These boots were made for walking…

Edgars Mission -_-56

Or in Saturday’s case, they were made for wheelin’ and what a fine job they do! This week, our unending thanks go out to our Five Dollar Friday community for keeping Saturday rolling around the farm in comfort and style. You may know Saturday, the beloved sheep who came into our care some years back suffering congenital spasticity, which sees her unable to use her hind legs. However, these days, that doesn’t slow Saturday down one bit and a specially made cart sees this resilient girl exploring far and wide around the sanctuary each day. Making sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to keeping Saturday mobile and well, a special boot is fitted to her hind hoof each day to reduce the chances of damage if it were to drag along the ground.

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An open letter to the Australian public

Edgars Mission - chicken, how now-4

I write this letter as much for you as I do for a much younger version of myself. It is a letter I would have found pivotal in informing my heart and mind as to the consequences of an almost everyday action of mine, which I never gave a second thought. The action I am referring to is eating eggs.

This letter is not to dissuade you from eating eggs nor to encourage you to eat eggs. It is to inform you, pure and simple—because the Australian public is not privy to the facts necessary to make an informed decision that aligns our ethics and our actions. You see, I truly believe the things we do, think and support, should be informed by our hearts and minds and not those of industries or others who stand to benefit.  For me, I view eating eggs as not only to the detriment of animals but to our own moral integrity and health as well. However, on the latter, as I am neither a doctor nor dietitian, I will not elaborate; I will leave that up to your judgement to pursue. Continue reading

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Never, ever, stop trying…

Over the three years Fanta has been with us here at Edgar’s Mission, the one thing she has taught us time and time again is to never, ever, stop trying!

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What’s the kindest thing you did today?

Well, if you are part of our Five Dollar Friday community you made the morning routine of our Special Needs Flock possible, not just today but every day!It is well and truly part of our daily work here at the sanctuary to fit Charity, Lemonade, Jewell, Shy and Cuddle Pie sheep with their prosthetics before they head out from their safe and secure night quarters to explore the big wide world. But just because this process is routine, it truly is not lost on us just how special it is. Continue reading

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Today we are brave….

Edgars Mission - chicken, how now-3

Today we are brave because a little hen we came to know and love is no more.  Despite her courage and bravery to fight on, multiple tumours that had wickedly coursed through her intestines and liver commanded us to say no more.  But we will be brave because we know all too well that the condition she endured was not hers alone, but one that repeatedly claims the lives of so many hens purposely bred for exponential egg production – a predisposed malady our society must be made aware of.  And so as we ask ourselves how now can we go on, we can because a little hen was brave too. How Now, you will be forever in our hearts, and never, ever forgotten.

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The Sky is Falling!

Edgars Mission -_-50

Or so it seemed to Chicken Little, the barnyard crier in beloved children’s tale of the same name. Unaware of the fact it was indeed an acorn that had landed atop his head and not, as he perceived it, a piece of the sky, Chicken Little’s view of events went on to cause mass hysteria and the ending  to this story (as well as the moral) varies, depending on the source.

Whilst this tale has been told time and again in an effort to impart lessons on awareness and critical thinking, it seems we have missed this lesson in some crucial areas, with our species’ entire relationship with the animals we farm for food and fibre being based largely upon our perception of them, or lack thereof. Continue reading

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Billy Neigh Cyrus is a little hoarse… 

Edgars Mission - billy neigh, ponies, prince

Why? Well he’s been busy celebrating all horses’ birthday here at Edgar’s Mission. As a means of standardising the age of a horse, August 1st was determined as a common birthdate for equines born in the Southern Hemisphere. This date was chosen because it coincides with the natural breeding season of the horse. Horses generally live for around 30 years, although the hardier, smaller pony breeds can look forward to a life span of 35 years.
So, as Billy Neigh celebrates ‘til his Achy Breaky Heart is content, we wish a very happy birthday to all horses from Team Edgar!
You can get to know Billy Neigh a little better here.

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