Gift of Kindness


To purchase a Gift of Kindness for a friend or loved one, first choose the amount you wish to donate in their honour and then choose the gift you’d like to support, fill in the details and Bob’s your uncle!

Why purchase a Gift of Kindness?

Every Edgar’s Mission resident has a name and a story to tell. They have deep emotions, relish delicious food, feel belonging with social connection, enjoy the freedom to express their natural instincts and, most of all, love life. Farmed animals are the most vulnerable and voiceless within our society, behind closed doors millions of these dear creatures lead lives that are far too miserable and far too short.

By purchasing one of our Gifts of Kindness you are showing your support for farmed animals, that you care about how they are treated, believe their lives matter and wish for a kinder future. Your donation will contribute directly to the rescue, ongoing enriched care of and advocacy for farmed animals in need. Treat yourself to the joy of giving, or purchase a gift from the heart for a friend.

Gift of Kindness Gifts

Edgar’s Mission is a registered DGR (Charity). This means that any donation over $2 is tax deductible. ABN 75001 177 836. All ‘Gift of Kindness’ donations are tax deductible.

Price From: $25.00


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All proceeds go towards our lifesaving work across all areas.