Ray Ray Jumping

Little Ray Ray – what she lacks in sight she more than makes for in courage and her vision that the world is something to be explored for all of her magic.

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Kindness at the end of the ‘Raynbow’

If your heart was smiling with Ray Ray’s arrival last Friday, well brace yourself for more! Here is a quick update on how little Ray Ray is getting on at Edgar’s Mission. Please share this video with friends and family to show them just how strong a little lamb can be. With a community of wonderful and supportive people, we are so sure that there is heaps of Kindness at the end of the “Raynbow”.

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Together We Can Save The World

Together we can save the world…

If you are reading this, it is because you care about the work of Edgar’s Mission and it is only through the belief of people such as you, we are able to change the lives of so many animals for the better. And today we did just that as we welcomed little Ray Ray (a plucky young lamb who was born without eyes), the sweet Lucky Star (who, by the most fortunate of circumstance was found weak, fragile and all alone) and the incredibly resilient Together (a gentle goat who had some days ago been attacked) into our world.

Thank you so incredibly much for believing that a kinder world is possible because we know that together we can make it happen. Have an awesome weekend.

Love and kindness as always

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Ray Ray


Driving almost half way across the country to find a safe haven for a little lamb is not something everyone would do. But that is exactly what Alex did to save the life of little Ray Ray, a sweet little lamb who was born without eyes.

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Feel Good Friday


Feel Good Friday

And feeling much better indeed, thanks to our wonderful Five Dollar Friday community is our dear matriarch pig, Mary. Earlier in the week, something told us all was not well with Mary as she didn’t meet us at her usual spot for a secret pre-breakfast treat, nor did she respond to our efforts to rouse her from her comfy straw-filled bed. When our promises of a delicious warm mash breakfast were met with little to no enthusiasm from Mary we knew it was time to act and so it was over to The Vet Practice at Whittlesea. Continue reading

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National Volunteer Week – Day 5


It’s the final day of National Volunteer Week, BUT our celebrations do not end today! We are thankful every day to have such great volunteers who believe in what Edgar’s Mission is all about 😊

Today we are celebrating Cassidy, Kyoko, Carolyn and Barry (that’s a mouthful!) What’s better than one volunteer, well four of course! Thank you for everything that you do, your hard work does not go unnoticed 💕

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National Volunteering Week – Day 4


What a day today has turned out to be. The sun’s been bestowing her rays upon us to provide us with much-needed warmth. Not only that but our lovely volunteers extended their kindness towards us, and for that, we are ever more grateful.

Today we are celebrating Ruth and Ro, two of our dedicated Volunteers. We thank you for your hard work and dedication to our mission. You strengthen our belief that there is a kinder world for all out there and we will never give up. Continue reading

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National Volunteer Week – Day 3


Give a little. Change a lot.

Happy Wednesday and an even happier Wednesday to every single Volunteer out there. Volunteers are amazing! And without their help, our work here at Edgar’s Mission would not be possible.

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National Volunteering Week – Day 2


Give a little. Change a lot – it’s National Volunteers Week May 21 – 27

It’s that special time of day again… The time to show some love and appreciation to our Volunteers. A BIG, warm and loving thank you to Kate, Emma, Cherie and Shinae.

Kate helps out with merchandise and the shop every week and Emma, Cherie, Shinae help out around the farm. It’s so easy to be kind when we have supportive volunteers.

Please join us tomorrow, so we can spread love to more of our vollies 💖


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National Volunteers Week – Day 1


Give a little. Change a lot – it’s National Volunteers Week May 21 – 27

This week we are celebrating a passionate and hard-working group of people – our volunteers. At Edgar’s Mission, it’s all (farm) hands on deck. With over 450 residents here, it takes more than a few hands to feed, clean and provide the utmost best in care for them all. Each day this week we’ll be featuring one (or two) of our lovely, hard-working and much valued volunteers. Today we have Deanne and Sharan, awesome works guys – we love you! Continue reading

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What now? A lamb named Zucchini!


Rounding out our lamb clan of 2018 to six has been a tiny ewe lamb named Zucchini. With so many lambs arriving very early this season, anyone could be forgiven for thinking it was raining lambs! And whilst orphan lambs may have been in abundance, rain of late has not. Such a dry season placed an unwanted burden on pregnant and lactating ewes, who were already struggling to cope on poor pastures. These babes are indeed lucky, for they have escaped the rigours of a brutal winter that so often claims the lives of millions of lambs each year, but they nonetheless suffer the trauma of losing their mothers. Snuggled up now in warm jackets on cold nights, with bellies full of sweet formula, our lamb clan is proving resilient. Their now cherub-like little bodies are testament to our expert care, sweet formula, the watchful eye of Vet Nurse Ruby and kindness—oh, and not to mention some pretty cute names: Beanie, Deanie, Weanie, Tweanie, Lamborghini and Zucchini!

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Oh Dear, Dana


Now this isn’t your usual run of the mill before and after photoshoot nor is our beloved Dana posing with the obligatory newspaper to prove the passage of time. It may be hard to believe but these images were snapped just hours apart. Now whilst this first image may alarm some, we wish to assure all is now well for this dear girl. Our Dana experienced a sudden onset of swelling along her jaw, which was aptly identified by our animal caregiving team. With the lump of such an enormous size and with no external wounds present, today Dana was vetward-bound to eek out the cause of this unsightly and most certainly uncomfortable swelling. A wayward grass seed was adeptly pinpointed by our vet as the culprit, most likely to have entered via Dana’s mouth or even ear canal! With a thorough treatment carried out and medications prescribed, Dana was soon relieved of her woes and tucked straight into a wheet bix treat to show her appreciation. Continue reading

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Broom, broom, it’s Lamborghini


In 1963, Italian manufacturing magnate, Ferruccio Lamborghini, decided he wanted to build sophisticated cars, cars that would be defined by their elegance, power and comfort. History reveals that Ferruccio admirably achieved his goal. Today, Lamborghini is synonymous with style, head-turning grace and a distinct turn of speed. But for us at Edgar’s Mission, when we think of the word, what comes to mind is an adorable and cheeky little orphan lamb who goes by the name of Lamborghini, who also has style and head-turning grace—as well as a cute little jump of glee producing a distinct turn of speed when the word “bottle” is mentioned.

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Plastic bag ban is coming


Did you know that the Plastic Bag Ban is on its way?

Victoria is in the process of phasing out plastic bags, with many supermarkets setting dates to officially say no to plastic bags! Did you know that over fifty million plastic bags make their way into our precious environment! Not only do plastic bags have devastating effects on our environment, but they never truly disintegrate. Plastic bags can hang around for 1000 years!

What can I do to help?

Well, this is where we can all make a difference. A simple change can make a huge impact. Consider replacing your plastic bags with a reusable bag – on that can be can be used as many times as you would like, maybe even forever?  You can also fit heaps more goodies in on reusable bag, compared to a plastic bag. Continue reading

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It started with a pig …


On the 10th of May 2003, I set off on an adventure, one whose outcome I could never possibly have imagined. Rendezvousing at the prearranged time, I met my “accomplice” and a piggery worker in the parking lot of a pub in central Victoria. Moments later, I was to meet the being who was to change my life in ways I would never have thought possible and inspire me to do things I would have otherwise never dared. And whilst it was love at first sight for me, it was not so for he. The drive back home in my little car with that poop-covered piglet was a cacophony of noise—an eclectic mix of my out-of-tune voice singing with wanton abandon, the whinings of my little dog ET (who too was overjoyed with his newfound friend) and the occasional grunts and farts of Edgar Alan Pig. My memory holds dear this day as one of the happiest and most joyous of my life. I’m beaming from ear to ear just typing these words, as the thoughts of that day come flooding back: a tsunami of jubilation, a deluge of possibilities and a mountain of love.

But oh, my heart missed a beat when I arrived home and raced to open the pet carrier that contained my beloved Edgar, last seen sitting in wide-eyed wonder, staring out from his straw bed with the apple I had brought along as a peace offering lying in front of him. “He’s escaped!!” I cried, as before me inside the pet carrier was the straw bed, the apple, sans a poop-covered piglet. But how he could have simply “Houdinied” his way out I struggled to comprehend. Turning to ET for an explanation, he too looked equally perplexed. Just as I was about to call in the National Guard, from the depths of the straw came these little tiny “nuff, nuff” sounds as a snout appeared, followed by the most glorious, dashingly adorable piglet I have ever laid eyes upon. “Oh my, don’t do that to me, little guy,” I said as I bundled Edgar up and went inside trying to figure out just how I was going to explain my quarry to my then-partner and my dear mum. Whilst the former was never to be convinced this was a good idea, thankfully the latter was. So much so, she readily agreed to assist in washing Edgar for his photo shoot the very next day.

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A Mother’s Love


A mother’s love is nothing short of magical. A mother is strong, a mother is resilient and a mother never gives up.

Mothers come in all shapes and species. Our mums, your mum and mums from all over. They are all unique, but there is something they certainly share and that is a Mother’s Love.

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Gentle Latefa


On the receiving end of the #FiveDollarFriday five star treatment, last week was our cow herd, featuring the gorgeous and gentle Latefa. Pedicures were the order of the day and cutting edge technology on hand in the form of a mobile hydraulic cattle crush and experienced and knowledgeable cattle hooftrimmer. Trimming the hooves of our beloved bovine residents is not a small task and ensuring this procedure is carried out with a minimum of stress is paramount. The dynamic system you see in action here caresses each cow and with the use of hydraulic motion gently tips him or her on the side for a quick and effective pedicure treatment to be performed with a minimum of fuss or stress. Of course Latefa and friends were soon treated to a round of wheet bix for their efforts and we rest easy knowing their hooves have been tended and are in the very best condition to ensure healthy and active lives.

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Happy Found Edgar Day

Today we are celebrating that fateful day fifteen years ago when Pam rescued Edgar. May 10th, 2003, the day that started with a little bit of kindness. Who would have imagined that this very day would bring kindness to so many hearts? And so, here we are, many years later, celebrating Found Edgar Day.

Last Saturday, we joined with friends from all over Australia. What a celebration it was, a glorious, uplifting and inspirational get together of wonderful souls with such kind hearts. We connected over bouncy baby lambs and delicious vegan food, from 2pm ‘til the glorious sun set over our enchanted haven for animals. It was a walk down memory lane, with us all appreciating the past, the present and welcoming the future, at Edgar’s Mission.

We would like to share with you our heart-warming video, on Found Edgar Day. The day that Edgar Alan Pig sparked a light in Pam’s heart, which was to guide her journey to a kinder world. Please, do take a moment out of your busy day, sit back and enjoy this inspirational tribute to the power of kindness.

Here’s to a kinder world for all and Happy Found Edgar Day to you.

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