Mothers come in all shapes and sizes but, when it comes to their babies… they love them just the same.


Maid Marian, Robin Hood & Little John

Dairy cows do not just continually produce milk, they must be mothers. The cow’s baby is taken away shortly after birth. The cow will be impregnated and the cycle will continue until the cow is considered no longer economically valuable.

Some of the babies become veal and the milk is harvested for human consumption.

She is a mother too.

Rumpelstiltskin with his mum Eliza

In Australia it is legal to keep mother pigs on a bare cement or wire mesh floor in an area too small for her to even turn around or interact with her babies. She wants to make a warm nest for them, she wants to clean them and care for them but she can’t. Soon the babies will be taken away… again.

She is a mother too.

Make Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, and every day of the year, please spare a thought for the less fortunate mothers and don’t contribute to their suffering by choosing dairy free alternatives and avoiding factory farmed animal products.

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