Fundraising Ideas

So you want to fundraise for Edgar’s Mission?  Cool, but please check our fundraising guidelines before commencing and fundraising activity for Edgar’s Mission just to make sure we are both on the same page.



  • Become a Best Friend.
  • Celebrate your birthday, wedding or other special day by asking your friends and loved ones to sponsor a Best Buddy in your name.
  • Give Best Buddies as gifts to others.
  • Have your workplace sponsor Best Buddies – each team or unit could choose a different Buddy.

Collect spare change at home or work

  • Collect spare change in your home eg create a swear jar.
  • Keep an Edgar’s Mission collection tin in your workplace or business.
  • Ask a business you know to keep a collection tin in their shop.  (They will need to complete a short Collection Tin agreement).
  • Collect gold coin donations at work for doing lunch and coffee runs or participating in theme days eg bring your dog or wear your pjs to work.
  • Create a Kindness Challenge snack box where you and your colleagues can share home grown fruit and vegetables, vegan snacks or baking for a gold coin donation.

For businesses or the business minded

  • Donate a percentage from the sale of cruelty-free products or services from your business.
  • Develop a product or service and donate your fee e.g. odd jobs, dog walking, pet minding, gardening, teach a musical instrument, host a cruelty free cooking lessons or hold a car wash.
  • Sell your unwanted goods on ebay, at a market or garage sale. Team up with others and collect goods from friends and family.
  • Add Edgar’s Mission to your Workplace Giving Program and sign up.
  • Sell a story to a magazine.
  • Create your own raffle and sell tickets at work or at your fundraising events.*

* If you plan to hold a raffle or public fundraising event for Edgar’s Mission, you will need to complete our short fundraising agreement so that we can approve your activity and endorse you as an official Edgar’s Mission fundraiser.

Host your own fundraiser

Hosting a fundraising event is a great way to raise money. Get together with your friends, family or work colleagues and host a:

  • Cocktail party, dinner, vegan BBQ or food and wine tasting – whatever you and your friends enjoy.
  • Movie screening or a games/trivia night (you could even add a raffle or silent auction to any of these proceedings).
  • Hold a vegan bake sale.
  • Hold an art/photographic exhibition.
  • Hold a cruelty free cooking competition, like My Kitchen Rules or Master Chef.
  • Hold a party night and sell cruelty-free products.

Participate in a challenge

  • Create your own fundraising page on Everyday Hero to raise funds with the help of your friends through e-mail and social networks. Ask them to sponsor you for participating in a challenge, some ideas include:
  1. A physical challenge such as a marathon, walkathon (with your pets), danceathon or rideathon – join a public event or create your own with some friends.
  2. Sign up with one of the Edgar’s Mission challenges, to be advised.
  3. Sign up for the 30 day Vegan Easy Challenge and have friends and family sponsor you.
  4. Give up something for a month and donate the money saved. Ask others to join in and give up their morning soy latte, for example.
  5. Find people to sponsor you to shave your head or dye your hair a bright colour.

For schools

  • Hold a movie or disco night.
  • Have a free dress day.
  • Hold a fashion show with clothes donated from your parent’s wardrobe (with their permission, of course!)