I want to lend a hand!

Volunteer Program – Up up and away!

We’re nothing without ewe!! Edgar’s Mission gratefully appreciates the invaluable assistance of like-minded people who too share our belief in a kind and just world for all. Whether it is making kind choices in your life, donating your hard earned dollars to our cause or sharing your time with us here at the sanctuary – we truly appreciate your support and belief in our work. Please read on to find out more about volunteering at our Lancefield home.

Weekly farmhand volunteering.

Weekly farmhand volunteering opportunities at Edgar’s Mission are open to those who are able to make a one-day a week commitment for a minimum of six months. We understand not everyone can make this enormous commitment however; at this point in time we are unable to dedicate a staff member/volunteer to co-ordinate and supervise one off volunteering.  Why a weekly commitment? Each and every day of the week our animals need care, feeding, cleaning of their housing and routine animal husbandry practices, this requires trained and skilled personnel to deliver this on a reliable, continued and skilled basis. We need people we can depend upon to attend the sanctuary and who can continually enhance their training and understanding of our many residents. For more information please contact Delaney.

Helping hand volunteering.

If you would like to meet like- minded people who care deeply about farmed animals, want to make the world a kinder place and can only spare a day or so of your time to help out – then these days are for you!! Unfortunately, due to our current staffing and resources we are only able to offer these volunteering opportunities on Sundays. To book your spot please click here.

Our helping hand volunteer program targets chores that are determined on a needs basis. They can include painting chicken houses, removing fencing, tidying up laneways, ‘spring cleaning of barns’, weed eradication, cleaning chicken coops, stuffing envelopes and more. Whilst these tasks are not glamorous and are often arduous and dirty they greatly assist in keeping our many resident animals safe, happy and healthy. If your passion is to cuddle and meet animals, please sign up for a general farm tour as most of the activities do not involve direct animal contact. Please note during the summer months the temperature regular peaks around 30 sweltering degrees (or above) and during the winter months we rarely see 10 chilly degrees.

Why’s and where fore’s of helping hand days

  • Registration is ESSENTIAL. Please do not sign up if you are not totally committed to attending as numbers are capped and you will be taking the place of someone who really wishes to come along.
  •  Days commence at 9.00am and finishes around 3.00pm with a short farm walk afterwards (and yes you will get to meet some animals). Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of time for a prompt start.  Do not come late, as we must start on time with induction and training, which includes our health and safety rules.  If you miss this orientation you will not be able to volunteer. Sorry we are not able to cater for half-day attendance or those who cannot make the 9.00am start.
  • Participants must be aged 18 years and over. For safety reasons individuals aged 15 -17 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on initial visits. Children under the age of 15 are not allowed to volunteer at the sanctuary due to our public liability. Sorry to disappoint. Do keep an eye out for our soon to be released Kind Kids Club which will provide for meaningful activities for those under 18 years.
  • Helping hand days are every Sunday, with booking opportunities released the month prior. Please note volunteer days will go ahead regardless of the weather conditions, with the exception of there being no volunteering activities on severe fire alert days over the summer period or extreme weather events. All those who have booked for these days will be advised via email as soon as we are alerted the those prevailing weather conditions.
  • There are no catering facilities on site, so please bring along your own food, drinks and snacks.  We do ask that out of respect for the rescued animals who reside at the sanctuary you do not bring along any animal products.  We thank you in advance for your adherence to this request.

Please note we are unable to accept volunteers who have visited a factory/intensive farm in the week prior to their intended volunteering date.

Once your reservation for volunteering has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation email with further details for the day.  Once again many thanks for your generous gift of you time. To book your spot please click here.