Fundraising Guidelines for Raffles and Public Fundraising Activities

These guidelines are to assist groups and individuals who are interested in undertaking a raffle or public fundraising activity to benefit Edgar’s Mission. These guidelines make up the Terms and Conditions associated with fundraising on behalf of Edgar’s Mission.

If accepted, by signing and returning the Fundraising Application and Agreement, these Terms and Conditions will form the basis of any dealings between Edgar’s Mission and the Fundraiser in relation to the activity. The term “Fundraiser” within this document refers to the individual or organisation holding the activity on behalf of Edgar’s Mission.

1. Edgar’s Mission Official Approval Process

Any person or organisation fundraising in Victoria is required by law to have an ‘Authority to Fundraise’. Edgar’s Mission will send the Fundraiser an authorisation letter confirming Edgar’s Mission involvement when Edgar’s Mission has received a written and signed application and is satisfied that the activity;

  • Will produce a reasonable amount of funds raised after expenses have been deducted (total expenses must be less than 30% of gross funds raised).
  • Fits in with the promotional objectives of Edgar’s Mission.
  • Is not high risk or controversial.
  • Will not conflict with other Edgar’s Mission schedule activities, and
  • Addresses all issues relating to public liability, permits, and other legal and safety requirements.
  • Doesn’t contain any sexually explicit material, adult services or products or pornography of any kind.
  • Fits in with the aims and values of Edgar’s Mission including that it:
    • Does not raise funds through the use or sale of animals or animal products, including meat, eggs, dairy, leather or wool.
    • Does not raise funds through the use of products that have been tested on animals. All cosmetics must be accredited by Choose Cruelty Free.

We also require you to inform of us any sponsorship you may be seeking or celebrities that you wish to approach. This is to ensure that our current sponsors and celebrities do not receive additional requests for support and to minimise the risk of multiple fundraisers approaching the same sponsor or celebrity.

The Fundraiser is not authorised to use the name of Edgar’s Mission as its beneficiary charity until they have received their ‘Authority to Fundraise’ letter.

Edgar’s Mission reserves the right to withdraw approval to fundraise at any time, should it be necessary. If this were to occur, all fundraising and promotion must cease immediately and the fundraising authorisation letter and all monies raised must be returned to Edgar’s Mission within 7 days.

2. Operations and Support

It is understood that persons or organisations conducting public fundraising activities on behalf of Edgar’s Mission are solely responsible for the conduct of such events. The activity shall be conducted in the Fundraiser’s name and is the sole responsibility of the Fundraiser.

As staff resources at Edgar’s Mission are limited, external fundraising activities must be self-reliant with Edgar’s Mission acting in a facilitation role only.

3. Legal Requirements

Some obligations of the Fundraiser by legislation are to:

  • Provide Edgar’s Mission with an accurate estimate of the income and expenditure associated with your activity.
  • Keep accurate financial records.
  • Provide funds raised and details of your actual income and expenditure to Edgar’s Mission within 4 weeks of the activity.

4. Advertising and Logo Usage

Edgar’s Mission must approve any advertising or promotional material produced for an external fundraising activity, including media releases and websites.

When advertising your fundraising activity, we recommend that all of your communications (such as flyers, brochures, letters, media releases, etc) about this activity clearly specify:

  • The purpose of the fundraising activity, including the specific appeal toward which donations will be attributed or that “Proceeds will be donated to Edgar’s Mission, for its work,” and
  • State that Edgar’s Mission is not involved in the organisation of your fundraising activity by including the following statement:

[Your name] supports the work of Edgar’s Mission [by raising funds for name of appeal].  Edgar’s Mission is grateful for the support of [your name] but is not actively involved in this fundraising initiative.

5. Financial Outcomes

All expenses associated with conducting such fundraising activities are the responsibility of the Fundraiser. Edgar’s Mission cannot pay expenses incurred by the Fundraiser, however the Fundraiser can deduct necessary expenses from the proceeds of your activity (total expenses must be less than 30% of gross funds raised).

Net funds raised from the fundraising activity are to be forwarded to Edgar’s Mission as a lump sum in the form of a cheque or money order made out to Edgar’s Mission or as an electronic transfer directly into the nominated Edgar’s Mission bank account. Net proceeds must be forwarded to Edgar’s Mission within 4 weeks of the activity’s conclusion.

We recommend that you carefully consider the risks associated with collecting cash and, where possible, enable people to donate directly to us online by, for example, having a laptop set up at your fundraising event or asking people to write you a cheque instead. Where you do receive cash, we recommend that you convert it to a bank cheque or money order as soon as possible.

6. Receipting

Edgar’s Mission can provide official receipts for approved activities. Tax-deductible receipts will only be issued to people donating funds of $2 or more and only in circumstances where the donation is a ‘deductible gift’, in terms of tax legislation. Refer to

Again, where possible, enable people to donate directly to us online in order to receive an automatic receipt by, for example, having a laptop set up at your fundraising event.

If taking cash or cheques payments it is the Fundraiser’s responsibility to keep a register of all people requesting a tax-deductible receipt. The register must be in the format of a Microsoft Office Excel document, including name, address, city, state, post code (business addresses are also acceptable and in that case positions/titles and company will also be required)  and must be forwarded to Edgar’s Mission by email or other agreed format.

For those listed on the register – individual receipts will be issued and sent to the individual requesting the receipt once funds have been received by Edgar’s Mission and cleared in the bank account.

Please note that Edgar’s Mission cannot provide receipts to supporters for non-tax-deductible items such as ticket purchases, entry to an event, donations of goods or services, raffle tickets and auction purchases. Refer to

We would like to thank you for your kind offer to assist us in raising funds to support the work we do for farmed animals.

If you are considering holding a public fundraising event, please read our fundraising guidelines above and apply below to become a fundraiser for Edgar’s Mission.

1. Fundraisers details

First Name

Last Name

Name of business/organisation? (if applicable)

Website (if applicable)

Street Address




Contact Number

Email address

Children under the age of 16 must fundraise under the supervision of an adult

Supervising Adult Name

Relationship to child

Street Address




Contact Number

Email address

2. Event/Activity Information

Proposed date of fundraising activity

Proposed time of fundraising activity

Name of proposed fundraising activity:

Brief description of activity:


Anticipated number of participants/guests:

How will you advertise your activity:

How will money be raised - e.g. auction, entry fee, sales, sponsorship:

List any sponsors or celebrities you would like to approach:

Do you require any assistance/materials from Edgar’s Mission:

Support and assistance will be assessed on a case by case basis and will depend on anticipated crowd size, potential earnings and availability of guest speakers and volunteers.

3. Fundraising Target

Anticipated gross funds to be raised:

Anticipated expenditure associated with the event:

How will the funds be forwarded to Edgar’s Mission:

4. Fundraising Agreement

I accept the Terms and Conditions detailed within the Fundraising Guidelines. I agree to conduct my activity in accordance with those Terms and Conditions and in a manner that upholds the integrity of Edgar’s Mission.

I have read and I agree to abide by the Fundraising Rules and Guidelines of Edgar’s Mission and indemnify Edgar’s Mission from and against any claim for injuries or damage arising at or from the activity that is the subject of this application.

We would like to thank you very much for your kind offer to help raise funds.