Finding a Pumpkin in a Haystack

Whilst finding a pumpkin in a haystack is much easier than finding a needle, its much more fun and rewarding… here’s why.

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When pigs sing

Edgars Mission - Barbra Streisand, pig, piglet-8

It was Babe the pig in the movie of the same name who famously “La la laaa-ed” her way into many a heart worldwide. Following in her footsteps is another perky pink piglet with a set of lungs to rival the greatest songstress. Barbra Streisand squealed her way into our hearts this week, telling us in no uncertain terms that “Happy days are here again!”

Whilst her name and her antics may bring smiles to all of our faces, Barbra’s start to life most certainly did not. Winding up at a rural veterinary clinic after being found roadside by a concerned traveller, Barbra’s body tells us her journey to kindness has not been an easy one. With sunburn afflicting her pink skin, her ears severely burned, Barbra’s sensitive young feet too had been scalded, most likely from walking on the hot asphalt road alongside which she was discovered. Cuts and abrasions punctuated her sides and Barbra’s emaciated form told of some time spent struggling for survival. Adding to her woes is a painful case of joint ill, requiring antibiotics and pain relief to reign in.

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46 days of good luck…

It’s a stark contrast from the compounding bad luck Luckini had known before.  He came into our care in the wee hours of 2019 with painfully ulcerated eyes due to embedded grass seeds, fly strike painfully afflicting his head and a fractured elbow severely affecting his ability to walk. Whilst our onsite animal care team was able to immediately address the terrible strike and eye condition, advanced veterinary surgery was required to pin and plate the fracture, all setting Luckini on the road to recovery.

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Thomas Seen Her

Thomas save her. It was a Sunday evening when the call came in. A frightened goat had wound up in an industrial precinct, huddling in an alleyway between two factories, in the Melbourne suburb of Thomastown.

Our hearts fell as our phone pinged, letting us know that photos of the thin grey goat had been received. Putting our best laid plans for a quiet evening aside, we knew we had no option but to render assistance. Continue reading

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Hey Mister Mister!

Edgars Mission - Four Misters, Sheep-4

Did you know sheep have great memories and read facial expressions to determine how their pals are feeling? They do this to us too, preferring happy, smiling human faces over unhappy ones! Did you know sheep make best friends and have displayed problem solving abilities such as working out how to lie down and roll over a ‘hoof proof’ grid to reach greener pastures on the other side?

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Rewriting the future with Voltaire

Edgars Mission - chicken, rooster, voltaire

“I may not agree with what you have to say…
But I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire

Seventeenth century philosopher, Voltaire was no stranger to controversy. Renowned for his wit and unique ability to shine a new light on previously recorded events, Voltaire’s perspective caused many to pause and reconsider all they once believed to be true.

Finding himself with almost nowhere to turn recently after crash landing at a mechanic’s workshop was a young rooster by the same name. Fortunately for the avian Voltaire, his public was a little more receptive, ferrying the young bird to a nearby vet after which he was Edgar’s Mission-bound.

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Kindness in pictures


There’s not much more we can add to this story than to say, “Thank you.” Our incredible Five Dollar Friday community, you have given factory farm escapee Barbra Streisand her happily ever after. After just one month in our care, Barbra’s severely burned feet are no longer causing her pain, the welts and scratches that punctuated her sides upon her arrival are now healed and her eyes… gosh those eyes now tell a story of a pig who knows her troubles are far, far behind her.

Team Five Dollar Friday. You made this happen. You’re making our world kinder. For Barbra. For all of us. Thank you.

To change the world for animals like Barbra, head to Continue reading

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Here and Now

Edgars Mission - here and now, Sheep-2

Reminding us of the vulnerability of domesticated animals was a young lamb recently spotted at a truck stop on a busy highway. Whilst her circumstance was unknown, her fate was almost sealed, had not the goodness of the human heart come to the fore. With phone call after phone call seeking to ensure a safe outcome for the wee one, it was believed one had been secured, and a peaceful night of sleep was had by the kind heart. However, with the rising of sun, so too came a rising anxiety for the sheep, and so off they set just to be sure things had been put right. Heartache upon heartache, our Good Samaritan’s heart sank as they saw the hapless animal still by the roadside—all that time and no help had come.

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Nobody came


If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

If a goat turns up at a council pound and no one comes forth to claim him, does his life matter?

Whilst the first question may have fuelled many a philosophical debate over the years, to the second we respond with an emphatic and wholehearted, “Yes!” Sadly though this second inquiry is not a mere hypothetical thought experiment but the predicament in which our latest arrival Buckwheat, a most handsome and noble Boer cross goat, found himself through no fault of his own. Continue reading

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His Lucky Day

Edgars Mission - lamb, Luckini, Sheep

Arriving at Edgar’s Mission with ulcerated eyes courtesy of embedded grass seeds and an advanced case of flystrike afflicting his face, it appeared luck was something that had not been on the young wether’s side for some time. To add insult to injury (make that, injury to injury) at some time during his short life, the lamb appeared to have been hit by a vehicle, suffering a fractured olecranon (bony tip of the elbow), rendering him almost immobile.

However, after a fateful encounter with a kind heart, the dear boy’s luck took a turn for the better as he was Edgar’s Mission-bound.

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Shhh… it’s a secret

The secret life of pigs is well and truly in the spotlight with the arrival of our very own Secret Seven.

The porcine family, consisting of two sows with five piglets between them, had been battling to survive for some time after having been abandoned on a property. With their reprieve coming by way of intervention by the local council, the septet were then Edgar’s Mission-bound.

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