Pulling the Wool – Take the Lamb Free Pledge


While the expression ‘Pulling the wool’ harks back to the 16th and 17th centuries when it was fashionable for judges to wear woollen wigs, the phrase itself did not come into vogue until the 19th century.   “To pull the wool over one’s eyes,” figuratively told of a clever lawyer’s ability to blind the judge to the facts of the case.  And sadly today when it comes to our ovine friends, many people too have had the wool pulled over their eyes, wrongly believing that sheep lack the smarts and emotional capacity to make them anything other than dull automatons.

In fact when it comes to some aspects of cognitive thinking, that is using reason to find a solution to a problem as opposed to actual knowledge, sheep are closer to humans in ability than even monkeys and apes.  And so the greatest ‘problem’ sheep face today is for we humans step outside our preconceived ideas and vested interests to see gentle creatures like little Grace and Thursday for the unique individuals they truly are.

So this month, in honour of our Orphan Lamb Clan, we are asking you to join us in taking the ‘Lamb Free Pledge” by vowing to leave Grace and Thursday’s brethren off of your plate. As a token of our appreciation to all those who take the pledge, we will send The Edgar’s Mission Guide to Loving Lamb ebook with some delicious cruelty free recipes from The Kind Cook your way

To all those who take the Lamb Free Pledge this month, Thursday thanks you. Thank you for not letting them pull the wool over your eyes.