

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What’s Georgie Girl up to now?


Laying by the side of a road and bleeding from a deep laceration, it was thought she had been hit by a car. Once back at the sanctuary and Georgie Girl stabilised, we discovered a car wasn’t the offender but a shearing accident. One of her hind leg tendons was severed, leading to complete loss of control of that limb, and flystrike had set in.

To the restore functionality of her right hind leg, Georgie Girl had arthrodesis surgery, which artificially fuses the joints with a plate. And this week, she had shockwave therapy. But don’t worry, it’s not what you think! Shockwave is a very gentle, painless treatment that helps regenerate tissue and blood after surgery and to help the wound heal.

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Young at heart


Your five dollars at work.

Sky is one of our ‘young at heart’ girls here at Edgar’s Mission. This week we turned to an equine dentistry technique to file down a couple of Sky’s teeth, which were free to grow unhindered with the loss of some opposable molars. The wayward teeth had grown too long and sharp, and already her eating has improved.

We simply couldn’t help Sky and her pals, give them the lives they truly deserve, without the help of our friends. Thank you to everyone who has supported our work and joined our #FiveDollarFriday community.

We’ve been blown away by the response to Five Dollar Friday so far, over 100 people signed up last week! If you haven’t you can find out more here more – https://edgarsmission.secure.force.com/Donate/5Friday

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And then they found kindness …


Five sweet ISA Brown* hens started out life in a sea of other hens in a battery cage facility—that much we know. Their shortened beaks, a result of debeaking, tells us this much. What is unclear is just how they ended up in parkland just shy of the centre of Melbourne: a park known to harbour foxes and passing dogs, and devoid of safe places for vulnerable animals like chickens. But then they found kindness in the form of a kindly park ranger, who bundled up the dishevelled ladies and sought our assistance. Whilst these may not be the best of photos of the now feverishly excited hens (good food will do that to a starving gal), we have most certainly found the best outcome for them. Welcome ladies, welcome. Continue reading

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Wise beyond her years and with a heart open to all, 13-year-old Charlotte has been weaving a web of kindness at Edgar’s Mission. Here’s what she had to say about a few things.

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Let’s make history

Thank you for taking the first step towards having your say for poultry—for birds like Little Miss Sunshine, Brady, Tina Turkey and, of course, Red Baron. Watch the video below to hear a bit more about their stories and their kind, many of whom sadly aren’t as fortunate as they have been.

We can’t stress enough, this is an opportunity we must jump on. It’s been 15 years since the last review—clearly legislation is not keeping up with public expectations or science. Let’s show the government that they were right to push forward with this important review; the public do care about our feathered friends and we’re a force to be reckoned with.

As a first step to helping birds, please sign Animals Australia’s petition to get hens out of cages. You’ll be hearing from us again to guide you on other ways to raise your voice.

Here are some helpful links to tell you more about the public consultation and the some of the welfare concerns raised over poultry industries.

  • Submissions close Monday February 26
  • Public consultation webpage
  • Public consultation FAQs

Other resources

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The passing of a friend


Houdini hopped into my world and my heart almost ten years ago: a sweet white bunny, gifted with beautiful brown patches. These were not the only things he was gifted with, as the softest of fur, the gentlest of natures and friendliest of personalities became him. Sadly, just yesterday, he hopped out of this world, assisted by our kindness, our vet and our belief that a life where one has lost the will to live and there is no means to restore it is no life at all.

Houdini was an old bunny, we knew that, but we also knew his world, up until that point, was a happy one for him to be in. Although his body and ability to move about had begun to slow, we were comfortably addressing both troubles, enabling the grand old bunny to grow old with grace and dignity. But when his favourite treats no longer treated him, we knew things were not well. Continue reading

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What could you do with $5?

With $5 you could buy a soy latte, your favourite chocolate or put it towards the weekly shop. But we have a plan to get your $5 doing great things for animals.

Say hello to Five Dollar Friday. We need your help, well, your $5, every Friday so we can meet the growing vet expenses of our 450-plus residents and all those who finds sanctuary here at Edgar’s Mission. Last year alone, our vet bills reached $249,728.

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