Bart Simpson and the key to a kinder world

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It December 1989: Pope John Paul II and Mikhail Gorbachev pledge greater religious freedom for citizens of the Soviet Union, Mongolia moves to become a democracy and the first episode of the animated sitcom, The Simpsons, makes its debut on television.

With the unforgetable Bart Simpson at the helm, the animated sitcom soon became iconic and much-loved. Many touted it the greatest sitcom ever made. No doubt, the show’s co-creator, the late Sam Simon was responsible for much of its success.

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Ferris Bueller, when taking a day off pays great dividends

Edgars Mission - Ferris, pig

Late February 2019 Ferris Bueller decided to take a day off from being a farmed pig.  Whilst in jumping from the back of a livestock carrier he achieved freedom it was to almost claim his life.  Thankfully though on this fateful day, when she would be needed the most,  kindness did not take a leave of absence.

The lot of a farmed pig rarely ends well, or loved.  Thankfully though, for the affable Ferris this was not in his tea leaves, although the journey he was to take to his nirvana was to be as rough and bumpy as the roadway onto which he fell.  Our first sight of him sent shivers to our hearts, as we saw the very large immobile pig tucked away behind small roadside shrubbery as several stern police looked on. Our first thoughts were, “we’re too late”, but not so as we learned it was a shot of sedative that have brought Ferris down and not one of lead.  However, the later was still a very real possibility should the frightened, injured and confused animal attempt to make good an escape towards the busy highway. It was clear, his life was on the line and if we got it wrong Ferris’s day off could well be his last.  Seeking to reward this courageous pig’s leap of faith with the best possible outcome we could, we leapt into action.  Pig shields blocked his exit as a stretcher ferried him to kindness in the form of a straw lined horse float.  Despite the sweltering heat that had added yet another assault on Ferris’s battered, bruised and bleeding body we managed to move his 250kg form to safety and then to sanctuary.  And so his recovery and new life was to begin.

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One million reasons to smile

Edgars Mission - Goat, Kid, Milly, Pam

She has one million reasons to smile now but that wasn’t always the case for Milly, a kid goat who recently made her way to our sanctuary. Troubled by the sound of a young animal, likely a kitten crying in the vicinity of a stormwater drain, a kind heart could not shake the feeling something was not quite right. With the cry no longer persisting, the Samaritan was led to believe the animal had been freed however her heart sank when, four days later, she heard the pitiful cry yet again. Wasting no time, assistance was summoned and the heavy cover pulled from atop the drain to reveal a tiny, frail black and white baby goat lying within.

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The one kindness couldn’t leave behind

Edgars Mission - calf, cow, gordon whitefoot-4

Big brown eyes gazing around, long lashes blinking slowly, soft tender nose raised to the sky and tongue outstretched, the tiny calf searched for the mother he would never again see. Born into the world just days before, Gordon Whitefoot knew tragedy sooner than most as he lay alone in the otherwise empty paddock. There was not another cow in sight. Gordon’s mother had died suddenly, cause unknown, and the remainder of the herd had since been moved on. But there Gordon lay, obscured by the tall, dried grass. Out of sight and, it seemed, out of mind. It was not a scenario Gordon Whitefoot was coming out of alive.

But he’s the one kindness couldn’t leave behind. Discovered in the nick of time by a kind heart, Gordon’s safety was secured and he was soon Edgar’s Mission-bound.

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Being Babette

Edgars Mission - broilers, chicken-2

Being Babette was not meant to be easy. Born into the commercial chicken industry into a body we humans have genetically altered to grow at three times the rate nature intended, her life was destined to be short, devoid of joy and most certainly devoid of kindness.

But all that changed when Babette and several of her friends were rescued at only weeks old, sparing them such an unjust fate. And for over three years, Babette and her ‘broiler’ bird friends have called Edgar’s Mission home and have lived lives all chickens deserve. They’ve enjoyed a lovingly-prepared, specialised diet to keep them satiated whilst minimising the mass added to their young frames. They’ve enjoyed many a day out in the sunshine, scratching in soil, summer days under their sprinkler or in the cool air conditioning and so much more. They’ve known kindness and love. They’ve been given names. And they’ve become known for who they are. Babette, with her penchant for cuddles, perching on the arm of her loved ones, delights in scratches just under the tail. Beth who insists on defying the overly large body into which she was born to perch on the highest surface in sight. Betany who modestly goes about her day, yet deep down knows she is a true star, her face having been seen up on billboards Australia-wide. And Bronwyn, whose serious and stern expression never fails to bring a smile to our faces. Continue reading

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An unholy alliance

Edgars Mission - chicken, dog, Latini, Pam, red barron, Ruby, Sheep

This is a tale a younger version of myself could never have penned, yet it is one that commenced in my youth.  I was about 13 years old and living in country Victoria when a snake was spotted in the house yard.  A robust fear of snakes was something all us kids held since I cannot remember when.  We’d been taught to fear snakes for their deadly, slithery and evil intent to obliterate our species at every opportunity.  At the time there were five kids in our household and we all screamed at the sight of the snake sunning himself on the driveway in front of our house.  As one of our courageous crew raced off to alert any adult we could find, the others including myself, sought out a vantage point some distance away. From here we watched on as the now disturbed creature attempted to make good his escape.  Taking refuge in the nearest thing he could find, a pile of neatly stacked bricks became his fortress. One of us stood guard, shovel in hand as we had been instructed, praying all the while we would not have to come good on the deed should the snake rear his serpent-like head.  I must have drawn the short straw that day as I was charged with this task until the male of the household arrived home.  In what seemed like a sweaty eternity, he finally did arrive. Several forthright and determined strides saw him, brick by brick, dismantling the reptilian hideaway. And as each brick was dislodged from its place, for me at least, the pendulum started to swing and in doing so the snake began to morph from deadly villain to desperate victim. Yet sadly that was not enough to spare the hapless animal his life, as the snake was mercilessly killed before our eyes and never again would the man or the snake be seen in the same light.  Continue reading

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Strike me lucky it’s Pepsi and Cola!

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After an epic journey lasting some 250 days, the First Fleet struck the shores of Botany Bay in NSW.  Setting to colonise a nation were captains, crews, convicts and civilians, who brought down the gangplanks with them some 19 goats, 44 sheep, 32 pigs, 87 chickens, four cows, six horses and five rabbits.

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Bless Ewe!

Edgars Mission - bless ewe, Pam, Sheep

And bless all those who find it in their hearts to stop and help another soul in need. Such was the case recently as a kind Samaritan saved the life of a lamb on the run. Having been spotted several times along the roadside, it was kindness, patience and persistence that eventually reigned the dehydrated young ewe in. With the authorities advising a shotgun the only solution to the homeless lamb’s plight, this kind heart knew a better outcome must be possible. Again kindness, patience and persistence were the order of the day and the hours’ long trek was made to Edgar’s Mission.

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Five Good Reasons


The early weeks of 2019 saw us welcome in The Year of the Pig and this has certainly been the case here at Edgar’s Mission. Welcoming many a porcine in need to our sanctuary, our work doesn’t end once they enter through our gates. Indeed, their rescue is only just the beginning.

February saw five of our rescued porcine pals undergo spay and castration procedures under expert veterinary care, which will allow them to either be rehomed safely or live out full and happy lives alongside our longterm residents here at Edgar’s Mission. This is in line with our strict no breeding policy, which ensures we maintain our responsibility as a rescue organisation by not bringing any more animals into the world when there are already so many in need. Continue reading

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Her future’s so bright…

Edgars Mission -_-147

She’s gotta wear shades! And thanks to our Five Dollar Friday community, Pearl’s future is a whole lot brighter indeed. Entering our care back in 2017, emaciated, with advanced flystrike among a myriad of other health issues, Pearl’s journey to a life worth living has not been without its challenges. With so many challenges early in life, these days Pearl requires just a little extra care and attention in order to thrive. And this she receives daily in the form of therapeutic laser sessions, lovingly administered by Pearl’s greatest fan club, our Animal Care Team. Continue reading

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