Private Tours

Private Tour

A visit to Edgar’s Mission is a magical experience. Our regular tours attract up to 30 visitors a time, while a private tour is designed just for yourself and your loved ones.

On our private tours, you won’t just see farmed animals, you’ll really see them. Our wonderful guide, Kyle, will take you on a journey where you’ll hear the stories of some of our rescued residents, whose kind are so often hidden in the food and fibre industries.

You’ll see behind the scenes and learn about our rescue and rehabilitation work – visit the vet room and meet some of our higher needs residents. You’ll feed a sheep or ten, provide cuddles to any babies in need and, if you’re able to find some willing takers, rub a few piggies bellies. All the while Kyle will capture the beautiful moments on film, so you can revisit your memories later.

And if you’d like to make a day of it, we can organise a plant-based picnic lunch in the Peace Abbey for $20 per person, where you’ll dine with the picturesque Macedon Ranges as your backdrop. Please note 2 picnic lunches are complimentary on a private tour booking.

As a not-for-profit we have limited resources and a very small team – because of this we can only organise private tours for donations of $1,000 or over. Thank you for considering donating to Edgar’s Mission, every dollar goes towards our important and lifesaving work. Please contact Kyle to find out more: 0406 724 433 or [email protected].

Please note we also offer FREE general tours – bookings can be made here.