Who we are

Founder and Director

Pam Ahern
Pam is the Founder and Director of Edgar’s Mission. In 2003 a pig trotted into Pam’s life and pulled her in a direction she had never imagined. She gave up her full-time paying job, hung up the riding boots on her successful equestrian career and dedicated her life to the protection of farmed animals. And the pig? Well, he was named Edgar Alan Pig and the sanctuary was so named in his honour.Pam’s favourite recipe is her mum’s Sweet and Sour Tofu – you can’t beat it. But here’s a recipe that comes close: Sweet and Sour Tofu Balls.


Kyle Behrend
This one-time volunteer at Edgar’s Mission now sits at the helm of our Operations and Communications. Managing social media, organising fundraising, conducting farm tours and handling IT also fall into the lap of this affable South African.Kyle has a good selection of cookbooks and likes to keep it healthy, his favourite recipe is Pizza Bowl from Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s ‘Isa Does It’.

Kwok Lee
Kwok comes to us from a diverse and extensive background working in humanitarian aid and now adeptly fills his role caring for our animal residents, tucking them in safely at night and ensuring each and every need is met, down to the very last feather. Kwok first began his journey in animal care with an internship at the renowned Farm Sanctuary in the USA, who then sent him Edgar’s Mission-bound to continue his journey in creating a kinder world for farmed animals. Now, Kwok’s middle name is most fitting indeed, being a direct translation of the word ‘Wisdom’ in Cantonese, which is one of the many qualities he brings to our team each and every day.

Kwok’s numerous travels abroad have seen him call many places home and as such his favourite recipe is the Minimalist Baker’s 7 Ingredient Cheesecakes, which he recommends not only because they are delicious but because they are also simple to prepare at almost any time in almost any place.


Kelly Dinham
There are many string to Kelly’s bow as our Administration and Events Coordinator. Not only does this gifted gal oversee our merchandise, tour and events bookings, she also helps others open their hearts and minds to the inner worlds of farmed animals as Tour Guide and Photographer. Kelly also holds the ever-important role at the sanctuary of keeping up with the daily pat quota for Makamae the office cat.

Kelly’s unique world view is not only shaped by her kind heart and love for animals but also her view from above. As an accomplished sky diver, Kelly has seen sights many of us could only dream to experience. Kelly cannot go past a good burrito with ALL of the toppings. This one from Food52 gets her tick of approval.


Shannon McKay
With an adventurous spirit that has seen her conduct ship and aerial based whale surveys in Antarctica and a kind heart that has seen her establish and run her own wildlife shelter, Shannon is more than well equipped to oversee our animal operations here at Edgar’s Mission. Swapping the helm of a ship for the helm of our Animal Care Team, Shannon brings with her much enthusiasm for our work, invaluable experience and immense compassion for all those who cross her path. Outside of her work around the sanctuary, Shannon can be found doting over her beloved dog Mawson, making sure his life is complete, assisting with wildlife rescues and even volunteering at local wildlife shelters.

One of Shannon’s other many talents is falling asleep with the stove or oven set to high, so cooking is not something you’ll see her doing much at all. Her favourite meal is one served up by others and a good plant-based sushi roll will have her calling you a friend for life. If you make this Roasted Sweet Potato Sushi from Connoisseurus Veg, Shannon asks that you please save her some!


Delaney Watts
Meet our Volunteer Coordinator Delaney! Delaney hails from an extensive background in retail management, most recently overseeing the operation of RSPCA Victoria’s Op Shops. With her bright smile and contagious enthusiasm, we know our volunteers’ days at the sanctuary will be made all the more enjoyable with Delaney by their side. When not working, Delaney is ruled by a kingdom of cats and can’t go past a good novel with a riveting narrative.

This easy Vegie Curry from the Minimalist Baker gets Delaney’s tastebuds watering but if you head to a dinner party at her place, expect to have a few extras thrown in, Delaney is more of a recipe creator than a recipe follower. The more the merrier we say!


Vet Nurse Ruby
Before her time at Edgar’s Mission, Ruby’s person didn’t recognise her iridescent shine. Ruby was purchased for a pretty penny to perform sheep dog duties but didn’t understand what was expected, she was only motivated by cuddles. Since starting work at Edgar’s Mission Ruby has proven herself a more than valuable contributor, she has become part of the heart and soul of the sanctuary. Ruby greets tour groups and visitors with copious love, comforts orphaned lambs and kid goats and provides comic relief whenever deemed necessary. Follow Ruby’s adventures on her very own Instagram page.

Ruby prefers a savoury snack over sweet, so these Bakeable Barkable Biscuits fit the bill (the carrots are a MUST).

Edgar’s Mission Board


Pam Ahern (President)
Pam is Founder and Director of Edgar’s Mission. A lifelong animal lover, Pam cut her teeth on cat and dog rescue and became a champion equestrian. However, she gave that all up when a tiny piglet, the eminent Edgar Alan Pig, trotted into her life and led her down a path she’d never imagined. With Edgar firmly at its heart, Pam built the sanctuary from the ground up and set in motion outreach programs that would bring farmed animals out of the dark unknown and into public view. Pam is also the proud Australian Ambassador for World Animal Day and was a 2014 Victorian Local Hero Finalist in the Australian of the Year Awards.


Meg Streiff (Vice-President) )
Meg earned a BA in Psychology and Communication Arts and a BS in Education from the University of Wisconsin–Madison USA. She has had many careers. They include school teacher, graphic designer and programmer of educational software, interactive game designer, project manager, department manager and sole trader. The one constant in Meg’s life is her love of animals and her driving need to help them. In 2007, Meg discovered Edgar’s Mission, and became a vegan and a volunteer. She is deeply grateful for being given a meaningful role in helping to grow Edgar’s Mission.


Bayden Hammond (Treasurer)
Bayden is a chartered accountant and professional risk manager with over ten years of experience across the banking, energy and retail sectors. Graduating from the University of Melbourne, Bayden worked as a management consultant with Ernst & Young for seven years, before moving into various industry-based roles. He is currently the Australasian Head of Risk for David Jones and Country Road Group. Bayden’s hobbies include animal activism, board games and performing as a part-time magician in and around Melbourne.


Rosemary Moore (Secretary)
Rosemary is a long-time admirer and supporter of Edgar’s Mission. She considers herself fortunate to live close enough to visit and volunteer at the sanctuary. She is committed to the aims of Edgar’s Mission and to the principle of supporting organisations that work to raise awareness of the plight of farmed animals. Rosemary lives with her partner, several rescue cats and a dog; is dedicated to the vegan eateries around Melbourne; and works as an editor and writer.


Robyn Kirby
Robyn holds a Diploma of Communications (Arts) from Griffith University. She came to Edgar’s Mission during its inception in 2003 and has been happily involved ever since, firmly believing in the work of this wonderful sanctuary. She has been directly involved in the animal advocacy movement for over 30 years with particular involvement in the area of anti-vivisection for many years. Robyn lives on the Mornington Peninsula.


Sylvia Ahern
Sylvia is Pam Ahern’s mother. As a child she was always in trouble for bringing home strays (four-legged) and she has been told she used to tell her elders: “When I grow up I will live in the country and have as many animals as I want!”. Over the years, prior to Edgar’s Mission, Pam and Sylvia became involved with animal welfare and their home was always full of cats and dogs who found their way to Pam and Sylvia’s home. They rehomed most of them. Then Edgar came into their lives, and thanks to hard work and Pam’s devotion and many sacrifices, Edgar’s Mission has become successful and known worldwide. Sylvia is extremely proud of what Pam has created and continues to devote her all to.


Dr Jessica Coates
Jess holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Hons). Her love of all animals and passion for animal welfare is what drove her desire to become a veterinarian. She first volunteered with Edgar’s Mission in 2010 and the organisation has held a special place in her heart ever since. Jess is a self-confessed cat lady and the doting mother of a family of rescued cats and dogs. When she gets a spare moment from the animals, Jess loves visiting skate parks and skate rinks to fulfill her other passions in life: aggressive quad skating and roller derby.


Sean Selleck
For most of the last 40 years Sean has been a member of one committee or another. His first position was the ‘Juniors Representative’ on the committee of our local tennis club: he still plays tennis at that club and hopes that over that time his management skills have improved more than his tennis. Since becoming a vegetarian and then a vegan about 35 years ago (after reading Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation), Sean has been actively involved in the animal rights movement, including holding offices with numerous different groups. Sean has been a practising lawyer for over 30 years—yes, a lawyer and a vegan! Throughout his career, Sean has provided advice and representation to a wide range of not-for-profits, both in and outside the animal rights/welfare sector. Sean is now a partner in the Melbourne office of a global law firm. Sean is married with two teenage girls, plus a dog, four cats and two hens.


Diana Simpson
Diana comes from a flying background, which included being an instructor/company director of a flying school and owner/operator of vintage flights. She helped establish the inaugural dog/cat shelter in her local area. She has been a duck rescuer since 1987, and has used her aircraft to fly over wetlands prior to duck hunting seasons to encourage birds to move to sanctuaries. Diana takes footage/photos of conditions for animals at saleyards, intensive farms, live export and rodeos. She has cared for wildlife on her bush property and lives with galahs Bob and Trevor: they can fly free but choose to stick around!


Cherie Wilson
Cherie holds a BA, Diploma of Horticulture and a Graduate Certificate in Ageing and Recreation. Most of Cherie’s working career has been in the field of horticulture, but she has always spent her free time working for animals. In younger years, Cherie volunteered at animal shelters, then later helped gather evidence for animal rights campaigns such as sow stalls, bobby calves, battery hens and rodeos. Cherie has been one of the directors of Choose Cruelty Free for over 20 years, where she is also the accreditation officer and editor of publications.